Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi; Lyrics; Renata Sings Again

The Irish Song and Recitation Festival
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Todays Song:
Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi
Sung by:         Renata
run time:        10 minutes 16 seconds

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Today we catch Renata as she is leaving, for
another chat and sing episode.  The song
today is ‘Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi’.  You’ll remember
the first song that she sang
‘Will you meet me at the Rock’:

Let’s listen in to todays impromptu performance.
( You’ll have to go to the podcast for that ! )

Lyrics (one of several variations):

Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi

Nach brónach a bhí mise nuair a d’fhága mé an baile
Agus dúirt mé slán leatsa a dhíl Éirinn mo ghrá
Gidh gur fhéach mé bheith súgrach, á, ba deorach mo shúile
‘S mé a’ scaradh óna chéile úd nach bhfeicfead go brách

Ag scaradh go brách, brách le cnoic agus gleannta
Agus cathair dheas Chorcaí nach bhfeicfead arís
Ag scaradh go deo, deo leis na cairde ba dhílse
Ó dhil-chairde m’óige ar bhruacha na Laoi

Nach minic a d’éiríodh grian lonrach na spéire
Nach minic a bhuail sí faoi uiscí na dtonn
Ó d’fhága mise an lá siúd mo mháithrín dhil Éireann
Agus chuaigh mé thar sáile chun na tíre seo anonn

Ach fós in mo chroí istigh tá cuimhne ar lasadh
Ar maidin, iarnóin ‘s le titim na hoíche
‘S i m’aisling arís bím i gcónaí mo sheasamh
Ar charraig fhíor m’óige ar bhruacha na Laoi

Translated into English

How sad I was when I left home
And bade farewell to you, Ireland, my love
Though I looked happy, my eyes were tearful
Separated from you whom I’ll never see again

Separated forever, by hills and by valleys
And never again see the beautiful city of Cork
Separated forever from faithful friends
Oh faithful friends of my youth on the banks of the Lee

And many the times the bright sun of the skies would rise
And many the times it would set under waves of water
Since I left that day from my loyal mother Éire
And went overseas to this land

And in my heart still there are memories still vivid
In the morning, afternoon and at nightfall
In my vision again I remain forever
On the true rock of my youth on the banks of the Lee

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