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163. Irish Family History and Genealogy
with curious news and notes from Ireland.
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Among Todays Topics at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1)   Family of the Day: Bellew
2)   Irish County of the Month: Meath
3)   Searching For: Angland, O’Connell, Burke
4)   Curious News:  Whales and Salmon abound
5)   Web Page of the Month:  5,000 monthly leaving Ireland
6)   Video of the month: Guide to Co. Meath
7)   One minute podcast:  Wolfetone and Napper Tandy

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This Weeks Audio Timeline

Todays Topics:                    1:00
Notes from Mike:                 2:00
One Minute Podcast:           4:00
Book of the Month:              6:30
The Magnificent Seven:        9:30
Irish Name of the Day:       11:30
Sources:                            15:30
Websites of the Week:        16:30
Curious News and Notes:   18:30

Total Time: 25:50
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Notes This Week:
What’s happening today at the Irish Roots Cafe

1) Our book on Irish Songs, Singers and Sheet Music;
From Old Irish Airs to Tin Pan Alley v.1
is scheduled to arrive on Friday, so we are looking forward
to that !

2)  I am working on the DNA and genealogy book, which
is really very interesting…. The DNA page I am putting together
is at:

3)  We are almost ready for the Dublin Irish Festival and
Academy classes in Genealogy.  Come on along on Friday.
My academy class on Genealogy includes admission to the
Festival that evening.  Lots of other classes too :

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Hedge Row History Podcast #21. Wolfetone, Tandy, Rising,

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We publish more Irish genealogy books than anyone in the world !

Book of the Month:

1) County Meath & Westmeath Ireland, genealogy & Family History

From the above book:
The Irish Families Project for Meath & Westmeath The Master
book to the 29 volume Irish Families series is ‘The Book of Irish
Families, great & small’. That book gives hundreds of family histories
from County Meath & Westmeath, and the surrounding areas.
” County Meath & Westmeath Genealogy and Family History Notes”,
volume 21 in the series, expands upon that coverage with added
families and new resources just for Meath & Westmeath. (In this
way both books can work together as a set if desired, or they may
be used independently for research.)

The most numerous families in Meath in the 19th century were:


and from my library:

2)  “The Bellews of Mount Bellew”, a Catholic Family in 18th century
Ireland. A hardbound book, with genealogy chart and notes.
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Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1)  Welcome new member Brenda Stamp of N. Island, New Zealand
I am researching the Angland’s from Boherbue, Cork and the O’Connell’s
Co Kerry.  Would love to find information on Michael Barry Angland possibly
born 1826 and his two wives Honoria Lean/Lane/Leane and Julia Greaney…

2) Australian institute of genealogical studies. Your books shipped!

3) Mary Moffett of Bozeman, MT, welcome as a new member !
searching for Burke, Hager. My grandfather, James Paul Burke, was
born May 28, 1887 in Kansas City MO. Little is known of him. He moved
to Seattle early 1900’s, he was a musician (drums). He married my
grandmother Ruth Hager year unknown. They had three children (born
1912 – 1916). He left them when my father was only 3 so nothing else is
known. I believe he was born to Irish immigrants but would like to find
more on this part of my family.

4) Laura Blackburn of Boone, IA, birth index/ 1659 census shipped.

5) J. L. McLaughlin, of Joppa, MD, your Irish Book of Arms and
Kings and Queens county genealogy book has shipped !

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Bellew, Bellowe, Bellow

Todays family history in honor of member:
Matthew Bellew
Looking for Bellew’s and in particular of County Meath.

Related Spellings of the Name
Bellue, Bailey, Belew, Belue, Ballou, Belyeu, Bellowe

Varient Spelling Groups:   #82
From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History of the Name

According to “Keatings History” the name is given as among
the “great families, either of English or Norman descent, settled
in Meath in early times.  The Bellews achieved the title of barons
of Duleek, Co. Louth………
Note also: Belew Cemetery, Lauderdale County, AL.

copyright 2010, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms From the Irish Book of Arms
A Brief search in that work shows:

1)    Two Bellew families are found in the Irish Book of Arms,
dating from 1722 and 1768.  Seated in Bellewstown and found
in Dublin in the 15th century according to that work.  Both appear
to be similar arms, and the later has a motto displayed below the
the crest itself.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Oldest known version of Sweet Mollie Malone
The Free Master online index at shows:
Listings for the Bellew name 41 times, here are a few examples:

1)  in the 1659 census of Ireland
2)  in the 1890 birth index
3)  Irish Genealogies, v. 3 of Keatings History
4)  King James Irish Army List
5)  Tribes and Customs of Hy Many
6)   The Families of Co. Cork Ireland as Bellew and Bellowe
7)   The Families of County Dublin, Ireland.

You can use this free index to search for your family name:
Remember to leave off the Mac or O when typing your name.

Around the World, in Irish Ways.
The Web Page and Video of the Month.

1)   Frosty, Mount Bellew, Ireland. Our stay in Co. Galway. (Video)

2)   Golden Bellew Family anniversary.  (Video)

3)  3 minute guide to Co. Meath, Ireland attrractions. (Video)

4) Bellew Family Genealogy Forum

see also our Irish Video Shorts at:

Curious News and Notes, From Ireland today

1)  Worlds Top Wolf whistler crowned in Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh

2)  Well, it seems companies are wanting to help determine who is
entitled to purchase a certificate of Irish Heritage,  I am sure aimed at
the Irish not in Ireland, but why not sell a true Irishman a certificate !
Because it is a commercial endeavor, and not for me…

3)  Some 2000 Salmon were caught just a week or so ago.  That’s always
what they say before I get there !  Then its, Oh, you should of been here
last week !

4)  BBC reports 5,000 per month leaving Ireland

5)   A Rare Humpback Whale makes first appearance of such since
the beginning of time, or well, since the beginning of verified records,
whatever that might be…. it was at Rathlin Island.–visit-to-northern-irelands-rathlin-island-14882926.html

6)   The earliest version of Sweet Molly Malone has turned up from
1790 or so. One of many knnown versions, in this one, she is indeed
a tart with a cart, but not in  those words……  it turned up in Wales….

…….So end the notes from the Irish Hedge Row today.
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