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Irish Genealogy and History Shownotes. week 121
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Advance shownotes for July 27

Among Todays Topics:

1)   Porter is the Irish Family Name of the Day
2)   Search for Arthur of County Antrim; McDowell
3)   Grammys Brown Bread recipe
4)   Audio Book excerpt: Early Irish Names in St. Louis
5)   The Aylwards of Canada: Web Page
6)   School of Canadian Irish Studies
7)   New York Public Library online

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:            1:12
Notes from Mike:               1:44
Books of the Month:          6:10
St. Louis audio excerpt:     9:00
The Magnificent Seven:    13:28
Irish Name of the Day:     15:05
Websites of the Week:      19:26
Curious News and Notes: 21:39

Time: 28:43
Notes This Week:

1) Hey Mike! I’ve been listening to your podcasts on iTunes,
and have been inspired to research my family’s history. But,
I’ve run into a problem. My last name is McDowell, and I have
been told that the McDowells came from different places. Some
of my resources have said Scotland, some say Ireland, Wales
and I’ve even been told Norway two or three times. I was just
wondering if you could clear that up for me.
Also, I’ve heard you say that some names at are usually spelled
Mc, can be spelled with just a M’. If that’s true, can I spell my
name M’Dowell?
Thanks for listening to my questions.
Nicholas McDowell

2)  We have added a blog reader to this blog.  The blog reader
is a computerized reader, that simply reads this blog, turning
it into audio.  Our podcast is completely different !  I am the
host and it has some things not included on the blog.
To go to my broadcast page for podcasts go to Irishroots.com

3)  The New York Public Library is online and re-organized.
Definitely worth a check if you have business in the area !

4) www.Genealogywise.com is still up and running.
If you are researching your family check it out.
It’s free, you get your own page.
Take a look at my group page, leave your search and join in !

Books of the Month:

1) Audio Book Excerpt #2.  ‘Missouri Irish’ or Irish Settlers
on the American Frontier. By Michael C. O’Laughlin. 1984. 2008.
Listen to this weeks podcast for excerpt read by Molly Nickle (4)

Irish in St. Louis from 1770
Mullanphy, Brady and McKnight, O’Reilly, O’Conor,
the Kerry Patch, politics, organization and education.
The Irish were the largest foreign born population in
St. Louis.  The population at the time was small and
growing.  (1817 – 1820 ).

Pre-famine Irish in Good numbers.
Gentlemen of education. Our first and second sheriffs,
justices of the peace; Moses Scott, Thomas Maguire,
justices of the peace. Lawless the attorney, Charless and
Cummins first and second proprietors of the Missouri
Gazette, Patrick Dillion, James Arnold, Hugh Rankin,
James Timmon, Michael Daly…….. all merchants,
Thomas Forsythe  U.S. Indian agent; Maj. James McGonnigle, quartermaster, Patrick Sullivan professor at the College;
Rochford…… all here in the territorial days
of St. Louis, before statehood and well before the famine
era in Ireland.

Jeremiah Conor was a leading citizen of St. Louis from
County Cork, Ireland in those times. He was sheriff,
justice of the peace and much more.

For more about this book go to:

2)  The Irish Palatines in Ontario: Religion, Ethnicity, and
Rural Migration –
(note: this is not our book, go to web address below)
By Carolyn A. Heald. Published by Global Heritage Press.
This new book provides a broad history of the Palatines in
Ontario, where they came from, where they settled, and what characterized their communities.
ISBN: 978-1-897446-37-9      www,globalgenealogy.com

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Coming Up:
Words you should know if you are going to Ireland.

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) Molly Arthur Canter, of Murray, KY, Welcome as a member.
Arthur from Co. Antrim late 1600’s

2)  Grenville Hall of Co. Antrim, Ireland, welcome as a member.
No surnames given.

3)  Patricia F. Jarrett of Athens, Georgia, your Co. Cork
Genealogy book and Passenger Lists have shipped.

4)  William Bodkin of Silves, Portugal, your Families of Galway
has shipped.

5)  Hubert Walbaum, of Marne, France, your County Antrim
Genealogy has shipped.

6)  Cynthia Tanchyk of Winnipeg, Canada your Families of Co.
Cork book has shipped !

7)   Ann-Marie Joy of Berks., United Kingdom, your Kings and
Queens County Genealogy Book has shipped !

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of an Irish Roots Cafe member.

Related Spellings of the Name
le Porter, Portre

Varient Spelling Groups:
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names) http://www.irishroots.com/id4918.htm

History of the Name
The name from which Porter can be taken was ‘le Porter’
and as such it is a well known English name.  In modern
times it may be considered a name of the province of Ulster.
When of English origin it is found in Ireland quite early, with
the exception of the province of Connaught, in the west of
Ireland.  It is a fairly numerous name throughout Ireland
today, and is found as both a Catholic and Protestant name…..
The census of 1659 finds the name as a principal one of
County Donegal, and Milesian Families gives the name as
English, arriving in Tyrone in 1640. The Porter……..

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)   The Porter family of Belle Isle, Co. Longford  shown.
2)   The Porter family of Clogher Park, Co. Tyrone shown.
3)    The Arms of Dr. John Porter (1806 – Clogher) also shown.
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Irish Village uncovered in the U.S.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at Irishroots.com finds the family name 43 times
including the following examples :

1)   King James Irish Army List
2)   The Families of County Dublin, Ireland. ( H. Porter also)
3)   The Families of County Donegal, Ireland.
4)   J. Porter found in ‘Irish Knighthoods…’
5)   Porter Arms in Co.Longford genealogy and family history
6)   Farley Porter, v. 26 of the Journal of the IAHS
7)   Names of Passengers from Ireland (9 listings)

Websites of the Week:

1) Irish Family Research a good place to search online

2)   The Irish Aylwards of Shippagan, New Brunswick

3)  School of Canadian Irish Studies

4) Irish Immigrant Villiage uncovered in Maryland
“An Irish village is being gradually unearthed in Baltimore
County in the first known survey of an Irish immigrant village
in the U.S. Archaeology students at the University of Maryland,
College Park, have been digging in the area which was called
Texas by the Irish immigrants who settled there.”

Irish artifacts dug up in Baltimore County
Archaeology students help piece together history of immigrants’ town

Curious News and Notes

1)  What are the most far out Irish groups on Facebook ?
Well, we can’t be sure, but take a look at the group names
like: Irish Mafia; Irish Jews; Irish Bowling, and there are
plenty more.  Below is an article from Irish Central which
investigated this story:

2)  Michael Flatley may take judge’s seat on
‘Dancing with the Stars’
Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley, the man who singlehandedly
turned Irish dance into the phenomenon that it is, may be joining
the judging panel of the TV hit “Dancing with the Stars.”

3)  The Legend of Gráinne Mhaol (Grace O Malley) – The Show –
Wesport, Co. Mayo – throughout July & August. Pirate, chieftain,
lover and mother in 16th century Ireland Gráinne Mhaol was one
of the last Irish clan leaders to resist the English conquest of Gaelic Ireland

4)  How the Irish speak.  What certain terms you should know
when visiting.  Things like:
Bangers = sausage; Boot = Car Trunk;  Chips = French Fries;
Craic = Fun;  Lorry = Truck; Rashers = Bacon;
Half & Half = Half Guinness /Half Harp (don’t call it a black and tan);

5)  Grammys Irish Brown Bread (Margaret Hickey’s)
Yield 1 loaf
3 cups extra coarse wholemeal flour
1 cup oat bran
3 tablespoons wheat germ
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 egg, beaten
2 cups milk
Mixing instructions below:  (Hat tip to riverfrontirish and Diddlyi)

6)  Boston will host the World Irish Dancing Championships
March 24-31, 2013, at Hynes Memorial Auditorium.
This will be the second time the event has been held in
the U.S. (The first was in Philadelphia this year).

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