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County Cork Genealogy Resources
Today we’ll look at some of our County Cork resources.
We have two books just on County Cork Families and
Genealogies (in addition to the newly published
4th edition of Irish Families great & small). The
two links below will take you to my Cork books.

The Books
1)The Families of County Cork, Ireland, hardbound 219 p.


2)County Cork Genealogy and Family History Notes, sprial bound

On The Map of the Four Masters
This is the map found in v.2 of the Annals of
Ireland by the Four Masters
, Connellan translation.
It is a giant size folding map, the first of the
modern age, to my way of thinking (1846).
Below are the family names given on that map for
County Cork. First, the abbreviations used are:
E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, V = Viscount, B.= Baron

The names on the map in Cork are:
Barnwall Barrett,
Lord Barry, Baron Barry, Earl Barry, Lord Barry, Oge
de Capel
de Carew
de Cogan
de Cogan, L.
Condon, B.
de Courcy, E.
Fitzgerald, E.
Fitzgerald, L.
Fitzgerald (Fitzgibbon).
the White Knight Fitzgibbon(Fitzgerald)
Mac Auliffe, Chief
Mac Carthy, King
Mac Carthy, P.
Mac Carthy Reagh, P.
Mac Clancy, C.
Mac Donough, L.
O Ahern (Ahearn)
O’ Bradley
O’ Brien, C.
O’ Brigan
O’ Callaghan, L.
O’ Callanan
O’ Casey
O’ Claisin
O’ Coleman
Mac Sheehy, C.
Mac Sherry
Mac Sweeney, C.
O’ Cowley, C.
O’ Creagh
O’ Crowley, C.
O’ Crowly
O’ Cullen
O’ Cullenan, C.
O’ Curry
O’ Daly
O’ Danaher
O’ Dea, C.
O’ Deasy
O’ Dennery
O’ Dinane
O’ Dineen
O’ Donovan, L.
O’ Donovan
O’ Driscoll, L.
O’ Dugan, C.
O’ Falvey
O’ Fihelly
O’ Flynn, C.
O’ Flynn
O’ Griffin
O’ Halahan
O’ Hartigan
O’ Hea, C.
O’ Healy
O’ Hennigan
O’ Herlihy
O’ Heyne
O’ Hoollaghan
O’ Horgan
O’ Hurley
O’ Kearny
O’ Keefe, L.
O’ Kelleher
O’ Leary, L.
O’ Lehan (Lyons) L.
O’ Lomasey
O’ Looney
O’ Lynch
O’ Mahony, L.
O’ Morony
O’ Murphy
O’ Noonan, C.
O’ Regan
O’ Riordan, C.
O’ Ronayne
O’ Scannell
O’ Shea
O’ Sullivan Beare, P.
O’ Sullivan, P.
O’ Tuohy
O’ Tuomey
Roche, V.
(end of names on Map of 4 Masters-in Cork)

The County Cork Genealogy and Family History
notes book shown above is just back in print.
The Families of Co. Cork, is in print as well.
I hope they will be of interest to many of you.
All the best in the search !

Mike O’Laughlin

Our Irish Hedge School https://www.facebook.com/groups/67116438598/
My Irish Song page: http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelolaughlin

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