Irish Genealogy and Family History Links: October

Irish Genealogy and History Links for October   The Irish Roots Cafe

Random Links
Today I am sharing a few links of  interest
that I came across in October.  It still amazes
me that ‘millions’ of records are regularly
being advertised on genealogy web pages.

Millions of genealogy records now.
That’s because when I first typed in a search
for Irish genealogy, (decades ago), only two
or three hundred sources came up on the
search engines, with scanty information.

Todays Links
Here are todays curious links:

Hill of  Tara Discovery
Google Earth image finds ancient Irish settlement at Hill of Tara, dating back 4,000 years Read more:

How Many Presidents Are You Related to ?  I think Romney sets the record??? 

List of Family Searches
Our Last Blog listed members search listings in case you missed it.  Glad to pass info on.
Irish Land Divisions
Nice easy beginners map to study for old names of geographical areas in

Archaeological  Discoveries
Top 10 finds in Ireland:—PHOTOS-174391661.html 

19 Million New Records

President Michael D Higgins pays tribute to Argentina’s Irish

Think you have Viking blood? Then this study is for you….

 400 Million Genealogy Records

Irish Song at the Cafe
The Irish Famine to a different tune for me… ‘an-drimmon-dhunn-deelish’

(With the help of Niamh Parsons in Ireland I am putting together a new song list, including Farmer Michael Hayes.  Niamh offers instructions via computer, for those of you that might be interested.)

Irish Bog Men with Pics

Ask Mike of  the  Irish Roots Cafe House band a question :(click link below)

Our recent appearance in Louisville, A great Irish Fest !

About Mike and the Cafe:
Mike is a one of a kind resource. He has authored
12 hardbound books; 34 Irish County research guides,
20 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series’, and
hundreds of articles. O’Laughlin also publishes rare
works like ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’;
and ‘Missouri Irish’ (60 works in all, since 1978).

His personal library of 3,000 history and genealogy books
is consulted daily. O’Laughlin is also noted as a singer
and promoter of Irish Sean Nós songs (old style).
See all of his works at

For all of our Irish podcast channels
see the iTunes Irish Provider Page (click below):



  The #1 Celtic band in the U.S. on RN
(Top National rank on Reverbnation 4/25/2012)
We specialize in Sean Nós Song, in Irish,
as well Irish Ballads in the English Language.
Check out our band page on Reverbnation
by clicking the picture !

Our ‘band’ name is set up as ‘Sean Nós Abu’
Sean Nós means ‘old style’. Abu is a war cry !
We are the house band for the Irish Roots Cafe

Contact Us
You can reach the Irish Roots Cafe on Twitter; Facebook;; and by mail at our U.S. location:

The Irish Roots Cafe
Box 7575
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About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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