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Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1)   Family of the Day: Barry of Cork
2)   Irish County of the Month: Cork
3)   Search: Rochford, Connery, Duke, McCaffrey, Houston
4)   Curious News:  Worn Ogham stones in Ireland today
5)   Bald Headed Record set
6)   Curious Note: Tipperary, Cavan, Leitrim color maps.
7)   One minute podcast: Ogham, first Irish alphabet

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Todays Topics:                    1:00
Notes from Mike:                 2:00
One Minute Podcast:           4:00
Book of the Month:              6:30
The Magnificent Seven:        9:30
Irish Name of the Day:       11:30
Sources:                            15:30
Websites of the Week:        16:30
Curious News and Notes:   18:30

Total Time: 25:50
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Notes This Week:
What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe

1) I’m getting ready to reprint several county books, and am
adding color covers to ‘Counties Cavan and Leitrim, genealogy
and Family History notes’; and also to “County Tipperary,
Ireland, genealogy and family history notes”.  These titles
have a full color 19th century map of the county, in great
detail on the cover.

2)  We’ve been named to the ‘Top 30 Celtic Culture Blogs’
on Tim Daltons site at:

3)   Update:  Yes, we are on Facebook and on Twitter. Just
look for the Irish Roots Cafe.

4) Borders books goes broke…. one less outlet and distributors
hurt too… but you could see it coming…

One Minute Podcast
Let’s listen to one of our 7 podcast series’ on Song; Recitation;
Travel; History; Irish-America; or Irish language.

Todays Podcast extract is from the “Hello Fada” podcast #17.
This is an extra credit show from my Irish Hedge School,
and it’s all about Ogham, the first alphabet in Ireland.
We talk with Chris of OghamARt who studied the subject in
Ireland.  See the Hello Fada podcast for this new episode !

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Irish in America:
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Hello Fada, Irish language:
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Books of the Month:

1) The Families of County Cork, Ireland.
Included in the above book is this sample entry:
In “A Description of County Cork 1741” we find a list of the
chief seats of the families in the area, listed thusly;

Castle Lyons –   Earl of Barrymore
Rostillian  –      Earl of Inchiquin
Egmont  –         Earl of Egmont
Ballyanon   –      Lord Visc. Midleton
Anngrove   – Lord Visc. Buttivant
Mitchelstown – Lord Kingston
Castlemartyr -Rt. Hon. Henry Boyle Esq
Dromore  – Sir Mathew Deane, Bart.
Ballintober  – Sir Richard Mead, Bart.
Dunmanway – Sir Richard Cox, Bart.
Rathbarry – Sir John Freke
Dunmore –  Sir Charles Moore, Bart.
Clonakilty  –  Roger Bernard
Pheal – Bryan Wade Esq.
Ballyprivan – Mr. William Conner
Blackrock – Samuel Hutchinson, Esq
Afadown  – John Beecher, Esq.
Castletownsend -Richard Townsend, Esq
Castledonovan -Morgan Donovan Esq.
The Leap – Samuel Gervais, Esq.
Castlebarry -Hon. David John Barry Esq
Courtmacsherry – Robert Goodin Esq.
Kilbrittain -James Stawell, Esq.
Pallistown – John Mead, Esq.
Poulnelong -Edward Herrick Esq., Henry Shiers Esq.
Ballybrickan – —- Dixon
Roynaynescourt – Mr. Philip Roynane
Ashgrove –  John Rogers, Esq.
Killvochory – Mr. John Harper, (merch.)
Waterstown –  Earl of Barrymor
Rossmore  – John Coghlan, Esq.
Killkerran –  Mr. Mathew O’Hea
Barryscourt – Mr. Stephen Coppinger
Dunkettle – Edward Hoare Esq.
Loty  – Christopher Rogers, Esq.
Loty  – William Gallway, Esq.
Curryglass – Robert Maynard, Esq.
Carnavar – Mr. Charles McCarthy
Castlemore – George Rye, Esq.

2) Genealogy and Family History Notes of County Cork, Ireland.

3) “Crichad an Chaoilli” being the topography of Fermoy by
Power. Lots of ancient family locations here. (from my library)

4) “Journal of the Cork Archaeological Society”.  With many
sources and history within County Cork. (from my library)

5) “Family Names of County Cork” by O’Murchadha.
from my Library.
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Coming Up:
Bald Headed record set….
1,000 Dolphins fins found at…….

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1)  John Murphy of Sunnyside, NY, your County Armagh
genealogy and family history notes has shipped !

2)  Karen Rochford of Gahanna, OH, welcome as a new member
re: Richard Rochford, of County Clare, married to Honor Murphy,
oldest son Robert John Rochford born around 1800 or before

3)  Colin Barry of Landsborough, Queensland, AU welcome as
member !Richard James Barry born county cork 10.1.1840 Died 24/11/1884 Toowoomba Qld Australia. Married Alice Mary
Murphy born 17/11/1842 Belfast. I have no record when they
arrived in Australia. Parents of Richard James Barry being
David Barry born 1821 and Sarah Roberts. I believe David’s
father was Richard Barry, no record of mother.

4) Welcome gold member Eleanor Kendall of New Westminster
in Canada ! Your Free Passenger Lists book has shipped.
(Free Choice to gold members) Connery/Conry/Conroy.
My grandmother was born in the city of Kilkenny her father
Lawrence Connery came from Muckalee and her mother
Ellen (nee Mills) came from Ruthstown. Lawrence Connery
was baptised May 12, 1851 in Ballycarron.
Ellen Mills was baptised Aug 16, 1851 in Rothstown. I would
like to know where they originally came from and the tribe
they are from.

5) Welcome renewing member Martin Murray of Falkirk, UK.
Searching for Duke King Jordan Murray Smyth all from
County Down, Ireland.

6) Welcome new member Patricia M. Stack of New York,
searching: Searching my gr-grandfather Michael McCaffrey,
b. Fermanagh @1835.
Perhaps a brother named Owen. Both to U.S. @1850/

7) Welcome new member Suzanne Harvin of Kennesaw, GA
searching: Houston; Hines, Cantey.
(ed. note)Suzanne – I remember seeing some Canteys in Cork on
one of my first trips to Ireland, I believe we had a member
researching the name.

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Irish Family Name of the Day:
Barry of County Cork, Ireland

Todays family history in honor of member:
Collin Barry of Queensland, Australia

Related Spellings of the Name
Barrie; Berry; Bari, etc…

Varient Spelling Groups:
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name

12th Century Barry Invasion
Going back to the 12th century we find Philip de Barri
getting lands from his uncle Robert FitzStephen including
Barrymore, and Orrery and Kilmore.  There are many
branches of the name in Cork that descend from the Barrys
of Barrymore.   The Barry Óg family is one Barry family of
Cork tied to the barony of Kilalea, and so on.

Barry of Carbery
The Book of Irish Families great and small has the name
and here is a part of that entry on Barry in Cork:
“O’Bari is given by O’Heerin as chief of Muintir Bari and by
O’Halloran as chief of Aron.  O’Briens dictionary gives Muintir
Bari as a part of ancient Carbery in Cork.  They are often confused
with the Norman Barry family, and the name is now spelled
identically.  O’Heerin speaks of the Irish Family of the name thusly;
“Muintir Bari of the fair fortress
They are of the race of Fathaidh Airgthech O’Bari rules over the land
of waves, Which is not surpassed by the smooth plains of Mans.”
When of Norman origins, the ‘Barry’ or de Barrie family has been
found in Cork for many centuries.  When Kinsale came under
Norman rule in 1179 the Bandon River formed a natural path of
division.  The Barrys held the lands north of the Bandon river and
the the lands to the south ;”

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)   There are a remarkable number of arms given in the Irish Book
of Arms for the name of Barry, 12 in all. No fewer than 10 are
illustrated, including those of Richard Barry of Barrymore;
Smith-Barry; Barry of Firville and of Ballyvonare and Ballyclogh,
Co. Cork; and there is more than one coat of arms design displayed
in that book.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
One Giant Buys another in Dublin…. and
Irish Language in trouble….
The Free Master online index at shows:
Listings for the name 177 times, here are a few examples:

1)   Multiple listings in ‘Families of Co. Cork, Ireland’
2)   ‘’               ‘’           ‘Co. Clare genealogy and family history notes’
3)   Barry Oge branch in the ‘Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters’
4)   de Barrys in the ‘Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters’
5)   Barrys of Santry in the Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters’
6)   De Barry given as name of Huguenot Origins by O’Hart
7)    Barrys Castle in ‘Tribes and Customs of the Hy Fiachrach’

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
Remember to leave off the Mac or O when typing your name.

Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1)   Cork Rodeo Video: Mickey Barry heading upstream

2)  Photos of worn Ogham stones in Ireland (video)
“The Celtic alphabet known as Ogham (pronounced
“Oh-m” or “Oh-wam”). What separates Ogham Stones from
normal Standing stones is that Ogham stones have the Old
Irish language on them. This consists of lines carved
into the sides of the stones. This is a really old language who’s
origin predates Latin. “

3)  Blarney Castle, County Cork, set to fine fiddle music video

4) Barry Family Genealogy Web Page.
“This site traces the genealogy of my paternal grandparents,
Walter Joseph Barry and Myrtle C. Duncan,
from Oliver Springs, TN back to Ireland and Scotland.”

5) Mallow, County Cork Heritage Center

see also our Irish Video Shorts at:

Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  Bald headed record, no not eagles but 317 people shaved
bald in one hour in Dublin.

2)  Irish Language requirements debated for Leaving Cert…

3)  Medjugorje visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic
tours Ireland.  Several thousand her view experience.

4)  The Aurora Borealis has been quite a display in the Northern
sky in Ireland.  Antrim and Londonderry best.

5)   Google buys Dublins Tallest Building. One giant buys another…

6)   1,000 dolphins gather round the Kinsale Gas field feeding.
Fins and splashing everywhere you looked !

7) The census of Ireland, every 5 years, begins on March 11.
Fill out those forms correctly for family researchers years from now.

…….So end the notes from the Irish Hedge Row today.
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