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Our New Irish CD and DVD launch begins
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It’s about time.  We are launching 6 new lines of CD and
DVDs. One series for each of our Hedge School courses:

1) Irish Genealogy series;
2) Irish Song and recitation series;
3) Irish Language series;
4) Irish History series;
5) Irish American History series;
6) Irish Video Shorts.

With our most popular single sessions, including:
Danny Boy chat and sing; “My Name Is…” in Irish;
The Famine; Sean Nós Dance; Brian Boru; Irish Names…

These Two CDs are being released April 15:

For the Irish in America studies program

A Companion to the Irish in America Broadcast
1) Missouri Irish CD, the original history of the Irish in Missouri.
This is the book, on CD disk, in condensed form, narrated by
Molly Nickle.  My first book, it took some time to compile.
It came out in 1984 in limited edition.
I included all the information I had from the counties and
towns around Missouri. It included many lists of names, plenty
on Kansas City and St. Louis, with sections on St. Joseph and
on the Murphy Wagon as well.  At the time I was on the
Irish Parade Committee so I included the parade history as well.
Now you can listen on your CD player or on your computer
or in your car on the next road trip !  Of course, the Book and
the CD, would make a great combination gift.  The book
has a tremendous amount of extra information and history.

Being pressed now, CD will ship April 15. ($19.95 + $4 p&h)
Or if you prefer: Book and CD for a total of $39 postage free (save $10)
Payable to: Mike O’Laughlin, Irish Roots Cafe, Box 7575, KC, MO 64116

For the Irish Language Studies Program
A companion CD to the Hello Fada broadcast and upcoming book
on the Irish Language in the same vein.
1) Hello Fada 101, general fun notes on the Irish Language for the curious.
Includes 11 sessions from the first year of the Hello Fada Broadcast.
This CD is for those who are simply curious, and those who may
be considering a course in the Irish Language.  We show you how
to sing a song in Irish, how to say hello and a few other basics all
while having a great time with the program.

Being pressed now, will ship April 15. ($19.95 + $4 p&h)
Payable to: Mike O’Laughlin, Irish Roots Cafe, Box 7575, KC, MO 64116

The next Four CD/DVD releases are:
The Best of Irish Song & Recitation Seasons 1 and 2.
The Best of the Hedge Row History of Ireland. Season 1.
The Complete Irish Video Shorts Collection. Season 1.
Irish Genealogy and Family History Tips and Strategy.
All will release in April or May, 2011.

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