Just two quick notes:

(1) I have been reminded by several members that one of our
podcast series, The Irish Roots Cafe: genealogy and history,
is the worlds #1 genealogy podcast for the month of March ! *

One of our five podcast feeds, this broadcast began in 2006 and
has been running regularly ever since.  My sincere thanks
to all of our audience out there, especially to our members.
I should also thank St. Patrick, for it is in his month that we
always seem to get a bump up in listeners.

I notice Genealogy Gems and Genealogy Guys podcasts are
closing in on us now that March is done – our best to them
as well !  Our 15 minutes of fame was great…..

We produce 3 audio podcasts, a photo enhanced podcast, and
a Video podcast, all available on our web page and on iTunes.

You can listen in to all 5 of our podcast feeds on iTunes at:

and on my web page at:

(2) Last week we started up on Twitter (www.Twitter.com)
and it is a very interesting service. It seems you can leave
brief notes for just about anyone in the world !  It is growing
very fast as well.
If you are a Twitterer, be sure and drop me a note.  My
user name is IrishRootsCafe, click here: http://twitter.com/IrishRootsCafe

Thanks to all, and remember,
Every Day is A Holiday,
at the Irish Roots Cafe !

-Mike O’Laughlin

* based upon iTunes stats, month of March.

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