Sean Nos Irish Dancing, Dance Master, Sets, Music

#20 – Irish Song and Recitation Festival at the Irish Roots Cafe

Sean Nos, Irish Dancing, Set Music
The Irish Way, Dance Masters

Our third interview session with Michael Collier,
Advance Shownotes continued from the last week..

Sean Nos
The revival of Sean Nos step dancing which has survived
in Galway.  This is a type of solo step dancing, no kicking
up however….. It is spontaneous in nature, something of
a Jazz feel to it perhaps….. Never twice the same !
Only a few teachers in the U.S., one in Boston, one in
Seattle, another in Washington DC area, that we can
recall at the moment….

Video out
DVD video is out showing ‘12 steps’ of Sean Nos, and
that will provide some building blocks for learning the

The Music
We also talk about the speed of music and the revival
of dance in the 80’s and 90’s…. first they thought it
might have been too fast….now it might be thought
too slow… traditional instruments, modes, grace notes..
in homes, in pubs, small groups…. rural variations lost
today… Clare had its own style…. Kerry and Cork…
A Polka in Clare would be different than in Kerry for

The Irish Way
Remember there are many types and styles. Remain
flexible when you encounter another style of dance
even if it goes by the same name as what you learned.
The dance master…. a few remaining.
Dublin tries to make terms uniform, which of course,
is almost doomed to failure.  Meeting Irish dancers in
Japan… the number of pubs in Ireland … many of which
have gone under…. pub licensing…. doing ‘The Set’.

Our thanks to Michael Collier, who appeared at this
years Irish Song and Recitation Festival, taking
the certificate for ‘Best of Show’ Recitation, year 5.

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