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“When I was a young lad, of 7 or so, with me
books and me primer to school I did go, we
went to a school house without any door…..”
singin’ …

Show #207 Today at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1)  Name of the Day: Robinson
2)  Huskies, stones, two ingredient soda bread
3)  Special Report: Beginnings of the famine…
4)  Book on Hynes.       Video on Co. Tyrone
5)  Video of the Day: The Smoke hole in our tipi
6)  Curious News: Linen Hall Library resource
7)  Curious Note: Genealogy show bans books !

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1- Todays Topics
2- This Week at the Cafe
3. Special Report
4- Book of the Month
5- The Magnificent Seven
6- Iris Name of the Day
7- Curious News and Notes

Total Audio Time: 25:50

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This week at the Irish Roots Cafe:
by Conn Donahue

1)  Finally time to get this show out, you know how
the holidays are…… well the Sean Nós group is
off to a good start, already booking for March 2012.
With a nice collection of talents, this group is
the only Sean Nós show around these parts.
Think about  the Sean Nós Abu group for intimate
small venues, ancient Irish song and history together
from the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School…

2) Books Received
(a) The Hynes of Ireland by James P. Hynes. 2011.
Paperback, illustrated. Noted also: O’Shaughnessy,
O’Cleary, O’Cahan, O’Cahill, and Kilikelly…..
From early Ireland onwards with bibliography and
appendix, (no surname index). The Kings, legends,
Poems, Castles and chieftains involved.  194 pages.
Appin Press.

(b) Bending the Boyne by J.S. Dunn. 331 pages.
Paperback. “This tale echoes with medieval texts
and cult heroes” drawing on 21st century archaeology
with megaliths, gold artifacts…this is a piece of
researched historical ficton… The Boyne mounds in
Ireland are older than the “Pyramids and Stonehenge”
How did they fall into disuse ?….
Coming Up:
Simple Two Ingredient Soda Bread !
“Oh father dear, I oft times hear, you speak of
Erins Isle, her valleys green, her lofty scenes,
her mountains rude and wild.. so why did you
abandon it – the reason do me tell”.

This Weeks Special Report:
Audio extracts from our Hedge School CD on
the (1845-52) Famine in Ireland.
Many famines occurred in Ireland before the
one that is the most infamous.  The potato
came from South America to Ireland and allowed
the population to grow, but these years when
they were plucked from the ground they were
This led to mass immigration, death and misery.
Remember these conditions as we celebrate
Christmas, and realize the good things that
we have today….  Listen in to the excerpt and
then listen to the whole show !

The beginnings of the famine……
Coming Up :
Lots of Robinson stuff and a hilarious video…
stuck in the smoke hole of our tipi……

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Books of the Month:
(1) County Tyrone, genealogy & family history notes
Our name of the week found in the above book as:
a) as John Robertson: once in index
b) as Robinson:  Once in index

(2)Conquest of Ireland
Our name of the week found in the above book as:
Robertson: in our  “Names in the Irish Land Grants”.
R. Robinson: in ‘Pynnars Survey’, Special Census…
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Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Emerson Mooney of New Brighton, PA your
‘Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’ has shipped !

2) Member Garry Robertson your County Tyrone
genealogy and family history notes has shipped to
Surrey, BC, Canada !
My family is ‘Robinson’ (and Magill) from Co. Tyrone,
emigrated to Upper Canada in 1849-50. My wifes
roots are Watchorn (Carlow), and Halpenny (Wicklow).

3) Patty Horan of Franklin, MA, your County Galway,
Ireland genealogy and family history notes, has shipped.

4) Joel Vigouroux of Lyon, Rhone, France, your Irish
Genealogies book has shipped !

5) George P. McDonnell of Leesburg, VA, your two
genealogy books on County Cork, have shipped !

6) Darris Larsen of Sun City West, Arizona, your
‘Families of County Cork, has shipped !

7) Mary Gail Fanelli of New Rochelle, NY, your Kings and
Queens County, Ireland genealogy book has shipped !

Thanks to all of our members – without you our
Books, Blogs and Broadcasts would not be at all !
The Ancient Family Song
“Three weeks ago last Tuesday I left me home in
Cork, to find me uncle — —
livin’ in New York.”
Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Gary Robertson

Related Spellings of the Name:
Robinsone, Robinsen, Robensen, Robin, Robson
Roberts, Robertson, Robbinson…..

Varient Spelling Groups: #1798, 1799… from:
‘Guide to Various Spellings of Irish Family Names’

History of the Name
Robinson is commonly found in Ireland as
our listing shows. They appear in our early
works like ‘Milesian Families’, the 1659 Census,
and our ‘Birth index of Ireland’.  To our members
search, it is given twice in v.26 of the Irish
Families Project, “Co. Tyrone Ireland, genealogy
and Family History Notes”.
The Irish Book of Arms has no less than four
illustrations of the arms connected to the name.
Those of Armagh; Antrim; and one Archbishop
of Armagh included.
Most Robinsons are assumed to be of English,
or to a lessor extent, Scottish extraction when
found in Ireland. Several are noted with the 17th
century plantation of Ulster.
As given in our variant spelling groups,
both Roberts and Robertson can be confused
with Robinson.

copyright 2011, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small
or Surnames of Ireland by Kneafsey at:

Irish Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search of the above work shows:

1) Four illustrated entries for ‘Robinson’.
Irish Hedge School Courses now on CD:
Free Master online index at
Shows the name 71 numerous times, including:

1)  Robinson arms in Co. Armagh Genealogy & …
2)  F. Robinson in Co. Kilkenny Genealogy & ….
3)  G. Robinson in Co. Cavan & Leitrim Genealogy..
4)  T. Robinson in our Longford and Meath books.
5)  R. Robinson in our ‘Special Census of Ireland’
6)  H. Robinson in Co. Fermanagh & Louth Genealogy
7)  Rainey-Robinson in our Irish Book of Arms.

Free index to search for your family name:
(Leave off Mac or O when typing in your name.)

Curious News and Notes from around the world:
( Links to each item below are found on our blog)

1) Hilarious Christmas Video Song of the Day:
Stuck in the Smoke Hole of our Tipi.  Christmas song.

2) County Video of the Day: Huskies and Stones, Ulster
immigration folk park, two ingredient soda bread…
The Donnagheys provide an insight and tour in County Tyrone

3) Irish Robinson Story of the Day:
Steeped in history, Cloughbane has been farmed by the
Robinson Family for four generations

4) News: A Genealogy Conference that bans books !

5) News : (new) Old Historical Maps of Ireland

6) News: Linen Hall Library, Historical Resource.
The Linen Hall Library is a truly unique institution.
Founded in 1788, it is the oldest library in Belfast
and the last subscribing library in Ireland. It is
renowned for its unparalleled Irish and Local
Studies Collection, ranging from comprehensive
holdings of Early Belfast and Ulster printed books
to the 250,000 items in the Northern Ireland
Political Collection, the definitive archive of the
recent troubles.

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