Battle of Kinsale, Flight of the Earls, Ulster Plantation

Irish Hedge Row History. Session #15
Two Thousand Years of Irish History
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The Turbulent 17th Century opens in Ireland

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1540- by this time most religious houses of the Pale, in lands of Ormond,
and in southern cities, were suppressed & being surveyed as Royal Propery.

Queen Mary settles confiscated lands in Laois and Offaly, for 1st time ever.

1567 – Shane O’Neill defeated by O’Donnell, not the Government.

1595- Spanish Armada wrecks on NW coast.  O’Neill of Tyrone treated
them kindly, so the English were suspicious.  O’Neill had taken surrender
and regrant, giving up his Irish title for an English one.

1595-1602: Nine Years War (Some say six, some say 8, some  say 9 !)
All English servitors in Ireland, civilian and soldiers fought the 7 years war
vs. O’Neill, with the understanding that his lands would be divided among
them… but, James the 1st restored them.

1607- Flight of the Earls, O’Donnell and O’Neill. The first O’Donnell died in Spain.
1610-Protestant Settlers arriving.
1630- Increased activity by Irish exiles in Europe, seeking return of lands and

The Two Hughs and the Flight of the Earls
Hugh O’Neill (1550-1616) Earl of Tyrone, sometimes ‘The O’Neill’, could
speak Irish and English quite well. ‘Tyrone’s Rebellion’ ( Nine Years War)
was long and skillful.  His key to success was fighting guerrilla style, not in
pitched battle on the open plain.. His father was assasignated and he was
raised by English either in Dublin or England itself……….

In the fall of 1601 Spanish army landed at Kinsale, bringing
men and supplies, prepared for a siege of the town which they would
stay in.
Inside 7 days the English forces arrived outside the walls, they would
have 7000 men. The Spanish had 3500 men on hand. They fired at each
other daily through the first month of winter, and the English might have
left but they were reinforced by 4,000 men and the Earl of Thomand
(Brian Borus old stronghold ‘Clare’.
When word came, O’Donnell left Sligo before O’Neill left, and looted English
allies on the way.

The Plantation of Ireland
Major Irish Families
Of the main families the records show that the Maguires (or McGuires)
who occupied Fermanagh; The O’Hanlons who occupied ONealan and
Orior; The Macanas or the McCanns of Clann Breasail (Clanbrazill);
and the MacMahons of Monaghan; the ORiellys, the O’Cahans and
others, had a long and distinguished history. How had several
families in the area ‘disappeared’ by the 19th century ?

Records of Landowners

Pynnars Survey was to provide a report on each owner of land and
its status in Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh;
……  It was originally compiled as a result of the 17th century
plantation of Ireland (1609+).  Pynnar gives us the name and condition of Undertakers, servitors, and principal natives on these Ulster lands.

( Found in the ‘Conquest of Ireland’ by Hill, which
contains Pynnars Survey ).

Londonderry Lands and Families,
Formation of the Londoners coming to settle in Ireland. The
settlement included the lands of:
Loughinsholin, which had previously belonged to
Tyrone; the old county of Coleraine which had belonged to OCahane;
a small portion of the county of Donegal, including the island on
which the city of Derry stood; and a small portion of County Antrim
adjoining Coleraine. These were handed over to twelve London
companies for plantation … and united to form the the present
county of Londonderry (Derry).

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