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Todays Song: Over The Mountain
Sung by:         Mike O’Laughlin
run time:        8 min. 49 secs.

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Todays entry is ‘Over the Mountain’, a song
I first heard by Joe Heaney in his ‘Say a Song’
Listen to the secret code word ‘over the mountain’.
You might wonder what it means during the
course of the song…. A fine look at the courtin’ of
the mountain people in Ireland is it ?
Several other phrases with meaning beyond the
words are found in this song, and I discuss that
briefly on the show.
As always, we end up with the singing of the song:

Lyrics (one of several variations):

One night when the moon loomined the sky
I first took a notion to marry
so I put on me hat and away I did fly
You’d swear I was in a great hurry

I came to a spot where often I’d been
my heart gave a jump when my darling I’d seen
I opened the door and bid her good night
saying will you come over the mountain

my fine dear but what has come over you now
but I’m glad to see you so merry
it’s now twelve o’clock you should be in bed
but come in I’ll a waken my mammy

If you think I am jesting, my jesting is true
I courted twelve months and I think that should do
and before I go home I’ll be married to you
If you’ll come with me over the mountain

If I was to make an elopement with you
its sure to be wrought with great danger
the neighbors would tattle and cackle us all
and my friends they would gaze on in wonder

Oh let them tattle and cackle away
consult with your self for its very near day
and I don’t give a rap what the lot of them say
if you come with me over the mountain

Oh I must away now its home I must go
I think it is fitting and better
so farewell my darling farewell for awhile
and this will put and end to the matter

Oh wait just a minute let put on my shoes
my heart gave a leap when I heard the glad news
She came to the door saying maybe I’ll choose
to come with you over the mountain

By this time the moon has sunk in the west
for the dawn of a bright summers morning
off we did go the pair it was one
for the wedding the two hearts were pining

The Saugurtay came without more delay
he married us both on the very same day
and it’s often we talk when we’ve nothing to say
of the trip we made over the mountain

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