Genealogy of Clanna Rory Ireland – Is your Irish Family included?

Families of the Clanna Rory or Rudricians in Ireland

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My Review of:
The History of the Families of The Clanna Rory
or Rudricians. Descendants of Roderick the Great,
Monarch of Ireland.

From Ancient Records
in the Libraries of Trinity College and the Royal Irish Acadamy
From Our Native Annals, The publications of Several Learned Societies
and other reliable sources by R. R. Cronnelly

An Early Work on Irish Families
This book includes an introduction with the ancient genealogy of the clan or family and its various branches. Then, each family is documented with history and stories as available. Some families, like Farrell, O’More or Moore and Reynolds, are given many pages of information. Most families get a full page of coverage. A few families, notably O’Mulvey; Neville; O’Connery; Melody; Keogh, and MacRory or Rodgers are given mention, just giving family lands.

This early work on families in Ireland was a groundbreaking publication in Irish genealogy for these families. The complete index to this work is online at IGF Name Index

Introduction to this edition
This work is of interest to family researchers and historians. It is unique in its era, with the early date of its appearance (1864), and in its subject matter of the Clanna Rory. It came into print before the noted 19th century work ‘The Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland‘. While the current volume by Cronnelly does not have as many names or charts as found in Milesians, it goes more into much more depth for the families of the Clanna Rory. In this, the researcher will find more hope in uncovering his family history. Historians will also find more material to prove or disprove, as the case may be. Our thanks goes out to members of the Irish Genealogical Foundation who have made the reprinting of these two historical works possible. Those involved with the study of Irish books and family research will appreciate the rare nature of this work published in 19th century Ireland. The reader will note the imperfections on these pages, which appear exactly as in the original in our possession. Surviving from the 19th to the 21st century, we hope you will allow for the ravages of time. (copyright IGF 2002. Introduction by Michael C. O’Laughlin) Some of the actual families that are a part of this Irish sept or clan are listed in the table of contents below, along with a few variant spellings:

Table of Contents
The Rudrician Families in the order in which an account is given in this history:

The Magennises
The O’Mores, Moores
The O’Cronnellys
The O’Dugans (Doogan)
The O’Morans (Moran)
The O’Lennans
The O’Casans
The McGowans or Smiths
The McWards (Ward)
The McScanlans
The O’Kennys (Kinney, Kenney)
The O’Lawlors (Lawler)
The O’Lynches (Lynch)
The O’Mannions (Manning)
The Maginns (Magin)
The M’Colreavys or Grays
The McCartans (Carton)
The O’Carelons
The Clan Fergus
The O’Conors-Kerry (O’Conner etc.)
The O’Conors-Cork (O’Conner etc.)
The O’Loghlens-Burren (O’Loughlin, O’Laughlin)
The O’Kielys (Kiley, etc..)
The M’Shanlys (Shanley)
The McPriors (Pryor etc..)
The O’Ferrals (Farrell etc..)
The O’Roddys (Roddy, Ruddy)
The McFinvars or Gaynors
The McCormicks (Mac Cormack)
The McDorchys, Darcys
The McRaghnaills or Reynolds
The O’Quinns (Quin)
The O’Mulveys (Mulvy)
The O’Neidhes, Neys, Neville
The O’Conarys, Connery
The O’Diochallas
The O’Maoletighsm Melody
The McKeoghs (Kehoe)
The O’Beices
The Mc Maolisas The O’Dugans
The O’Coscridhs (Cosgrove, Cosgrave)
The McRorys or Rodgers (Rogers)
The Corca-Dallan
The Corca-Aulim
The Dal-Confinn
The Ciarruighe Loch an Airneagh
The Ciarruighe Ae, or Ai, or Nao
The Ciarruighe Airteach
The Cinel Buinne
The Gailenga
The Ui Liodan
The Owny Deisceart
The Eoghanacht Aire Cliach
The O’Drennans
The McDubhains or Duanes

Detailed Accounts of Legend or Fact?
This work begins with the existing legends of the earliest times on earth down to the reign of ‘Roderick the Great’ or ‘Rory the Great’, who was a red headed king of Ireland, and them moves into documented historical accounts of each family in Ireland. The Magennises (Guinness etc..) were the senior family of the Irian or Rudrician race – centered in County Down. Families of the Clan Cionga The O’Mores or Moores are given as descended from the Clan Cionga dating back to 1016; the O’Cronnellys of the same Clan came from Louth; The O’Dugans of the Hy Many or Ui Maine, are traced back to Galway and the Sodan; McGowan or Smith are given springing from the Dalariada; The McWards are given as hereditary chiefs to the O’Donnells; Scanlan; Kenny of Meath; Lawlor; Lynch; Maginn; McCartan; O’Carelon and Gray are all given with details and all are of the Clan Cionga.

Families of the Clan Fergus The book then moves on with details of the Clan Fergus down to the 17th century, complete with written description of arms. The Clan Corc comes next, including O’Connor Cork who early had settled in County Clare; also of this clan are given the O’Loughlen Burren with pedigree down to 1600.

Families of the Clan Conmac The Clan Conmac is represented by O’Kiely of West Connaught; MacShanley traced to 1473; MacPrior (Pryor); O’Ferrall, Lords of Analy, of whom several pages are given including pedigrees of the different branches of the family. O’Roddy is also of this clan, traced to 1704 here. The other families of this clan are given along with family history, and they are: McFinvar or Caynor (Gaynor); McCormick; McDorchy (Darcy); Reynolds or McRaghnail which is given with various notes and pedigrees including Thomas and John Reynolds of Dublin, and notes on the family down to 1798; O’Cuinn or O’Quinn and O’Quin of the race of Fergus are included here with many notes as well. The O’Drinans or Drennans are given at the end of this section and noted as having the name changed to Thornton in some cases.
Many of the families above are given with a written description of the arms of the family.

The Final Word Full size 8 1/2 x 11, 90 pages, with heavier parchement cover, from 19th century originals, includes all the families of the Clanna Rory as given. One of the early works of Irish family histories published in Ireland in that century. The companion volumes in this series are: “The Milesian Families of Ireland”; “The Scottish Macs“; and “Irish Genealogies“.

Many researchers will express no interest in an old clan history like this. I, being a fanatic, find it curious and interesting. It is both an early printed work, and perhaps marks the state of the mind at that time for ‘clan’ genealogies.

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