O’Guin, Viking Wall, Miss Ireland, Swine Flu, Australia

Irish Genealogy and Family History Shownotes. episode 132
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Among Todays Topics:

1)    O’Guin is the Irish Family of the Day
2)    Viking Wall on Display
3)    Miss Ireland Keeps her job and gets dissed !
4)    How much tax is right on a Pint in Ireland ?
5)    Swine Flu in N. Ireland, caught by whom ?
6)    Australia online and Irish Family Project too
7)    Look, no wigs on these dancers.

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Notes from Mike:
Book of the Month:
The Magnificent Seven:
Irish Name of the Day:
Websites of the Week:
Curious News and Notes:

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Notes This Week:

1) The Irish Family Project is now stocked in Australia
with Gould Genealogy.  That includes our Irish county books.
If you talk with them, tell them I said hello !

2) Peter Reilly Adams, a frequent guest and co -host now on the
Irish Hedge Row History session podcasts, has announced he
is taking two groups to Ireland this year.  I believe it is one
group in March and at least one other.  I’ll pass word on to
him if you are interested.

3)  It seems that Molly wants to go on tour next year with us
here.  We’ve been doing the Dublin Irish Festival for 11 years
now.  She says its time to do some more exhibits and
consultations.  If you’d like hire us for your Irish fest
or special event, let me know so we can get it on the schedule.
Peter is available for presentations as well. We’ve been doing
it for over 30 years now, so maybe its time we get back on
the road.  We have historical and genealogical presentations
and consultations available for crowds of any size.

4) I have recently gotten several inquiries about sponsoring our
podcasts and/or web page.  We haven’t
thought of that for awhile now, but it seems we are being
‘discovered’. So, yes, we are open to sponsors for our six
podcast series and our web page.  If we can keep the paper
work to a minimum…
That would give us time to do even more books, podcasts
and presentations !  Contact me now for 2010 possibilities.

5) We have the first sessions, (chapters) recorded for our first
season of Irish Hedge Row History.  These oral presentations
will span some 2,000 years of Irish history in about 100 sessions.
The first two ‘announcement’ episodes are on iTunes now. This
includes a brief introduction to Peter Reilly Adams and to Michael
O’Laughlin (that’s me). Peter and I met back the the 80’s while
attending Rockhurst University…. we began lecturing and
presenting Irish history topics at that time.
I will have the first topic on iTunes this week.
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Book of the Month:

A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland.

What this book is…
The original work by DeCourcy, The Genealogical History
of the Milesian Families of Ireland, stands as one of the few
works of its kind produced in the 19th century.   No other
work of the era brought forth more information in such a
concise and easily understood format (even when in error).
The massive works of O’Hart such as the Landed Gentry,
are of the same era, but do not allow the same overview.
The latter were bulky and expensive by comparison, and
some times in error as well!

One of the Early Modern Works
The classic 20th century work of the Rev. Patrick Woulfe,
Irish Names and Surnames appears some 40 years after
the appearance of Milesian Families.  The work of MacLysaght
came even decades later.  There is a great debt owed to the
earlier works upon which the modern works are based.
This book, Milesian Families, doubtlessly woke many an
Irishman to exploration of family history and legend, an
endeavor continued to this day. It also provides us with a
way to correct errors.

The Good and Bad of it
A groundbreaking work researched one-hundred and
twenty years ago will have need of review and updates.
The knowledge and use of the Irish language has changed.
The meanings and spelling groupings attributed to many
of the Irish names given here are incorrect in the light of
current knowledge and translation skills.  The spellings
used for the old Irish here, are notably different from
what you will read most often today.

Common Sense
Common sense needs to prevail as well.  If a name is
listed as arriving in 1620, that does not mean it arrived in
Ireland only in 1620.  Immigration has been a constant, and
families have arrived continuously from the time of Strongbow
to the present day. It likely means the author had a reason to
give 1620 as a date for at least one family of the name.

As with any work of this type, further documentation is
needed to prove any individual family history.  There are
possible leads here for you regarding origins and dates.
The more knowledgeable the reader, the more understandable
this book becomes.

Fact from Fiction
What can be said for the ancient legends and oldest
pedigrees stretching beyond our imagination ?  They are
laid down in this book in short order, and your judgment
is required.  The closer we come to the 19th century, the
more sure the facts will be. Make no mistake about it
however, this is a noteworthy and valuable work, if only to
double check our current theories.  (Note that many updates
to this work appear in our Irish Families series and our
County Genealogy series.)

I hope this work will bring you an expanded understanding
of your family heritage.

-Michael C. O’Laughlin

Here is the Table of Contents to this months book:
The Milesian Families of Ireland
Introduction to 2002 edition.
Chapter I –  Introduction – On Surnames.

Chapter II- Authorities for genealogies, Ancient Laws, etc. Pedigree
and adventures of Milesius and his followers, and Conquest of
Ireland by the Milesians. -Divisions of the conquered country,
and the death of Heber.

Chapter III- Regulations of the antient Milesians. -Antient names of
Ireland.- Heremon, 1st absolute Monarch of the whole island. –
The most noted Kings of Pagan Ireland.–Derghtine. descendants
of Heber.- Dairine, those of Ith.- Usurpation of Munster by the
Earnochs. – Usurpation ended by Modha Nuagadh. -Dal Fiatachs-
-Con Kead Caha.- Nial Noy Giollach. -Dathy.- Story of the
Norman Influx. -Names and descent of many Strongbowians.-
Plan of the Monument explained, and manner of consulting the
history.- Description of the powers, etc..of letters in the Irish
Alphabet. Maritime and Inland Counties in Ireland

Clans and Septs in Ireland
Clanna Rory 21, 22.    Hy Nial 23,24,25,62.   Hy Brune 26,27,28,62.
Kinel Daire Barrach 28.    Dal Cais 29, 30, 31.    Kianachta 31, 32.
Hy Fiachra 32, 33.    Eoganacht 33, 34, 35.    Hy Many  35, 36, 62.
Dairine or Coreolugadh (Race of Ith) 37.    Hy Fiacha 37, 38.
Dal Fiatachs 39.    Deisi 39.    Hy Tuirtre, Branch of Hy Many 39.
Kinel Dubthach or Clanna Fothart 38.
Hy Fogarta or Clanna Fogartaid, (Eoganacht) 40.    Clanna Failge 40.
Descendants of Cuchorp 41.    Clanna Conchorb 41.
Kinel Broasal Breac 41.

Mottoes of Irish Families
Some Titles of Families in Ireland of Norman Descent
A list of Irish Families, and the worthies whom name they adopted.

Names & Locations of Other Families in Ireland –
Explanation of Abbreviations
A few names of families omitted from the Tribe Tables.
Different Modes of Spelling Milesian Family Names
Legend of St. Patricks Hand
Index of Arms

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Coming Up:
Miss Ireland keeps her job and gets laughed at…

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :
1)  Helen Farina of El Paso, TX. Your County Clare and Co. Down
genealogy and family history notes has shipped.

2)  Sarag Aspel of Redondo Beach, CA.
Your Book of Irish Families, great & small has shipped

3)  Dennis Bonner of Levittown, PA.
Your Families of County Donegal Ireland has shipped

4)  Russell McDonough of Little Rock, Arkansas
Your County Sligo genealogy and family history book shipped

5)  Donna Donaldson of Chesire in the UK
Your Kings and Queens County Genealogy notes shipped.

6) Mark Walmsley of Bradenton, Florida
Your Families of County Cork Ireland, has shipped

7)  Welcome to new member Jane DeFrees, of Leavenworth, Kansas.

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Randy O’Guin of Alexandria, VA.

Possible Related Spellings of the Name
Guin, Guina, Guinan, Guinane, Guiney, McGuin, Guiny, O’Quin

Varient Spelling Groups: 773, 774, 1369, 2337, 715, 1400, 2677
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names) http://www.irishroots.com/id4918.htm

History of the Name
This name may have several different origins, but if we assume
the ‘O’ before the name is correct, the most numerous name of
O’Quin could be the original spelling group from which it sprang.
There are several areas where that name is common including
Tyrone, Clare and Roscommon. (see O’Quin history)
Looking at our records, we have the name of Guin in the Families
of County Cork, and several longer spellings of names that could
have been shortened to Guin. ( see examples below in the Master
Index Search).  One might consider the name of McGuinness, except
that it is not a name with the ‘O’ prefix before it.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)  There are arms for O’Quin, but none spelled as O’Guin.

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Look, No Wigs on these Dancers !

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at Irishroots.com finds the family name severak tunes
including the following examples :

1)  Guin in Families of County Cork, Ireland
2)  de Guines in Families of Co. Cork, Ireland
3)   Guinee in Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe
4)   Guiney Families of County Cork, Ireland
5)   O’Guinye in Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe
6)   O’Guinide in The Families of County Kerry, Ireland
7)   O’Guinddelane in Irish Names and Surnames

Websites of the Week:

1)   Look, no wigs ! – Now thats what I call Irish Dancing

2)   State Library of South Australia now on YouTube

3)  4,500 Pigs with Swine Flu found in Northern Ireland.
The lost of appetite was the first clue…

4) Family History Library adds records of Longford Ireland,
1851- 1921.  ( hat tip to @HudsonCtyGeneal on Twitter)

Curious News and Notes

1) Kevin Myers just wanted an old fashioned Irish pub lunch,
maybe home made soup and a sandwich with some coffee,
well it seems they don’t really do sandwiches anymore, and
you have to choose from 10 kinds of coffee and breads….
is this still Ireland he asks ?

2)  Well, have we hit a new low in budget cuts for schools in
Ireand ? Principal Catherine O’Neill said they had to reduce
spending due to government education grants, so they sent
home a note with students asking them to bring in their own
toilet paper to save money.  I wonder, would this be like the old custom in
hedge schools where students had to bring in a brick or two to
heat the school room in winter ?

3)  I’ve noted the Viking wall that appears in the shopping
Mall off the square in Galway city, now here is an article
on the Viking wall from the 12th century in Dublin, in the
civic offices on Wood Quay, which is now on display.

4)  A pint at a pub in Ireland now carries an excise tax nine times
higher than the average in the European Union.  Can anyone say
‘home brew’ ?

5)  Ireland is one of the top 20 most admired countries around
the world, China and the U.S. were big winners compared to last
year. and Here are some of the others:

6)   The new Miss Ireland is Laura Patterson, and a lot of fools
have made fun of her for having a job at ‘Tesco” a grocery store
in Northern Ireland.  She kept her job as a checkout girl after the
award.  Sounds quite sound to me…

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