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Irish Roots Cafe: Genealogy and History. week 112
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Among Todays Topics:

1)  The Irish Family Name of the Week is:  Morrissey
2)   The most friendly and least friendly towns in Europe.
3)  The Book of the Month is:  “Finding Your Chicago Irish”
and County Mayo Genealogy and Family History notes.
4)  What are the Top Irish Personal names in the U.S. ?
5)   Coca-Cola banned in Ireland since 2004….
6)   World Bodhran Championships coming up.
7)   Irish Videos of the Day: Cycling Howth to Dublin / Mayo Coast

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:            1:05
Notes from Mike:               2:04
Book of the Month:            4:42
The Magnificent Seven:      8:00
Irish Name of the Day:     10:07
Websites of the Week:      14:42
Curious News and Notes: 15:59

Time: 21:27
Notes This Week:

1)  We are planning upgrades to the web page, and will
have some changes coming up.  Members will have more podcasts in
their area. The free weekly podcast will remain in place as usual.

2)  A month or two ago Molly went to Ireland, and her friends wanted
to ride in Ireland’s only cable car which runs to Dursey Island in County Cork.
Molly declined and stayed on dry land while her friends to the ride…..
This was because she spied some frayed wires, but her friends went
madly on the way across the waters, skeptical of Mollys judgement.
Well, lo and behold, this month they were replacing the old cable car with
a new one, but they found the wires were so dangerously worn that they had to
replace them as well…….. whose laughing now ?

3)  This weeks Song and Recitation Festival covers Sean Nos dancing and more.
Irish Song and Recitation on or iTunes
iTunes tag:

Books of the Month:

1)  County Mayo Genealogy and Family History Notes  (see also this weeks videos)
Most Numerous families in Co. Mayo in the 1800’s:

Special Mayo Resources ( a sampling)
There are numerous small lists of tithe payers, voters and
petitioners, generally found at
the National Library or the National Archives.
1636 -1703: Books of Survey & Distribution
1654 – List of Transplanted Persons.
(pub.: Irish Manuscripts Commission)
1796 – Spinning-Wheel Premium List.
The index is on microfilm at the National
Archives with 5,000+ names in Mayo
1798 – List of those who suffered loss in 1798
Rebellion (National Library in Dublin)
1818- Tithe payers of Killfian & Moygownagh.
1823-38: Tithe Applotment Books .  A primary resource giving
occupiers of specific lands
in Mayo. Available at major repositories.
1842 – Mayo Freeholders. (National Archives)
1850 – Voters List. (South Mayo Centre)
1855-7:  Griffith’s Valuation .  A primary resource giving the occupier
of specific lands in Mayo. Available at major repositories.
1901 & 1911:  Census  of Ireland

2)  “Finding Your Chicago Irish” by Sharon Shea Bossard
I don’t know how much genealogy is in this book, but it is not
too costly and sounds interesting……
Coming Up:
What are the top personal Irish names in America today ?
and…. baggin it in Dublin …

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1)  John E. Wilson of El Prado, NM. your Irish Families, Families of Kerry,
and County Sligo genealogy and family history notes has shipped.

2)  Welcome to new member Marcia Sue Patrick of Houston, TX
searching for William Jackson McCullough, b. Armagh 1828 and Mary
Jane Duncan, b. Armagh 1828. m. New York 1848.

3) Brigid O’Donnell of Milton, MA,
Your Families of County Galway has shipped.

4)  Candace Lundgren of Chaska, MN
Your Families of County Donegal has shipped.

5)  Dave Barry of Ontario, Canada
Your Milesian Families of Ireland has shipped.

6)  J. Patrick Harland of Calgary, Canada
Your Families of County Clare has shipped

7)  Peter Morrison of Perth, W.A., Australia
Your County Sligo Genealogy and Family History Notes has shipped.

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Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:  Sue Morrissey Moore of
Canyon Lake, California

Related Spellings of the Name
O’Morrissey, Morissey, Morrisey, O Muirgheasa,
Morris, Morrison, Moris, Morisey, Morresse, FitzMaurice

Varient Spelling Groups: #1556,1557, 1558, 2502
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
Families of the name of Morrisey may spring from any of several separate
and unrelated families in Ireland.  The native Irish of the name descend
from O Muirgheasa, in Carbury and Tireragh baronies, near Sligo bay in
Co. Sligo.  The name is scarce in that area in modern times.  Waterford,
Limerick and Cork are the most populated with the name today.
It should be noted that there are English families of the Morrissey name in
Ireland as well….. (partial extract, more in book…)

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)  Morris and Morrison, but not Morrissey.
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Which students had Coca-Cola banned in Ireland in 2004 ?


The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family name 27 times
including the following examples :

1)  Birth Index of Ireland
2)  Irish Genealogies, (volume 3 of Keatings History)
3)  O’Morrissey, in the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
4)   In many of our county books, including, Families of Cork
5)   Co. Waterford Genealogy and Family History Notes
6)   Families of County Limerick book
7)   Co. Tipperary genealogy and family history notes.

Websites of the Week:

1)  Patrick Morrissy and Mary Phelan; Morrissey Family History Newsletter

Video of the week:
2)  Cycling Howth to Dublin, Ireland

3) County Mayo’s Atlantic coast

Curious News and Notes
1)  Dublin is one of the last airports in Europe to charge for plastic bags
needed to put liquids in if you fail to bring your own for the flight.

2)  Dublin has been voted the friendliest city in Europe,
Paris the least friendly.

3)  Among the top Irish peronal names in the U.S. are Brayden, Colin, Riley,
Kayla, Morgan, Megan and Kaitlyn…read more about it:

4)  Hundreds of Bicycles will by available this summer in Dublin
for those wishing to tour in that fashion.  Some 40 rental stations are
being established for visitors.

5)  Ban of Coca-Cola since 2004 lifted by vote of students at Trinity.

6)   The relics of St. Theresa of the little flower, arrived in St. Marys
Cathedral in Killarney, Co. Kerry recently as part of a national tour.

7) The World Bodhran championships are coming up in Milltown in June for
the bank holiday, and it is a one of a kind event.

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