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Irish in America, part 4, audio edition.

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Immigration and Distribution of the Irish in America
Audio Edition of the First Book on the Missouri Irish.
The Original History, with genealogical notes,
authored by Michael C. O’Laughlin, as read by Molly Nickle

Part 4 –
St. Louis Irish from 1770, Irish arrivals, Famine.
St. Louis is the major place to start when researching the
arrival of the Irish in Missouri. At one point St. Louis led
the nation in the number of foreign born either at the #1
or #2 spot, I’ll have to read the book to remember for sure!

Legend and Misery
Before statehood, when the area was part of the Louisiana
Territory, the Irish names are apparent. The first sheriff,
the first newspapers, traders, the list is steady. The trend
continues with statehood; increases with the famine
immigration from Ireland the Irish ghetto known as ‘The
Kerry Patch’, and it continues with the movement
to settle the American west.

Irish and Celtic Names
Here are the surnames of some of the more prominent
individuals I include in the Missouri Irish book (there are
hundreds more that I include, to be sure):

Example of Prominent Individuals Found:
Brady and McKnight
The Kerry Patch
Murphy Wagon beginnings
James Rankin
Moses Scott
Patrick Walsh
Luke E. Lawless
Joseph Charless
James Cummins
John and Thomas McKnight…. and so on

Random Notes
The Territorial Days before Statehood
Jeremiah Conor was an early Sheriff and Justice of the Peace,
said to be from County Cork ! He was founder in 1818 of the
Irish Benevolent Society in St. Louis, as an Irish immigrant
and corresponding society………… I’ve uncovered 12 more
early Irish organizations here, including the surviving group
known as ‘The Ancient Order of Hibernians’ today.

Young Joseph Murphy would arrive as a young boy,
with no family or friends. He became the maker of the
famous Murphy Wagon, and thousands of wagons would
head west manufactured by Irishman Murphy and his
(mostly german) crew…..
His wagons covered the California and Oregon Trails as well
as the merchant trains on the Santa Fe Trail.

Coming of Mullanphy
Though the name died out in 1851, the impact of this family
was great. Generous and wealthy family of note in St. Louis.
Joseph (the first millionaire, and Bryan Mullanphy, are names
that stand out in this history.

Pre-famine and Famine immigrants mixed……..
The Irish who arrived early, though sometimes disapproving,
also help settle the new Irish. The times would be hard and
some arrived dying and sick aboard ships docked on the river.
So the Kerry patch was born…

The Irish Ghetto: The Kerry Patch
Poverty; disease; wandering orphans

Bishop Kenrick…….
Fr. Donnelly would hear confessions in ‘Gaelic’.
(not the Kansas City Fr. Donnelly).
end of part 4, ‘Missouri Irish’
continued in the next audio section….

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Audio Book Time part 4: 60:01
The above are just a few examples, the audio is approx. 1 hour long.

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