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Two Thousand Years of Irish History
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Today:  The Cromwellian Era in 17th century Ireland.

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Random notes from Mike on todays show

Oct. 1641: Rebellion in Ulster.
Military operation by O’Neill; Maguire; O’Reilly;
McMahon; O’Moore. English exaggerated the
‘bloody massacre’.

Owen Roe O’Neill sent food and supplies
in ‘42 he arrived on the scene. War lasted 10 years
Became a battle of the King Charles I vs. Parliament

March: Act for Adventurers,
promising 2 1/2 million acres for Protestant investors
Would become major reason for needing to take Irish
land after war.

Old English members of Parliament urged King Charles I
to end war by reforms, not by battle, and give control to
Ormond (Butler).

By beginning of 1642 rebellion spread throughout Ireland.
Lord Gormans town led old English of Pale to unite with
Ulstermen at the seige of Drogheda.
(July) Owen Roe O’Neill arrives.
Scottish army arrives to protect Scottish settlers in Ulster
vs. O’Neill.
Archbishop O’Reilly at Synod in Kells, proposed joint
laymen and clergy council for government in this
‘Just’ war.

(May) National congregation met in Kilkenny, joined with
nobles, lawyers, merchants. Set up provisional government
(to be the Confederation)

(Oct.) General Assembly met for first time at Kilkenny, old
English and Irish.
“The Confederate Catholics of Ireland”
Papal representatives turned the main purpose away from
land restoration to religion.
King against Parliament and for the Irish
King Charles said he would deal directly with the
Confederacy, so Charles would be leading the battle
against his own parliament army.
Amidst claims in Parliament between Irish and
Protestant, King favors Catholic Papal representative
tied himself strictly to alliance with O’Neill.

Surrender of King Charles to the Scots, and they gave
him to Parliament in 1646. Settled nothing in Ireland.
Confederate victory for Ireland in N. and NW Ireland,
with great victory for O’Neill at Benburb.

O’Neill marches to Kilkenny with army and papal
nuncio they deposed and imprisoned the supreme
council, who had ratified the Ormond Peace Treaty.
Changes of Heart in many of these parties. Confusion
among Irish confederates
Penal Laws – 2 phases  – summary of penal laws to 1700
1) Elizabethan Church Settlement & Penal Code
1692 – 1697 (Parliament)

2) 1560 Acts were to support State Religion
(supremacy oath) vs. Presbyterians
Had to go to Church on Sundays / Bishops not elected.
9 years war cost 1million pound a year.
Kerry had 540 Catholic Landowners in 1641 almost
none in 1697.
Wexford had 157, then none. But resulted in one system
of law. local government,
A century of ‘public order’ to follow in the 1700’s
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