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Todays Note:

1) Sean Nós Group forming
Sean Nós ‘Old Style’ Irish Song Group and web page.
Dedicated to the Sean Nós style of song and dance. This
is the ‘Old Style’ of generations past. We’ll post some
samples on the web pages. Originally done in the Irish
language, and solo, there have been some adaptations
made as time has passed… Some English language OK
Find Out More
We are looking for a few good people who want to learn
some of the ‘Sean Nós’ style songs. We are beginners and
will meet regularly.  Feel free to join up on the fan page
on Facebook if you are just curious !

Here is the web page going up atós_Song/Sean_Nós_Song.html

Join up on our Sean Nós fan page on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=117709528260564

2) The Irish Song and Recitation Festival now auditioning
for this years entries.  Just drop me a line if you are
interesting in appearing and recording your song
for broadcast !  ( all for fun and all for free ! ).

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