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Rare Irish Language band launch !
Things have been way busy here lately, as we
prepared our Irish Language band for launch.
March is the official launch in the Midwest,
performing in Missouri at Kansas City, Gladstone,
and Weston. And in Kansas at Lawrence, and
Louisburg. Our Irish Roots Cafe house band
is off to a great start. We are unique not
only in having all Irish language performances,
but for including our Irish genealogy reference
and book display at many events.

About the Band
The Irish Roots Cafe House Band performs old style
Sean Nós, all Irish Language sets. We also play
English language traditional Irish tunes. You’ll
hear the Irish Bodhran; Fiddle; and Guitar along
with 3 vocalists in our main group. (I’d like to
see some Irish pipes as well! )

Sean Nós song style
Sean Nós means ‘old style’ in the Irish language.
I have many songs that I perform in this style,
solo, in the Irish language, along with a bit
of history to go with the song. The band has
taken many of the old songs and updated them
with some modern styling (‘Sean Nós Nua’).

Traditional Selections in English
We have several sets of Irish music in
in the standard English too! It’s grand
to combine the two – as it’s never quite
been done on this scale in the midwest before.

Band Available
Our performing house band includes Mike O’Laughlin,
Stevie Wilson Davis, and Megan Illidge. You’ll
also often see ‘Laura’, one of our favorite Irish
dancers on hand. Peter Reilly Adams and
Maria Morton are also available for special
Most of our dates in March have filled up, but
we still have a few days available, including
St. Patricks Day (now St. Patricks day would
be really special with some Irish language
songs – wouldn’t it ?)
A listing of our current appearances is below:

The Irish Roots Cafe events update. For more info click on link below:

1) Feb. 24- Browne’s breakfast: Local History recording/genealogy*:KCMO
2) March 1-Crossroads Coffehouse:Irish Roots Cafe band: KCMO 6:30pm
3) March 2 Irish Night-St. Andrews,dinner,IRC band/genealogy:GLADSTONE
4) March 9-Browne’s Irish Breakfast, Irish Roots Cafe House Band@9:00am
5) March 10- Irish Luncheon,IRC band & Genealogy; LOUISBURG, KS @11:30
6) March 16-Celtic Ranch,IRC band/genealogy;Free CornBeef..WESTON,MO
7) March 17 – band available !
8) March 23-The Granada Theater, Irish Roots Cafe band, LAWRENCE, KS
(Rare All Irish Language Song Performance in Lawrence.)

For event details see our event pages:

* Genealogy: Mike on hand with genealogy books at these events.
IRC= Irish Roots Cafe house band.

Listen to some of our early recordings:
Our Band Song Page:
Mikes artists Page:

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