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Irish Song and Recitation Festival
Announcing the 2nd Season. episode 15 .

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Impromptu recitation by your host today:

The First verse of O’Shaughnessys Ode

‘We are the Music Makers
and we are the dreamers of dreams,

wandering by lone sea breakers
and sitting by desolate streams,

World losers and world forsakers
upon whom the pale moon gleams,

Yet we are the movers and shakerrs
of the world forever it seems……

This marks the start of the second season
of the Song and Recitation Broadcast.
We have recitations, songs and performances
ready to go from this years festival.

We also reserve space for you to ‘phone it in’
if you missed the festival in person.  If you
have an Irish tune or recitation that has a
special meaning or memory for you, then
phone it in.  Drop me a line from our web page

We can all learn a bit from each other I think….

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