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Among Todays Topics:

1)  Shannon is the Irish Family Name of the Day
2)  Ali and Paddy Monaghan
3)  Searching for Moloney, Henaghan, O’Donohue
4)  Irish History Broadcast in preparation
5)  100 watt light bulbs banned in Ireland
6)   Translate your page into Irish !
7)   Nova Scotia Records Online
8)   Fitz Names in Ireland

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:             1:15
Notes from Mike:                1:54
Fitz Names in Ireland:        5:48
The Magnificent Seven:     11:12
Irish Name of the Day:      15:29
Websites of the Week:       19:45
Curious News and Notes:  20:57

Total Time: 25:27
Notes This Week:

Audio Books in Progress
1)  We are finishing up the ‘Missouri Irish’ audio book this week.
It should be coming out later this year !  Here is a link to the
hardcover book to show you what it will contain:

2)  I have begun recording segments for our new Irish History
broadcasts as well.  Peter Adams, hedgemaster joins us for this
We plan 100 chapters to be completed, and available online
as well as on CD.  We will be covering genealogy and immigration
of course, along with ancient and modern history.
If you have topics you want to see covered and answered in this
‘audio book’. Please do let us know.

3)  A Question from Lorre Wells on our fan page on facebook:
Here is our fan page address in case you want to look in :
I have a question. If there is always room for one more, then
why do you have Katie bar the door?
Great question Lorre…. of course we have to keep the chatter
down during the podcast, so I have Katie bar the door to the
Cafe during our session,  keeping out some of the noise from
the rowdy crew on the veranda !

4) So we are well underway with a regular blog appearing
on Irish Central. Here is my page there:

Books of the Month:
Master Guide to the Spelling of Irish Names

Names That Begin with Mac, Mc, and ‘O’

Beginning Your Irish Family History Search
Part 5 of a 10 part series

Fitz Names in Ireland

Variant Spellings of this surname ‘Prefix’ in Ireland are :
Fitz-, Fits, Fitts, and Fitch.

Dropping the ‘Fitz’
We would not want to leave out all the ‘Fitz’ families
when discussing Irish family names now, would we ?
I’ve noted earlier that the Mac or ‘O’ before so many
Irish names can be dropped or added at will.
One must remember that the ‘Fitz’ prefix has been
dropped altogether in some instances too. Hence
Fitzgerald could become: Gerald.

Keep the Fitz, drop the rest !
Sometimes a name like Fitzgibbon can even be shortened
to ‘Fitz’, Fitts or Fitch !  There are examples of nicknames
like ‘Fitz’ actually replacing the full name of Fitzgibbon.

Hidden Fitz Names
How many hidden names can you find when you delete
this prefix? The following are some of the ‘Fitz’ names I
documented while writing the ‘Book of Irish Families,
great & small’ :

Fitz david
Fitz edmd.
Fitz edmond
Fitz gerald
Fitz gergald
Fitz gerold
Fitz gerrald
Fitz gerrold
Fitz gibbon
Fitz harris
Fitz henry
Fitz herbert
Fitz herbert
Fitz herbore
Fitz hugh
Fitz imons
Fitz james
Fitz john
Fitz martin
Fitz maurice
Fitz merie
Fitz morish
Fitz morrice
Fitz morris
Fitz morrish
Fitz nichas
Fitz nicholas
Fitz patrick
Fitz phillip
Fitz richard
Fitz simmons
Fitz simon
Fitz simons
Fitz stephen
Fitz stephens
Fitz summons
Fitz sumons
Fitz symonds
Fitz symons
Fitz thomas
Fitz walter
Fitz william
Fitz williams

Not Really Irish ?
Well, there you have it.  A brief introduction to Fitz names
in Ireland.  The same rules apply to Fitz, as those we have
given to Mac, Mc, and ‘O’.
A few zealous souls will always remind me that the Fitz
names arrived in Ireland with the Normans in the 12th
century.  One or two even feel the need to say that the name
is obviously not ‘Irish’.
Just remember that after 800 years the old saying might apply.
Some of those who settled in Ireland, after several generations,
‘became more Irish than the Irish themselves.’

Next week: Using the 1659 Census of Ireland to find family.

We Have a Blog Reader and a Podcast !
We have added a blog reader to this blog.  The blog reader
is a computerized reader, that simply reads this blog, turning
it into audio.  Our podcast is completely different !  I am the
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To go to my broadcast page for podcasts go to
Coming Up:
Translate your web page into Irish !

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :
1)  Michael Dempsey of Oshkosh, WI, your Kings and Queens
County Ireland genealogy book has shipped.

2)  John OShea of  State College, PA, your ‘Families of County
Cork, Ireland’ book has shipped.

3)  Arlynn Murphy of Wheaton, IL, your Co. Tyrone and Co. Clare
genealogy books have shipped.

4)  Derek Walsh of Dublin, Ireland your Irish Families;
Co. Wexford; and Families of Co. Kerry books have shipped.

5)  Maureen Maloney of Wakefield, MA, welcome new member !
Looking for descendents of Patrick and Mary Bridget(Moriarty)
Moloney from the area of Murroe Parish and Barrington’s Bridge
/Lisnargy. Our ancestor is John Joseph Moloney/Maloney who
was born about 1864 and left Ireland about 1880 to the US/Boston/Wakefield, Ma.  He had a number ofsiblings.
Mary(1858), Catherine (1861), Patrick (1866), Michael(died at birth)
Michael(#2 1871) and Martin (1874) who died in Dublin.
If there is anyone connected to this family, please contact us.
Roger Maloney

6)  Welcome Ann Blackshaw of Auckland, New Zealand-member !
My Maiden name is Henaghan.  I have family & rental records
advising that the Henaghans lived in Belmullet, County Mayo.  My grandfather left home and travelled to Glasgow, Scotland where I
was born.  I would like to find out what happened to his sisters
who went to USA (Boston comes to mind for some reason).
Love your podcasts. Kind regards, Ann Blackshaw (now New
Zealand Citizen)

7)  New member Dwaine O’Donohue of Maxville, Ont., Canada
Searching my O’Donohue (however spelled) ancestors from County
Clare. Could we have been moved there?

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Marsha Hogan or Worcester, MA

Related Spellings of the Name:
Shanahan, Gilshenan, Shannen, Shaneghane, MacShannon,

Varient Spelling Groups:  714, 1859, 1860, 3117
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
Irish families of the name of Shannon may stem from one
of at least three separate origin there.  They may descend
from O’Shanaghan , O’Seanain, or from MacGiolla Seanain.
No research we have uncovered has connected this name to
the River Shannon.
The O’Seanin family was anciently found in counties Carlow
and Wexford, but it is not found numerous there in either
1659 a.d. or 1891 a.d. records.  Spelled as Shannon the name
was most often found in Antrim, Clare and Roscommon in the
1890 index.
According to Keatings History Shannahan was Anglicized
mistakenly into “Fox” and “Shannon”….

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon:
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Coming Up Later in this episode:
Who won the Rose of Tralee this year ?
It was not the running favorite we mentioned last time….

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name 81 times
including the following examples :

1) Dover, N.H., stronghold of the Shannons (J7)
2) O’Shannon in Families of Co. Limerick, Ireland
3) C.; J; and T. Shannon in Irish Families on the California Trail
4) Shannon in Missouri Irish, the original history…
5) Shannon in the 1659 Census of Ireland
6) Shannon in the Birth Index of Ireland
7) Shannon in ‘Surnames of Ireland’ with 200 family maps

Websites of the Week:

1)  Nova Scotia Records now online at:

2)  Shannon genealogy : genealogical record and memorials
of one branch of the Shannon family in America. with search
index. Hodgdon, George Enos,. Shannon genealogy :
genealogical record and memorials of one branch of the
Shannon family in America. Rochester, N.Y.: unknown, 1905.
Shannon family, including Shannon, Nathaniel, 1655-1723.

3)  Michigan Irish Festival, Sept 18 – 20
Muskegon, Michigan

4) Muhammad Ali Video in Ennis, County Clare


Curious News and Notes

1)  Well, the production of the 100 watt light bulb is now banned
in Ireland. Next year the 75 watt is banned and the 60 watt will
be banned in two years. In 2012 the 40 watt is banned.

2)  It’s a baby boom in Ireland, the most born since 1896…
Jack and Ava are given as most popular last year….

3) Muhammad Ali is touring the UK and Ireland to raise money
for Parkinsons Disease. Paddy Monaghan, a bare knuckle boxer
struck up an aquaintance with Ali in 1963 which has endured.
Ali descends from Abe Grady of Ennis in County Clare, and he
visited recently.

4)  It was the wettest summer since records began in 1866
at Valencia Observatory in County Kerry, and elsewhere it was
one of the sunniest on record….

5)  Google can now translate web pages into the Irish language

6)  Charmaine Kenny, born in Kildare and the London Rose entry,
has become the 50th Rose of Tralee.

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