Irish in America; audio book Missouri Irish History, genealogy

Free audio History of the Irish in America, From the Irish Roots Cafe.

Missouri Irish, the original history of the Irish in Missouri
with names, dates, settlements and genealogical notes.
Audio Book (Part One)
From 1770 – 1900 a.d.

Todays Blog and Podcast
Today we will cover the earliest people and
stories of the Irish in Missouri. Missouri
would later develop into a central processing
point as the American West was settled.

The Irish played an important role from the
earliest times, though small in numbers. Today
we hear the first of 8 parts to this audio book,
(also offered on audio CD, or as a printed book)
The first work of its kind.

Based upon the hardcopy, printed work.
Audio edition of the book ‘Missouri Irish’ by M. O’Laughlin:
Part 1: introduction, years 1770-1804, and the first Irish
Part 2: 1804-1900. Before Statehood to 1900.
Part 3: Immigration and Distribution of the Irish in Missouri.
Part 4: St. Louis Irish from 1770 onwards.
Part 5: The Famine Irish, Murphy Wagon, Fr. Donnelly, K.C..
Part 6: The Saint Patricks Day Parades in Missouri
Part 7: The Founding of the Irish Wilderness, Fr. Hogan

(after part 7 in the audio edition, we add some family history)
Part 8: ‘My Irish American Heritage’ by guest author Patricia
Donahue O’Laughlin: Sullivan; Donahue; Buckley; Kelliher.
Cork; Kerry; Civil War; Iowa; Missouri.

Please Note
I included genealogical information on the Irish found
in this book, whenever possible. Particularly the
county of origin in Ireland is included when known.

Be aware also that the Irish arrived here from Canada,
and from Eastern and Southern states in some numbers,
coming by river and land. It is the continuation of the
story of the Irish in America. It is the beginning of the
story of how they helped settle ‘the west’.

This audio book is read by Molly Nickle.

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