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New Mobile Irish Roots Site
1) We have a new mobile site for smart phones and tablets!
For Our Mobile Web Site: click here

Galway Resource
2) County Galway genealogy and family history notes
Now back in print, full color county map included.
See link above for very detailed description.
(This is one of two books we have on Galway)

Sligo Resource
3) County Sligo genealogy and family history notes
Coming in from the printer on Monday, with the
new upgraded full color county map !
See link above for detailed description.

NOTE: For those who do not read book descriptions
on my web page at, remember:

Finding Your Family in our spiral bound Irish County Books
This illustrated,indexed book, was created exclusively to help you find your family in this county in Ireland. A full color map of the county from the 1800’s graces the cover. Focusing specifically on families within the county, it includes an introduction to research and sources in this county. The most numerous families from birth records are given, as well as rather rare Galway families found in heraldic records. Included you will find a listing of modern parishes and old townlands, along with the address and location of records for more research. Published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation, this guide book was originally made for members researching in in the county.

This work includes copies of actual records (some worn, torn and faded), from the IGF Library. It also includes rough sketches of family coats of arms and notes from centuries past – seldom found elsewhere. The resources provided here will help research any family in the county, including old Irish families, and settler families from England, Scotland, Wales and the continent. This book is a hands on guide for finding your family in the county- some family history is included – but it is not a gigantic collection of family histories . (For that see ‘The Book of Irish Families, great & small’, the first book in the Irish Families series by O’Laughlin.) It may or may not include your family.

Is Your Name in the Book?
3) Search for your surname in the master index to all of our books here: . That will tell you if your specific surname is included in most of our books. Remember our spiral bound books are to acquaint you with records and resources within each county, which will help you even if a specific name is not found in a given book.

About Mike and the Cafe:

Mike is a one of a kind resource. He has authored

12 hardbound books; 34 Irish County research guides,

20 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series’,
 hundreds of articles. O’Laughlin also publishes
works like ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’;

and ‘Missouri Irish’ (60 works in all, since 1978).

His personal library of 3,000 history and genealogy books

is consulted daily. O’Laughlin is also noted as a singer

and promoter of Irish Sean Nós songs (old style).
See all
of his works at

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About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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