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Show 166
Among Todays Topics:

1)   Family of the Day:  Caldwell
2)   Irish Book of the Month: Surnames in Ireland
3)   Searching For: O’Conner, Mason, Pierse, Lalor
4)   Curious News: Irish-Argentia
5)   Web Page of the Month: Ordnance Survey Maps
6)   Curious Note: Chinese storyteller
7)   One minute podcast:  Fr. Quinns Old Neighborhood

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This Weeks Audio Timeline

Todays Topics:                    1:00
Notes from Mike:                 2:00
One Minute Podcast:           4:00    The Old Irish Neighborhood
Book of the Month:              6:30    Surnames in Ireland
The Magnificent Seven:        9:30
Irish Name of the Day:       11:30    Caldwell
Sources:                            15:30
Websites of the Week:        16:30
Curious News and Notes:   18:30

Total Time: 25:50
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Notes This Week:
What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe

1) Irish dna code sequenced for first time with mapping
of the 3.1 billion sub units of DNA completed !  The work was
done by the Conway Institute at University College Dublin.
The project was headed up by Prof. Brendan Loftus.
This is the first complete picture of the Irish branch of mankind.
The project took just over one year and 30,000 Euros.
Read more here:

2)  We are finishing up the recording for the Irish Song
broadcast this year.  Will take another week to get it all
edited and we’ll get it started online next week.
Be sure and get the free subscription.  See more about this
seasons Sean Nós topic here:

3) Renata has started up her language classes again at the
Irish museum, both beginners and more advanced. So sign
up if you have a mind to.
She has also recorded her entry for the Irish Song and Recitation
podcast, ‘Will you meet me at the Rock’ in Irish !  One very
talented lady and host of the Hello Fada podcast.  The last day to
record your old style Irish song is Wednesday the 15th.

One Minute Podcast
Let’s listen to one of our 7 podcast series’ on Song; Recitation;
Travel; History; Irish-America; or Irish language.

Todays Podcast extract is from ‘The Irish in America’ podcast.
Father Quin(n) talks about families in the old neighborhood,
Brownes Irish Market, and the origins of his Quinn family….

An extract from one of our interviews at Brownes Irish Street Faire:
“Memories of the Families in the Parish”

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Book of the Month:

1)  “Surnames of Ireland” by Edward Neafsey
Family Locations & History in Ireland, indexed, 200 families
mapped by locations in Ireland. 216 pages.  (200 family location maps)

Each Family Has it Own Map The Only Time Ever in Print –
you will be able to instantly identify the locations of these
families in Ireland.
Each of the following families has a family location map
specifically given in this volume: Adamson Alcorn Archer
Mc Ateer Barrett Bartley Beattie Beggs Bell Bergin Berry
Bonner Boyle Brady Brennan Mc Bride O Brien Brown Burke
Byrne Caldwell Mc Candless Mc Cann Carlin Carmody Carroll
Carson Mc Cartan Mc Carthy Carty Mc Cay Clarke Mc Cleary
Mc Clelland Clifford Cochrane Collins Mc Comb Mc Connell
O Connor Mc Conville Copeland Corrigan Costello Cowan
Crowe Mc Cullough Daly Davison Delaney Mc Dermot Devine
Mc Devitt Doherty Donaghy Mc Donald O Donnell Donnelly
O Donovan Doran Doyle Duff Duffy Duncan Dunlop Dunne
elder Mc Elroy English Mc Evoy Mc Fall Farrell Farrelly Fitzgerald
Flanagan Fleming flynn Foran Gallagher Gannon Garland
Mc Garvey and Mc Gee. These are the first half of those
mapped in this work. To find your name today, it might
be necessary to add the Mac, Mc or O, back to the front of
your name !

The last half of the names individually mapped in this
book includes: Geoghegan Geraghty Mc Gimpsey Given
Glennon Mc Gonagle Gorman Mc Gourty Mc Grath
Greer Hackett O Hagan Harley Harrington Hassell
Hasson Hayes Healy Heffernan Henderson Henry
Hogan Hogg Hopkins Hough Hussey Hynes Irwin
Jennings Johnstone Joyce Kane Keane Kelly Kennedy
Kenny Mc Keown Kerr kerrigan Kidd Kieran Mc Killop
King Mc Kinley Lacey Mc Laughlin Lavelle Leahy
O Leary Lee Logan O Loughlin Loughman Love Lynch
Lynn Magee Maguire Maher Mahon O Mahoney
Marshall Martin Mathers Maynes Mee Meek Mills
Molloy Montgomery Moore Moorhead Moran Moreland
Morgan Morton Mullan Mc Mullen Mulvanny Murphy
Murray Mc Murray Mc Namara O Neill Nolan Mc Nulty
Orr Pierce Quinn Rea O Regan O Reilly Rutherford Ryan
Salmon Scott Mc shane Shannon Sheehan Sheehy
Simpson Sinclair Smith Stewart Stit O Sullivan Tate
Thompson Todd O Toole Treacy Vernor Walsh Warden
Warke Whelan White Whitley Mc Williams, Wilson and
Yeates. This ends the families that have been mapped
in this edition.

Note from the author:
The Distribution of Families My purpose is to enumerate
families with particular surnames within Ireland and to
present maps of the distribution of the names….The
maps were produced individually. The commentary with
each map is self-contained

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Coming Up:
Pregnant for 25 years, which Irish family holds this record ?

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Laurie McKeown-Thomassin of Quebec, Canada
Your County Antrim and Belfast genealogy…book has shipped

2)  Mary Carroll of Anchorage, Alaska. Your Kerry book,
birth index, and Irish Families book, have shipped.

3) Harold T. Duffy of Crestwood, Il.
Your County Meath genealogy book shipped.

4) Intelegistics of Corinth, Texas your Cork genealogy
book has shipped.

5) Mary Louise Mason of Stafforshire, England, welcome
as a new member ! O’Connors of Kerry; Mason and Pierse also.

6) Les Warren of Waikato, New Zealand, welcome as a new
member ! Lalor/Lawlor from County Kerry, but likely came
from Co. Laois.

7) Donald R. Frontel of Indialantic, Florida. Your Book of
Irish Families has shipped.

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Teresa Caldwell of Long Valley, NJ

I am searching for William Caldwell born 1815 Ireland married
Eliza ?  1837 ireland one daughter mary born 1838 ireland,
after Mary was born they left for Nova Scotia and then to Phila
which is where I have them documented, i am interested in
finding where this family is from in ireland

Possible Related Spellings of the Name
Coldwell, Calwell, Colavin, Cawldwell, Colwell

Varient Spelling Groups:
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name Caldwell
A well known name of foreign origins in Ireland, some native
Irish families have adopted the name as well.  Of foreign origins
the name may have come from Scotland or England.
Of the possible Irish origins of the name, ‘Horish’ and ‘Hourisky’
of Co. Tyrone have been changed to Caldwell on occasion, and
in Cavan, Coolavan and Cullivan have reportedly done so as well.

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)   The Irish Book of Arms gives Caldwell of New Grange,
Co. Meath, and this family was of original Scottish heritage,
and earlier settled in Dublin.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
This Doherty family may hold the worlds record….
The Free Master online index at shows:
Listings for the name Caldwell 56  times, here are a few examples:

1)   H. Caldwell in Co. Fermanagh & Louth Genealogy book
2)   R. Caldwell in Co. Kildare, Wicklow and Carlow genealogy book
3)   Caldwell in the Missouri Irish Book
4)   The ‘Caldwell Settlement’ in J3. (Journal of Amer-Irish Hist. Society)
5)   Caldwell in the Milesian Families of Ireland book.
6)   Caldwell in the 1659 Census
7)   Caldwell in ‘Surnames of Ireland’ with 200 family name map.

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
Remember to leave off the Mac or O when typing your name.

Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1) Caldwell Genealogy web page.
owned and operated by a Caldwell, of course !

2) Castle Caldwell Forest-Co.Fermanagh-N.Ireland

3)  Matchmaking in Ireland at Lisdoonvarna
Worlds Biggest Matchmaking Festival
Irelands only official matchmaker

4) Helen Kelly, Irish Genealogist  (TourismIreland)

see also our Irish Video Shorts at:

Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  The Irish and Argentina Connection.
His uncle said there were more Ganleys in Argentina than Ireland !
Most of the Irish in Argentina come from Co. Longford and Westmeath area.

2)  Top 10 Irish outlaws and Gangsters – and photos !
Let’s start with Billy the Kid who was born William McCarty–99928049.html?utm_source=twitter

3)  A Guide Book to Irish Music Festivals.
Ireland, Scotland, UK, North America.  40 pages.,9534

4)  Ordnance Survey Maps, Ireland and Northern Ireland

5) Irish boy first outsider to make Chinese storyteller finals.
Tiernan Murphy did it with his rendition of Little Red Riding Hood in the
Mandarin language.  Does this suprise anyone!

6)  Super Mom pregnant for 25 years ! “I never complained”
19 children for this family and Mary Frances Doherty of Donegal.
37 grandchildren and one great grandchild now on record.

…….So end the notes from the Irish Hedge Row today.
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