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Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1)   Family of the Day:  Lynn
2)   Irish County of the Month:  Galway
3)   Searching For: Dulin, Sheahan, Madden
4)   Curious News: Irish Vatican offices closed
5)   On the Web: U.S. Marine Museum in Ireland
6)   Curious: Mummy under floorboards not Irish?
7)   Google pool pampers in Dublin.

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Notes This Week:
What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe

1) It’s been another busy month here at the Cafe.
Working on a links page for  I think
we’ll just have a top 10 for each area of study that
we have a the hedge school, starting with Genealogy.

2)  On the song front, we are still drumming with Celtique
and on a seperate note, I actually had a small practice
with a live fiddler !  Some adjustments need to be made
when singing in the presence of a musician….

3) We’ll be back next episode with an interview on Irish
experiences at the university level. Stay tuned for that…
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Galway history notes from our Galway books of the month:
(From ‘Families of County Galway, Ireland by O’Laughlin)

Hardiman, in his noted History of Galway gives
us the names of the principal families fishing on
the lake and bay of Galway, and making short
voyages along the coast.  They are  given sometime
after the 12th century Norman invasions. They are
found however, among the earliest families
documented in that area.  They are named as follows:

Athy  (d’Athy)
Branegan (Brannigan, etc..)
Blundell (Blundle, Blondell)
Cale (perhaps Cahill?)
Coppiner (Coppinger)
Develin (Devlin, Dillon or Dilin)
Ffarty (Faharty)
Ffrihin (Frean, Freen, Frehan)
le Fickhill
Kellerie (Killory), Killery)
Kerwick (Kirwin, Kerwickan)
Lawles (Lawless)
Muneghan (Munahan, Monahan)
Penrise (Penrice, Rice, Rise, Ap Rhis)
Valley or Wallin

The above names do not, by any means include all
of the native families in County Galway.  As with
much of history they focus on the area around
Galway Bay and City.  Galway Town became a county
unto itself, separate from the rest of Galway.
Hardiman said that Athy, Ffarty, Ffrihin, Killery,
Kirwan and White families were still to be found
in the 19th century…

King James Irish Army
In King James’s Irish Army List we read of the following
appointed assessors of Galway City by King James in 1690:
Mayor, Recorder and Sheriff pro temp. Stephen Deane;
Peter Kirwan; John Bodkin; James Browne, Collector;
John Kirwan, Thomas Revett, and George Stanton.
For the county of Galway were appointed: the High Sheriff
pro temp. Sir Ulick Bourke; Roger O’Shaughnessy; Richard
Bourke of Derryraghaghna; Nicholas French; Oliver Martin;
Dermot Daly; Laughlin Daly; James Donnellan; Richard Blake;
and Miles Bourke of Clougheroge Esq…   One can assume
that the outcome of the conflict affected these men and their
property in particular.
And from our second book, here is the content outline:

‘Co. Galway Ireland genealogy & family history notes’.
ISBN: 0 940134 82 9

C o n t e n t s

List of Books, ISBN data…………………………
Barony Map of County Galway…………………

P a r t   O n e
Introduction to Sources; Birth Index…………….
National Resource List …………………………
Local Resource List……………………………. .
Map of  the Four Masters…………………………
Families on the Map of  the Four Masters……….
Names from “Irish Families”………………….
Passengers From Galway………………………

P a r t    T w o
Census substitue, showing the methods of spelling
family names and place names in the 17th cent…
A detailed listing of former and new proprietors
of lands and property in Galway, including proprietors
in 1640,’ Irish Papist’, and proprietors in 1657,
English Protestants, individually and specifically

P a r t    T  h r e e
Coats of Arms and Genealogical Notes.
Arms connected in some way to the county, as taken
from the Irish Book of Arms.  The original listings
provide specific locations for families, and clues for
future research…………………….

P a r t    F o u r
The Tribes of Galway……………………………

P a r t    F ive
Finding Locations……………………………..
County Map…………………………………….
Index of Place Names, ancient & modern. A sampling
of place names to assist in finding locations in the
county, as taken from the Master Book of Irish Placenames.

More  Illustrations
Warden Lynch’s House  A – 2
Claddah, Gort and Galway C – 2
Seal of Christopher Bodkin T – 8
Map of County Galway P-2
Map of Galway Town P-4

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1)  The Families of County Galway, Ireland  (hardbound
book, on family history in Galway.)

2) Co. Galway Ireland, genealogy & family history notes.
Our spiral bound book for those researching in Co. Galway.
It holds some of the most often consulted resources here
at the library, including arms, detailed color map,
sources, etc…

3) Surnames of Ireland by Kneafsey (Neafsey)
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Coming Up:
Irish close Vatican offices, snub or budget cut ???
Raise our eyes skywards, give thanks,  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1)  Jane Werthmann of Milford, CT, Welcome as a

2) Joseph Reilly of Washington, DC your Longford
genealogy book has shipped !
my gr gr grandfather was born in Dublin.

3)  Janet Denby-Stewart of Maple Valley, WA,
welcome as a new member !
Looking for parents of William T. Dulin b. 1878 in
Missouri. Williams parents were born in Kentucky
and name may have been changed.

4) Amanda Woolley of Oviedo, FL, your Families of
County Cork has shipped !

5) Paddy Fitzgibbon of Listowel, Co. Kerry, your Co.
Kerry genealogy and family history notes shipped !

6) Clare Harwood of Essex, United Kingdom, your
County Wexford, Ireland genealogy book shipped !

7) Welcome Mark Sheahan of Hilliard, Ohio as a
new member!
I’ve found that Dennis Sheahan emigrated from Ireland
sometime in the mid-1800’s. He married Mary
MacCarthy, also from Ireland. On my mother’s side,
John Patrick Madden also emigrated in the same time
period. He married Bridget McDonough who was born
in Ireland also.
They all eventually lived and died in Toledo, Ohio…

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of :
James Lynn, of Battle Ground, Washington.
Searching the Lynn, Linn, surname. Family
left Ireland abt. 1736. Family from Banbridge,
Co. Down or Toome Baronie in Antrim.

Related Spellings of the Name : Linn, Lynd, McKlinn, McCline
O’Lynn, MacLynn, Lynne, Flynn, O’FLoinn etc….

Varient Spelling Groups:   #1141, #2473

From The Guide to Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name
Of the several reported origins of the name, perhaps the
most numerous will be from O’Floinn, coming from the
personal Irish name of Flann.  Kneafsey, in his book
‘Surnames in Ireland ’gives that in 1992, 96% of the name
were ‘Lynn’ and 4% were O’Lynn.  His surname map for the
name is based upon 470 families.

Clusters Mapped
Kneafsey also gives the cluster of Lynn families in Mayo and
Sligo appear to be separate from the main grouping in
East Ulster.  Based upon ‘Surnames of Ireland’ by ‘Neafsey’,
in which a surname location map for the name is included:

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1) No arms given for Lynn, but of course ‘Flynn’ arms are
well establsihed !
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Mummy found under floorboards at which University ?
The Free Master online index at shows:
Listings for the name multiple times, here are a few examples:

1)   A. Lynn; R. Lynn in Co. Waterford genealogy & family history.
2)   O’Lynn in Surnames of Ireland with 200 family maps.
3)   Wm. Lynn in County Tyrone genealogy and family history
4)   Lynnes of Essex, in The Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland.
5)   Wm. Lynn in ‘Special Census of Ireland’ Pynnars Survey.
6)   W. Lynn in the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters.
7)   Lynne in Co. Armagh, Ireland, genealogy and family history.

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
Remember to leave off the Mac or O when typing your name.
Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1) Loretta Lynn & Jack White – Family Tree  (Song -Video)

2)   Jennifer Lynn Irish School of Dance   (Video)

3)  Descendants of Andrew Lynn, Sr.  (web page)

4) Galway Ireland, the world of travel. (video)

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Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  Irish government closes Irish embassy to the Vatican.
Budget Cut or Culture War ?  First time ever done.
Cardinal Seán Brady expressed his “profound disappointment”

2)  Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Justin Bieber to appear
in Belfast for MTV European Music Awards. 20,000 fans

3)  Worlds most developed ‘Human development’ Countries.
Ireland still in top 10. U.S. is no longer ! (drop from 4th to 23rd)
Based on Wealth, Health & Equality.  Sounds like culture war !

4)  American Marine Museum in Derry. Secret files revealed.
Museum to open documenting the U,S. marines in WW ll

5)  Google building pool for pampered employees in Dublin !

6)   3000 year old mummy under floorboards at University
College Cork.. investigation…. to be returned or not ?

7) Tourism back up to 2007 levels in Ireland,
O’Bama and Queen to blame?

…….So end the notes from the Irish Hedge Row today.
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