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Irish Family History Show 180

with curious news and notes from Ireland.
Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1)   Family of the Day: Harris
2)   Book of the Month:  Fall of Irish Chiefs & Clans
3)   Searching For: Sullivan of Cork, Ghee, McNally, Cody
4)   Curious News:  New Zealand, 15% Irish ?
5)   Web Page of the Month:  Co. Clare
6)   Curious Note: Island in Michigan with Irish roots.
7)   One minute podcast:  Battle of Kinsale, O’Donnel, O’Neil

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This Weeks Audio Timeline

Todays Topics:                    1:00
Notes from Mike:                 2:00
One Minute Podcast:           4:00
Book of the Month:              6:30
The Magnificent Seven:        9:30
Irish Name of the Day:       11:30
Sources:                            15:30
Websites of the Week:        16:30
Curious News and Notes:   18:30

Total Time: 25:50
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What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1) Working on our first Audio Book CD.  We have an audio
download of Missouri Irish on the web pagee.  Now we are
finding out all about the ins and outs of all this digital

2)  Which reminds me we produced our first DVD a year or
so ago, ‘Return to Irish Roots’.  Now, that took some time,
with video and sound, and visuals.  I think I remember
about half of what I learned.

3)  Next project might be a CD or DVD series on the counties
of Ireland, with family history in mind…. what do you think
about that ?  I’ve got all the information and illustrations,
it’s just the production money I’m after !

One Minute Podcast
Let’s listen to one of our 7 podcast series’ on Song; Recitation;
Travel; History; Irish-America; or Irish language.

Todays Podcast extract is from
The Hedgerow History of Ireland.
Some history on The Flight of the Earls, which also ties into
our Book of the month.  This began the final fall in many ways
for the Irish ‘aristocracy’ in Ireland and the old gaelic order.
The beginning of the century saw the Battle of Kinsale and the
end of the century the distasterous Treaty of Limerick, where
30,000 – 40,000 left in exile for the continent.

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Hello Fada, Irish language: http://www.irishroots.com/content/view/106/159/
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Book of the Month:

1)  The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans.
(also the lead volume in ‘ Conquest of Ireland’.

With names of Catholics and Protestants Affected.
Includes Irish , Scots Irish, & English settlers

Master Volume to the Conquest of Ireland Series
It contains the record of the great change in land ownership
and power in Ireland. It tells the story of the old Irish families
losing their land, and the new settlers who assumed it. A
one-of-a-kind genealogical record. The specific names and
locations are given. It is a primary source of information for
those fortunate enough to refer to copies of the surviving
volume by Rev. G. Hill.

Rare Manuscripts & State Papers
The author introduces his work as follows “The contents of this
volume (vol. 1), may be described, in general terms, as a
compilation from State Papers relating to the Plantation of Ulster…
the Calendars of the Carew Manuscripts, and of other important
collections of Irish State Papers”. Before the Carew Manuscripts
little was known of the seven year struggle (1595 – 1602). For a
time before 1588 English rule was actually rather mysteriously
popular, and Shane O’Neill was finally defeated in 1567 by the
O’Donnells rather than the government.

All Lands Lost
Quoting the text we find that:
“With only two, or perhaps three exceptions, every native landlord,
and every native tenant within the bounds of the six counties was
dispossessed and displaced; and although a few of both classes
were afterwards permitted to share slightly in the great land-spoil,
it was only in some other and less attractive localities than their own”.
Indeed many would eventually come to the shores of North America
and other foreign lands as a result of this loss.
Of the main families the records show that the Maguires (or McGuires)
who occupied Fermanagh; The O’Hanlons who occupied ONealan
and Orior; The Macanas or the McCanns of Clann Breasail (Clanbrazill);
and the MacMahons of Monaghan; the ORiellys, the O’Cahans and
others, had a long and distinguished history. How had several
families in the area ‘disappeared’ by the 19th century ?
Volume 1 shows Ireland and her families as they were before the
fall, and as the plantation began. The 19th century historical
footnotes are a history unto themselves. The new surname index
added to this volume is invaluable to researchers. The latter is
available only in this edition, published by the Irish Genealogical
Foundation. Due to its historical importance, this volume has been
printed and made available on its own.

Juror Lists, Rent Rolls
Among items of interest to family researchers are the lists of jurors,
the rent rolls, and the lists of those applying to undertake the
settlement (undertakers), and the lists of soldiers. The actions
taken on the land then, are still evident today. If you would
understand Ireland, you need to understand how this all began.
(See Index at end of listing).

This volume includes the following sections:
Ulster Before the Fall.
The Orders to Begin the transfer of land
The Project of settling new landholders
Doubts, Delays, and problems
How The Authorities Worked
Specific Names, Results and Arrangements
(New IGF surname index).

The largest and most important volume in the series, it lays the
ground work for understanding who and what was involved in this
settlement of Ireland. This book documents the families and conditions
before and during the settlement of Ireland in the 17th century.
Specific individuals and sources are given here, of great interest to
family researchers and historians. Among items of interest to family
researchers are lists of jurors, rent rolls, list of those applying to
undertake the settlement (undertakers), and list of soldiers. The
actions taken here are still evident in Ireland today, and it would
do every interested person to understand how it all began.

Specific list of jurors and list of those with lands are given thusly
“6th July, 1609.. applications are made by: James Carmichaell, of
Pottieshaw, in name of David Carmichaell his son, with Mr. John
Ross, burgess of Glasgow, as cautioner, 1,000 acres”.
“George Murray, of Bruchtoun,with Alexander Dumbar, of Egirnes…
2,000 acres”.
(end of extract from ‘The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans’.
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Coming Up:
Restored Irish Records Collection.
How the Harris family drives in Ireland ?

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1)  Daniel MacMurray of Pauma Valley, CA, your Co. Down
Genealogy and family history notes, has shipped !

2)  Jeremy Stampa Orwin of Abergavenny, UK, your Irish Book
of Arms and the Book of Irish Families great & small has shipped!

3) Thomas Cullen of Chula Vista, CA, your Irish Book of Arms
has shipped.

4)  Glen King of Edmonton, Canada your Families of Co. Galway
has shipped.

5) Andrew Gibbons of Hornsby, Australia your Mayo and London-
derry genealogy books have shipped !

6) Sheila Sullivan of Cookeville, TN, weclome as a new member !
The Sullivans who came from south of Ireland (Cork?). I believe
first to be in U.S. was Timothy Dennis Sullivan (my gr grandpa).
want more about the family in Ireland.

7) Patrick J. Harris of Carbondale, IL, welcome as a new member !
John Joseph Harris, Glenbeigh m. Margaret Ghee Longford,
Annie McNally Carrickmacross m. Michael P. Cody at St. Joseph’s Church. they lived on Church after married.

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Patrick Harris,(above)

Related Spellings of the Name
Fitz Harris, Harrison, Harrise

Varient Spelling Groups: 828, 829, 1245
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name
Families of the name of Harris are usually of foreign extraction
in Ireland.  Most were planter families of English heritage.  Milesian
families gives the name as one of Limerick and Tipperary arriving
in 1642 in England.  The census of 1659 finds the name in Limerick,
Dublin, Antrim and Cork.  In more modern times the 1890 index
finds the name in Dublin, Cork and Antrim.  Harrihy has been given
as a related spelling on occasion.
One pedigree of Harris of Devonshire England, shows one of the
family who died at Cahirenony, Co. Cork in 1636, and who was
buried at Kilcredan, Co. Cork.

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)  Not given in the Irish Book of Arms.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Byrne family tied to big genetic mutation….
The Free Master online index at www.Irishroots.com shows:
Listings for the name 100 times, here are a few examples:

1)   Harris in ‘King James Irish Army List’.
2)   Hugh Harris in Co. Armagh, Ireland, genealogy & familly history notes
3)   T. Harris in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, genealogy & family history notes
4)   Wm. Harrise in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, genealogy & family history notes.
5)   N. Harris in Irish Families on the California Trail
6)   Harris’s Hibernica in Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters
7)   Harris in ‘The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans’

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
Remember to leave off the Mac or O when typing your name.

Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1)   What one Harris Family Does in its spare time in Ireland. (Video)
Sort of a one car demolition derby I think….

2)   The Flight of the Earls  (Fall of Irish Chiefs..)   (Video)

3)  Clare County Library, genealogy section (web page)

4)  1901 and 1922 census online, next 1926 ?  An Irishmans Diary

see also our Irish Video Shorts at:

Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  The Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations has given and award
of excellence to the County Clare County Library in Ireland and I agree.

2)  Charles Byrne was a true Irish Giant, tied to a genetic mutation d.1783.

3)  Beaver Island, Michigan has an Irish heritage, tied to Arranmore
Island in County Donegal, Ireland.  Charlie O’Donnell was among the
first and they spoke in Irish, and song was plentiful.

4)  Restored Irish Records Index 1500 – 1920.
Results of the government call for public to donate records after destruction.
Parish registers, pedigrees, histories, probate and court records, etc…

5)   John Fitzgerald part of early Irish in New Zealand, which was 15% Irish …
Shout out to NZgenealogy on Twiitter.

6)   Royal College of Physicians of Ireland archive launched.
Searchable database.
Shout out to ChrisMPaton on Twitter.

7) The Irish Cultural Center of Phoenix Arizona is very active.  You might
want to check out the web page.  Includes Celtic Studies and Academy.

…….So end the notes from the Irish Hedge Row today.
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