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1)   Family of the Day:  O’Connor of Kerry
2)   Irish County of the Month: County Kerry
3)   Searching For: Brennan, O’Dowd, Crowley, Seay
4)   Curious News: 100 year old O’Brien wins…..
5)   Web Page of the Month: Google your family castle
6)   Curious Note:  30 yrs. of Seay family research
7)   One minute podcast:  What is Sean Nós ?

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1) Seay surname research conclusion:
Over the years I have received regular notice of the search
for Seay family origins by Sandy Seay.  The problem is
obvious when you consider all the names/spellings  Seay
could be associated with, including de Sey(e) of Somerset
in England.  This is to say nothing of Shee, Shea, Sheahy, Shae;
Sawey, etc.. .
The final key to the search according to Sandy is the fact
that Teige O’Seay is given in the 1669 Antrim Hearth Money
Rolls.  As it is a rare spelling, it is likely direct tie to the family,
and of course the ‘O’ before the name would denote old Irish
origins.  Anyone with ties to this surname would be wise
to take note of the considerable research done on this family.
It appears most common in County Down and surrounds,
in Ireland.

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Irish Song and Recitation podcast, season 3, show #2
We talk about about what we think we’ve learned Sean Nós is.

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Book of the Month:

1)  Families of County Kerry, Ireland

An extract from the introduction to the above book:
The 18th century brought on ruthless rule and penal laws in Co.
Kerry, particularly in the first half of that century.  The gaelic powers
were broken, the English feudal system of former years was disappearing
as well.  Co. Kerry was now in the hands of English settlers who held the
land, remained loyal to England, and were of the Protestant religion.
Accounts of penal days will be easy for the reader to obtain, there was
great pressure for the old Irish to conform to the Protestant religion.  In
order to hold property, a good job etc…it was given that one become
Protestant.  Economically it became a necessity for many.  Hence,
Catholic landowners like Falvey, O’Mahoney of Dromore and
MacGillacuddy are found conforming to the official religion early in the
18th century.
Remnants of the gaelic family rulers of early days remained with
MacCarthy Mor seated at Pallis, Killarney up until 1770; the
O’Sullivan Beare seated at Eyries and O’Sullivan Mor at Toomies;
and the O’Donaghues at Glenflesk.  One need also mention the figure
of Donal O’Mahoney of Dromore, who held some sway against the
absentee landlords in Co. Kerry.
The 19th century brought the mass emigration to America from Ireland.
The famine struck Kerry as elsewhere, the cries of  hungry children,
death in the field, the glen, and in the street.  From this misery many
a new life was born into better circumstances abroad.  It is for the
descendants of those bold families of Co. Kerry that I leave these
notes on Kerry families.

In The Year 1200
The picture of Irish families around the year 1200 must have been
something like this.  The year before, in 1199, Meiler Fitz Henry was
granted the barony of Corkaguiney, and Eoganacht Locha Lein of
which the O’Donaghues were just gaining control, among other holdings.
The Irish chieftains of course, would never have recognized such an
edict, and one wonders if they knew what was in store.
The O’Sullivans were settling along the Kenmare river, and the
MacCarthys held Iveragh and most of Magunihy but were doing battle
on many fronts.  The Corcu Duibne of the Dingle Bay area, as
represented by O’Falvey and O’Shea, begins to vanish from our records.
The pressure from MacCarthy in Iveragh and the anglo-normans in Dingle
appears to have erased this ancient tribe from its once more prominent

2)  Co. Kerry, Ireland. Genealogy and Family History notes

Both of these works are from the IGF by Michael C. O’Laughlin
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Irish World Academy of Music and Dance is located where ?

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1) Paul Mullin of West Chester, PA, welcome as a new member.
re: my wifes family: Brennan of Massinas, Creeslough, Donegal
and ODowds of Sligo

2) Welcome new member Carole Poling Dole of Roebuck, SC
I’m looking for info on Patrick Crowley, b. 1813 in Ireland, m. Asinith
Hodges, 1851 in Bath Co. VA. She was b. 1825 in Ireland. Patrick was
my gr, gr grandfather.  They had six sons that I know of, all b. in VA.
I’m looking for info further back.  The 1860 census shows that a John
O’Kane Crowley was living with them at the time so I’m assuming that
was his father but not sure.  Any help would be appreciated.

3) Eleanor Romaine Reid Macpherson of Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia
Your county Monaghan, Ireland genealogy book has shipped.

4) Maria Crowley of Derry City, Derry, UK, your Donegal and Clare
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5) Raleigh F. O’Seay, Jr. of Orlando, Florida your Co. Antrim and Belfast
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Irish Family Name of the Day:
O’Connor in County Kerry, Ireland

Todays family history in honor of member:
Mary Louise Mason of Stafforshire, England.
O’Connors of Kerry; (Mason and Pierse also.)

Related Spellings of the Name: Conner, Conor, Coner, etc…

Varient Spelling Groups: #320, #321, #1647, #2175…
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name O’Connor in Kerry
A most numerous family of the county of Kerry with a remarkable
1371 families given.  The true Kerry O’Connors are given to be of the
clan Conaire, who came from the south of Munster, from whence they
had been expelled in ancient times.  King states that the O’Connors of
Connaught, Sligo and Corcomroe are branches of the same stock, of
the Clan Conaire.

Ten Branches in County Kerry
Ten septs of the O’Connor Kerry clan were confiscated in 1653, viz.:
Carrigafoile, Tarbert, Knockanore, Lisselton, Ballyline, Nohoval,
Rahinane, Annah, Beal, Ahavallen.  Coirbri was the ancient seat.
The Elizabethan and Cromwellian wars led to the loss of most of the
family lands.   O’Connor-Kerry resided at Carrig-a-Foile Castle, their
chief stronghold ..  more information found in ‘Families of County Kerry,
Ireland’ by O’Laughlin.

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)  The O’Connor name is one of the most often given
in connection with Irish Coats of arms.  The oak tree is a
common symbol on the arms and for those with the enhanced
version of this podcast we display the arms with a deer or stag
on a green field.
Among the families of the name with arms given are:
O’Connor of Rathmew; of Stonebrook;
of Mt. Pleasant; and of Rockfield, in various counties.  The Irish Book
of arms features numerous families in both color and black and white
versions, before and after the coming of the Irish Free State.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Worlds First Irish Speaking Teddy bear wins award ?
The Free Master online index at www.Irishroots.com shows:
Listings for the name 246 times, here are a few examples:

1)  Co. Kerry Genealogy and family history notes.
2)  The Families of County Kerry, Ireland: Francis Connor; Gerard, O’Connor; O’Connor households; J. O’Connor; O’Connor, Kings of Connaught, et….
3)   O’Connor Roe in ‘Milesian Families of Ireland’
4)   O’Connor Kerry in The History of the Clanna Rory Families in Ireland’
5)   Numerous listings in the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
6)   County Clare genealogy and family history notes
7)   several individuals in the ‘Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans” (Ulster)

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
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Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1)   Irish Tradition: Kerry Polkas

2)   Ring of Kerry Video
I was about the Ring of Kerry and visited Cahersiveen, Waterville, Derrynane,
the Ladies’s View, Torc Waterfall

3)  O’Connor Family Reunion in Montana including fiddle and flute

4) Google now has street views of 51,000 miles in Ireland !

see also our Irish Video Shorts at:

Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  April 1912 saw the sinking of the Titantic, 100 years later….
Website highlights Belfast and shipbuilding heritage

2)  Positive Ageing week runs until October 2, celebrating ‘older people’.
The Garda aims to reduce fear of crime among elderly says commissioner
Fachtna Murphy.

3)  Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
300 Students from 25 nationalities at Limerick University location.

4)  Worlds First Irish Speaking Teddy Bear victorious
‘BB’ born of Galway company, awarded gold standard by Pre-school awards

5)   100 year old O’Brien named Grandparent of the Year !
100 year old great grandpa Andrew O’Brien
(Would your family have the same long lived genes, I wonder ? )

6)   Six Irishmen, including Keohane of Courtmacsherry, were Antarctic explorers. His sleeping bag sells for 2,000 Euro.

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