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Irish Family History and Genealogy Shownotes. episode 135
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Among Todays Topics:

1)    McKelvey is the Irish Family of the Day
2)    The tragedy of Skibbereen, records and famine pits
3)    New Yorks Top Ten Irish Places in pics
4)    Irish Convicts to New South Wales
5)    Golf club wins the right to be ‘mens only’
6)    40 days and 40 nights ?
7)    Families that fought alongside Brian Boru, High King

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:                 1:05
Notes from Mike:                    1:57
Podcast /Book of the Month:  6:00
Irish Name of the Day:          12:54
Websites of the Week:           16:35
Curious News and Notes:      20:13

Total Time:  25:02
Notes This Week:

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Book and Podcast of the Month:

1) Audio Excerpt from upcoming Hedge School podcast on
High King Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf.
Who were some of the families supporting our last ‘high king’…
(so to speak)…. ( listen to podcast excerpt )

The Battle of Clontarf
The Eugenians including the Donahues ancestor was there,
The battle was between the Province of Leinster and the Viking
Sitric who held Dubliin against Brian and his supporters.
They also say Gormflaith, a notorious Irish woman, was an
instigator of the battle itself.

Brian marches on Dublin as his son attacks elsewhere.  The
battle is on Good Friday.  Vikings came in from their many
island strongholds to ally themselves with Sitric.

We cover the details of the battle and the folklore of this era,
including the families that fought beside him.

Some of The Families at Clontarf with Brian
Per the Annals of the Four Masters and Keatings History:
O’Mahoney, O’Donoghue, Lyons, Moriarity, Donovans, Phelan,
MacNamara, Brehons, Kennedy, Hogan, Lonergan, Moroney,
Boland…. and more…

Listen to our Hedge School History sessions podcasts for more
like the above, click here:

2) Our Book of the Month is ‘The Scottish Macs’, which was an
early modern style work on names that originally began with
Mac or Mc, found in Scotland and Ireland.  Found in the link

Mac, Mc, M’, Mak, and O  !!!
Many, but not all of the Mac and Mc Names from this book are
listed in alphabetical order at the end of this blog. You’ll even
find Mac changed in a few names to ‘Mak’ as in Makcall for
MacCall, etc…

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Coming Up:
Photos of the top ten Irish places in New York, including
some very historical places you have heard of….

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Anita McKelvey of Canada
looking for James McKelvey b.1779

Related Spellings of the Name
McKelvy, MacKelvey, Kelvie, McCalvey, McCelvey
McElvee, McElvie, M’Gilvie, Kilvey, McElwee, McElboy

Varient Spelling Groups:   1398
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
A family traditionally of the North of Ireland, in the old Province
of Ulster. The family may be of Scots or of Irish origins when found
in Ireland, but most are assumed to be Irish. It is most common in Counties Donegal, Derry and Tyrone in our records.

Spellings such as MacIleboy can be found in the census of 1659 in
County Down, and the variant spelling of MacEvoy can be found
used in that county as well. The many different spellings of this
name may account in part for the relatively low numbers of any
single varient of the McKelvey name

Note the inclusion of this family in the book ‘The Scottish Macs’ by Johnston, this weeks book pic.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)  Not given in the Irish Book of Arms.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
The story of the famine and Skibbereen and survivors on film

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name 12 times
including the following examples :

1)   M’Kelvie in ‘The Scottish Macs’
2)   McKelvy in Families of County Donegal
3)   William and John McKelvey in J27
4)   McKelvey in Co. Derry genealogy & family history notes
5)   McKelvey in the Birth index of Ireland
6)   McKelvey in The Families of County Donegal
7)   MacKelvey in Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe

Websites of the Week:

1) New Yorks Top 10 Historical Sites, including Tammany Hall,
St. Patricks Cathedral and The Five Points.

2)   Surprising facts about Ireland…..It once rainded 40 days straight..
It is now illegal to be drunk in Ireland, An Irish man founded the
Argentinian Navy, Only two members of U2 are Irish born…etc..

3)  Irish Convicts to New South Wales 1788 – 1837
Hat tip to Gould Genealogy on Twitter

4) Skibbereen disaster, Irish Famine Commemoration.
from 6,500 people, less than 1/2 of population survived.
Some died, some left in coffin ships to America, Canada, Australia, England. Also some prison in prison ships…some only spoke Irish.
All records were kept in the local work house, include birth, death,
but they were burnt during a period of troubles…
Many were buried where they lay, some buried with only sawdust
over them, one young boy did not wake until the shovel broke his legs,
there were no coffins, very few spoke of the time in later days….

Curious News and Notes

1)  It seems certain words are dying out in the North of Ireland,
and even phrases like ‘wetting the tea’ are dying out.  Shipyard
terms and words from the linen industry once popular have
fallen into disuse.  Collins dictionaries has carried out a survey
to explore which words are now gone…

2)  Ballykinler, Co. Down, Northern Ireland is home base
for many returning from the war in Afghanistan.  One groups
six month tour of duty saw the loss of 13 lives and 80 injured.
500 or so recently were awarded medals there.

3)  It seems that Cork city has been named one of the top
ten tourist cities in the world by the Lonely Planet folks. Seems
they liked the food, sophistication and ‘youthful’ buzz.  It was the
only Irish city to make the list…

4)  Portmarnock has won a supreme court case, keeping the right
to have a mens only golf club, by a vote of 3 to 2.

5)   Irelands first PhD in Food History has been awarded to
professional chef Mairtin Mac Con Iomaire. He won that honour
with a thesis on the history of Dublin restaurants.

6)  70,000 people recently took to the streets in Dublin protesting
that the wealthy should pay their fare share to avoid all the budget
cuts of late by the government.  Organized by the Irish Congress of
Trade Unions, events were also held in Cork, Galway, Limerick,
Waterford, Sligo, Tullamore and Dundalk.

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Here are the Family surnames given in the book entitled:
‘The Scottish Macs’ and Mc’s, more fully described in the
link here:

M’    Adam
Mak    adame
M’    Adie
M’    Affern
M’    Ainsh
Mac    Airdeil
M’    Aleese
M’    Alester
Mak    alester
M’    Allan
Mak    allane
M’    Allay
M’    Allestar
M’    Allister
M’    Alpine
mak    alpyn
Mac    an aba
Mac    an baird
Mac    an chleirich
Mac    an duibh
M’    Andie
M’    Andlaesland
M’    Andrew
M’    Andy
Mc    Ane
Mac    anecol
Mac    Angus
M’    Anroy
Mac    anRuaidh
M’    Ansh
Mac    Aoidh
M’    Ara
Mac    ara
Mac    ardle
M’    Arly
Mak    artane
Mac    arter
M’    Arthur
Mak    askel
M’    Askill
Mak    asky
Mac    aulay
Mac    aulay
M’    Auslan
M’    Ausland
Mak    austelan
Mac    austelans
M’    Avoy
Mac    ay
M’    Bain
M’    Bain
Mac    bain
M’    Bay
M’    Bean
Mac    beathadh
Mac    beth
Mac    Beth
M’    Bey
M’    Bey
M’    Birny
M’    Blain
M’    Blain
M’    Blayne
Book of Deer
Book of Scone
M’    Brair
Mac    brair
Mak    braire
Mac    brathair
M’    Brayne
M’    Bride
M’    Bryde
M’    Burney
M;    Burney
M’    Burnie
Mac    Caba
M’    Cabe
Mac    cabeus
M’    Cade
Mac    Caib
M’    Caig
M’    Caig
M’    Caig
Mak    caill
O    Caim
M’    Call
Mak    call
M’    Callar
M’    Callone
M’    Callum
Mac    Callum
M’    Calman
M’    Calmont
mac    Caluim
Mac    Camh
Mac    Cana
M’    Candless
M’    Candlish
M’    Candy
M’    Cane
M’    Cann
M’    Cardie
Mak    carkan
M’    Carquhar
Mac    Cartain
M’    Cartein
M’    Carter
M’    Cartney
Mac    Cathalan
M’    Caul
M’    Cause
M’    Cawis
Mac    Cerbhaill
M’    Cheyne
M’    Chlery
Mac    Cinaith
Mac    Cinetha
M’    clachlan
M’    Claggan
Mac    Claggon
M’    Clane
M’    Clatchie
M’    Clave
M’    Clearan
M’    Cleid
M’    Clement
M’    Clery
Mak    clery
M’    Clintock
M’    Clour
M’    Cloyd
M’    Cluire
M’    Clure
M’    Clurg
M’    Clymont
M’    Clymont
M’    Coage
M’    Coard
M’    Coard
M’    Codrum
M’    Coig
M’    Coill
Mac    Coisse
Mac    Coisten
M’    Colemane
M’    Coll
Mac    Coll
Mac    Colla
Mac    Comaidh
M’    Combie
M’    Comes
M’    Condach
M’    Condoquhie
M’    Conleif
M’    Connachie
M’    Connachie
M’    Connell
O    Connell
Mac    Connuil
Mac    Connyll
Mak    conochy
M’    Cook
Mac    Cool
Mac    Coolechan
Mc    Corcadill
M’    Corkindale
M’    Cormack
Mac    Cormaic
M’    Corquodale
M’    Corquodale
M’    Cosche
M’    Cosh
M’    Cosh
M’    Cosh
M’    Cosh
M’    Coss
M’    Coull
M’    Coull
M’    Coune
M’    Court
M’    Cowan
M’    Cra
M’    Cracken
M’    Crath
Mac    Crath
M’    Cready
M’    Cready
M’    Creath
M’    Creddan
M’    Creery
Mak    crekane
M’    Crie
M’    Crimmon
M’    Crindle
M’    Cririck
M’    Cririe
Mac    crocadill
M’    Crossan
M’    Crouder
M’    Cruer
M’    Cruer
M’    Cuaig
M’    Cuard
M’    Cubbe
M’    Cubbin
M’    Cubbine
M’    Cubin
M’    Cudden
M’    Cue
M’    Cue
M’    Cuffok
Mac    Cuffok
M’    Cuinn
Mac    Cuinn
Mac    Cuinn
M’    Cuir
M’    Cuish
M’    Cullagh
M’    Culloch
M’    Cunn
M’    Cure
M’    Currach
M’    Currach
M’    Curry
M’    Cutcheon
Mak    cuyk
M’    Dade
Mac    Daidh
M’    David
Mac    Dawy
M’    Dermite
M’    Dermott
M’    Dermott
Mac    Dhonnache
M’    Diarmid
M’    Diarmid
Mac    Diarmita
M’    Dicken
M’    Dickson
M’    Donald
M’    Donchie
Mac    Donlevy
M’    Donnell
O    Donnell
M’    Dougal
M’    Dougal(l)
M’    Dowale
M’    Dowall
M’    Dowall
Mac    dowyl
Mac    duff
Mac    Duff
Mac    duffie
Mac    Duffie
Mac    Eachan
M’    Eachern
M’    Eachran
M’    Effrey
M’    Elfrish
M’    Elfrish
M’    Elhinney
M’    Elhinney
Mac    elroy
Mac    eoun
Mac    Eregher
Mac    Erewar
Mac    Ergere
Mac    Ethe
M’    Euen
M’    Eur
M’    Euri
M’    Evoy
M’    Ewan
Mac    ewyr
Mac    fadyan
Mac    fait
M’    Farquhar
M’    Farquhar
M’    Farquhar
M’    Fie
M’    Figans
M’    Figgins
M’    Fingone
M’    Fuktur
Mac    Gachen
Mac    Gaffraidh
Mac    gaill
Mac    Galle
M’    Garbh
mac    Garnait
M’    Garrity
M’    Garrol
M’    Garvie
M’    Garwe
Mac    Gavan
M’    Gavin
M’    Gaw
M’    Gawly
M’    Gawn
Mac    Gawn
Mac    ge
M’    Geach
M’    Geachan
M’    Geachan
M’    Geachen
M’    Geachie
M’    Geachie
M’    Gee
M’    Geoch
Mac    geohegan
M’    George
M’    George
M’    George
M’    George
Mac    Gethe
M’    ghe
M’    Ghie
M’    Ghie
mac    ghill Bhrid
Mac    ghill Breis
M’    Gibbon
M’    Gibbon
M’    Gibboun
M’    Gilchrist
Mc    Gilchrist
Mac    Gilderoy
M’    Gill
Mac    Gilla Brighde
Mac    gilla duibh
Mac    gilla ruaidh
M’    Gilleglasch
M’    Gilleoin
M’    Gillequhame
M’    Gillereache
M’    Gilleueras
M’    Gillewey
M’    Gillewie
M’    Gillivray
M’    Gillivray
M’    Gillolane
M’    Gillop
M’    Gillvaray
M’    Gillvray
M’    Gilp
M’    Gilp
M’    Gilvar
M’    Gilvra
M’    Ginity
M’    Ginlay
M’    Ginley
M’    Ginty
mac    giolla choise
Mac    Glagane
M’    Glashan
M’    Glasson
M’    Gleis
M’    Gonnagal
M’    Gonnigal
M’    Gootray
M’    Gougans
Mac    goulchene
M’    Gowan
M’    Gowan
M’    Gowan
M’    Gowan
M’    Gowne
M’    Grail
M’    Grath
M’    Greghere
M’    Gregor
M’    Grewer
M’    Grory
M’    Grouther
M’    Gruer
M’    Gruer
M’    Gruer
M’    Gruther
M’    Guffie
M’    Guffog
M’    guffok
Mac    guiestoun
M’    Guigan
M’    Guinness
M’    Guire
M’    Haffie
Mac    Haitseain
M’    Hardy
M’    Harry
M’    Hattie
M’    Heirtour
M’    Hendry
Mac    Hercar
Mac    Hercar
Mac    Heth
M’    Houll
M’    Houstone
M’    Huat
M’    Hugh
M’    Hugh
M’    Hustan
M’    Hutchison
M’    Ilchois
M’    Ilchrist
M’    Ilduff
Mac    ilean
M’    Ilhenny
M’    Ilhose
M’    Illaney
M’    Illdowie
M’    Illeriach
M’    Illrick
Mak    ilmon
M’    Ilquham
M’    ilquham
Mac    ilquham
Mac    ilquwham
M’    Ilroy
Mac    ilroy
Mac    ilroy
M’    Ilvaine
M’    Ilvaney
M’    Ilvaney
M’    Ilveen
M’    Ilvenna
M’    ilveyane
M’    Ilvride
M’    Ilwraith
M’    Ilwraith
M’    Ilwrayth
M’    Ilwrick
Mac    in ghabhann
Mac    in maighstir
Mac    In uir
M’    Indeor
M’    Indeor
M’    Indoe
M’    Indowie
M’    Indoy
M’    Inkair
M’    Innes
Mac    inroy
M’    intaggart
M’    Intee
M’    Intosh
M’    Intoshes
M’    Intyre
M’    Intyre
M’    Inulty
M’    Inulty
Mac    inulty
M’    Isaac
M’    Ish
M’    Iver
M’    Iver
M’    Ivor
M’    Ivor
M’    Jarrow
M’    Jerrow
M’    Joch
Mac    jor
Mac    jore
M’    Kail
M’    Kail
Mak    Kalay
M’    Kale
Mac    Kan
Mac    kanaduy
Mac    kane
Mc    Kartan
Mac    Kay
Mac    kay
Mac    Kay
Mac    kay
mac    Kay
M’    Ke
M’    Kean
M’    Keand
M’    Kearney
M’    Keath
M’    Keath
Mac    kechan
M’    Kechane
M’    Kechnie
M’    Kechnie
Mac    Kelar
Mac    kelhaffy
M’    Kell
M’    Kellar
Mac    Kellar
Mac    Keller
M’    Kelvie
M’    Kendrick
M’    Kendrick
M’    Kene
Mac    kenedy
M’    Kenna
M’    Kenna
M’    Kenna
Mac    Kenna
Mac    kennedy
M’    Kenrick
M’    Kenze
M’    Kenzie
M’    Kenzie
M’    Kenzie
Mac    kenzie
M’    Keoun
M’    Kercher
M’    Kerell
M’    Kerlie
M’    Kerlies
M’    Kerracher
M’    Kerrell
M’    Kerrell
M’    Kerrow
Mac    kersie
M’    Kesek
M’    Kessick
M’    Kessock
Mac    Kessog
M’    Kettrick
M’    Key
M’    Kichan
M’    Kichan
M’    Kichen
M’    Kichen
M’    Kie
Mac    Kie
Mac    Kie
M’    Killiam
M’    Killican
M’    Killigen
M’    Killop
M’    Killop
M’    Killop
Mac    kilney
M’    Kimmie
M’    Kinlay
M’    Kinlay
M’    Kinnell
M’    Kinnie
M’    Kinnie
M’    Kinnie
M’    Kinnon
Mac    kinnon
M’    Kinnons
M’    Kinriche
Mc    Kintosch
M’    Kirdy
M’    Kirdy
Mac    kirrow
M’    Kissock
M’    Kissock
M’    Kittric
M’    Kittrick
M’    Knaire
M’    Knedar
M’    Kneight
M’    Kneis
M’    Knelie
Mac    Knight
Mac    kulloch
M’    Kune
Mac    kurerdy
Mac    kwilliam
M’    Lachlan
M’    Lachlan
Mac    Lachlan
M’    Lae
Mac    Lagan
Mac    Laghlan
Mac    Laomuinn
M’    Lar
M’    Lardy
M’    Laren
M’    Laren
M’    Larty
M’    Latchie
M’    Lauchlan
Mac    Lauchlan
M’    Laurin
M’    Lay
M’    Lean
M’    Learan
Macq    Learnan
M’    Leay
Mac    lehose
Mac    lehose
Mac    lehose
M’    Leish
M’    Leish
M’    Lellan
M’    Lellan
M’    Lelland
M’    Lellane
M’    Lennan
M’    Lennan
M’    Leod
M’    Leod
M’    Lern
M’    Letchie
M’    Letchie
M’    Lintock
M’    Lintock
Mac    lise
M’    Liss
Mac    Lochlainn
M’    Lollan
Mac    loyde
M’    Luckie
Mac    Lulach
M’    Lullich
M’    Lundie
M’    Lurg
M’    Lurg
Mac    Lurg
M’    Luskie
Mac    Maghnusa
M’    Mahon
M’    Maister
Make Gile Reue
Make Rori
M’    Malene
M’    Manns
M’    Manus
M’    Manus
M’    Manus
Mac    maolain
M’    Martene
M’    Martin
M’    Master
M’    Math
Mac    Mathanan
M’    Maycan
M’    Maykin
M’    Meekin
M’    Mery
M’    Michael
M’    Michan
M’    Michell
M’    Micking
M’    Millan
Mac    mitchel
Mac    Moghron
Mac    Molan
M’    Morland
M’    Morran
M’    Morran
M’    Morthy
Mc    Moryn
Mac    Moutrie
Mac    murchada
M’    Murchie
M’    Murchie
Mac    Murchy
M’    Murdo
M’    Murdoch
Mac    Murdy
M’    Murray
M’    Murrie
M’    Murtrie
M’    Murtrie
M’    Mutrie
M’    Myllen
Mac    n ri
M’    Nab
Mac    nab
Mac    nab
M’    Nachane
Mac    nair
Mac    Nairs
M’    Naois
Mac    nara
M’    Naught
M’    Naught
M’    Naught
Mac    Naughtan
M’    Naughton
M’    Naughton
M’    Naughtons
M’    nawych
M’    Nay
M’    Nayre
M’    Neachton
M’    Nee
M’    Neil
M’    Neil
M’    Neilage
M’    Neill
M’    Neills
M’    Neish
M’    Nicol
M’    Nidder
M’    Nie
M’    Nish
M’    Niven
Norse names
M’    Nulty
M’    Nuyer
M’    Omish
M’    Onie
M’    Oscar
M’    Ouatt
M’    Ouatt
M’    Ouatt
M’    Oustra
Mac    padene
M’    Partane
Mac    Phail
Mac    phail
M’    Phater
M’    Phee
M’    Pherson
Mac    pherson
Mac    phersons
M’    Phie
Mac    Philip
Mac    Phoil
M’    Quade
M’    Quaker
M’    Quarrie
M’    Quarrie
Mac    quarter
M’    Quattie
M’    Quatty
M’    Queen
M’    Queen
M’    Queine
M’    Quhan
M’    Quhinze
M’    Quibban
M’    Quibben
M’    Quine
M’    Quire
M’    Quiritei
M’    Quisten
M’    Quoid
Mac    Quyn
M’    Qwin
M’    Raa
M’    Rae
Mac    Raghnaill
Mac    raith
Mac    rath
Mac    Ratha
M’    Ready
M’    Reath
Mac    redie
M’    Reith
M’    Reith
Mak    rerik
M’    Richard
M’    Rie
Mac    Righe
Mac    righe
M’    Ritchie
M’    Ritchie
M’    Robb
M’    Robbie
M’    Robbie
M’    Robert
M’    Roberts
Mac    Robin
M’    Robt
Mac    Roiberd
Mac    Roigh
M’    Rone
M’    Rorie
M’    Rory
M’    Rostie
Mac    Ruaidhri
M’    Ruer
M’    Rury
M’    Shane
M’    Skimming
M’    Sloy
M’    Sorley
M’    Sorley
Mac    Souhyn
M’    Sparran
M’    Sporran
M’    Spurn
M’    Swade
M’    Swan
M’    Sween
M’    Sweeny
M’    Sweyn
M’    Tagart
M’    Taggart
Mac    Taidhg
M’    Target
M’    Tavish
Mac    Teague
M’    Tear
Mac    Thomais
M’    Tier
Mac    Torfin
Mac    Toschy
Mac    Tuirc
M’    Turk
M’    tyr
Mac    Uilliam
Mac    ulaghe
Ulster annals
M’    Ure
M’    Ure
M’    Vail
M’    Vanish
Mc    Vanish
M’    Varish
M’    Vean
M’    Vean
M’    Veigh
M’    Vey
M’    Vicar
M’    Vie
M’    Vinish
M’    Vitie
M’    Vittie
M’    Vurich
M’    Vurrich
M’    Walker
M’    Walker
M’    Walter
M’    Ward
M’    Ward
M’    Watt
M’    Watt
M’    Watt
M’    Wattie
M’    Wattie
Mac    Wattin
M’    Whannell
M’    Wharrie
M’    Wharrie
M’    Whinnie
M’    Whir
M’    Whirter
M’    Whunye
M’    William
M’    William
M’    Willie
Mac    wrerdy
Mac    yacky
M’    Ylroye
M’    Ylwrd
Mac    ymar
M’    Zewnie …… and so on see the book page for full listing

About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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