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Irish Roots Cafe: Genealogy and History. week 106
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Among Todays Topics:

1)  The Irish Family Name of the Week is: Finnegan
2)  Newry man is new Ambassador to Ireland.
3)  The DVD of the Month is: A Return to Irish Roots
4)  Pig Racing in which Irish County ?
5)  The Irish Video of the Day is: The Dunne Family piper
6)  First Ever Global Irish Web Site !
7)  Web Page of the week: Memorials of the Dead in Ireland

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:        1:05
Notes from Mike:            2:20
DVD of the Month:          9:01
The Magnificent Seven:  11:05
Irish Name of the Day:    14:35
Websites of the Week:     20:03
Curious News and Notes: 21:59

Time:  28:24
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Notes This Week:
1) Hi Mike,
Reading from your website:
I live in Scotland and have never once seen a surname spelt M’. Only
ever seen Mc and Mac.

2. M’Donald
12. McKenzie
15. M’Kay
22. M’Lean (sometimes McLane)
30. M’Leod (sometimes McCloud)
39. M’Intosh (also found as Mackintosh)
44. M’Gregor (sometimes found as ‘Gregory’ )
( The apostrophe is sometimes found by census takers and record makers).
2) Taoiseach Brian Cowen will launch the first-ever global Irish
Website in New York on Sunday, March 15, with a worldwide
celebrity crowd of Irish and Irish-Americans in attendance
The launch of, which has attracted enormous
media interest in the U.S., will be covered by The New York Times,
the NBC “Today Show,” New York 1, Yonkers Tribune, and
Westchester Herald, among many others.
Martin McGuinness, deputy first minister of Northern Ireland,
actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Roma Downey, and Mark Burnett,
the mastermind of top reality TV shows like ‘”Survivor” will attend
the event at the prestigious American Irish Historical Society in New York.

3) Our first ever DVD is finished !  Should come back to us in a
day or two now.
A Return to Irish Roots: Genealogy, Song, History, Travel is the
name of it.  This interactive DVD is a great introduction to these
parts of Irish Heritage.  We included one each of our podcast series,
7 of our video shorts, and one travel video from our
early group trips to Ireland in the1980’s.  Eventually it will be a
4 disc set, one of which will be all music and song !   It turned
out fine, and now that I know how to do it – look for more !  (This
DVD is alsoe going to be available free to renewing gold members –
just drop me an e-mail when you renew).  The price right now is $12.95.
It will be available at soon, and it has already been accepted by

CD of the Month:
A Return to Irish Roots: Genealogy, Song, History, Travel.

3 Broadcast Shows including:
1- Our Irish ‘Chat & Sing” show covering
one of the worlds favorites: ‘Danny Boy’.
Sung by Peter Reilly Adams, with history.

1- Irish in America show including
Lost Tribes of the Irish in Georgia.

1- Irish Roots ‘radio’ show including
DNA, Genealogy and Family History.

– Plus –
One ‘Return to Ireland’ Movie
1- Our First Return to Ireland trip circa 1989.

Plus –
Seven ‘Irish Family History’ video shorts:
* The Irish Families Project explained.
* The Book of Irish Families reviewed.
* Introduction to MIke and the Irish Roots Cafe.
* The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters.
Broadcast Video Shorts
– Irish Song and Recitation Broadcast
– Irish in America Broadcast
– Irish Families worldwide genealogy broadcast
Coming Up:
What were they drinking at the White House on St. Pats Day ?
Hint: it was green, and no, it was not green beer….

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) New member, Marcia Finnegan, of Rogers, Arkansas : Finnegan
We are researching the genealogy of my husban’ds surname
Finnegan, and mine of Joyce.  We are to the point in our research
we must cross the waters to continue, and are not sure how to do that.

2) New Member Patricia Sampson of Canby, OR
Searching for James Richey,b 1702. Married Isabella Stuart, (b 1730,
Scotand) in abt 1754. Also for Daniel F Rork 1751-1817

3) Ivan Gallagher of Manitoba, Canada
Your Families of County Donegal, Ireland, has shipped.

4) William Crowley of San Diego, California
Your Families of County Cork has shipped.

5) Annie J. Brooks of Dorset, UK
Your book, The Fall of Irish Chiefs and Clans, has shipped !

6)  Molly Nickle of Kansas City, Missouri
Your book, Missouri Irish, has shipped !

7)  Patricia Donahue of Gladstone,
your DVD, Return to Irish Roots, has shipped !

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:
Todays family history in honor of Marcia Finnegan.

Related Spellings of the Name
Finegan, Finegane, Finigan, Finnigan, Finnucane, etc…

Varient Spelling Groups: #610
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name (partial exttract)
The O’Finnegan families are fairly widely distributed
throughout Ireland.  Two separate origins are thought
to exist for those bearing the name today.  Anciently
O’Fionnagain is found in the barony of Ballymore, Co.
Roscommon and in the nearby baronies of Ballmoe in
Co. Galway, marking one location for the name. Note
the place name of Ballyfinnegan in the baronies of
Ballymoe and Castlereagh here.
The other location for the family name is found near the
borders of Cavan, Meath and Monaghan, which more
anciently comprised a part of Breffni.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1)  illustrated arms for given in the Irish Book of Arms.
Arms recognized after the coming of the Irish Free State.
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Dublin and Belfast Parades

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family  27 times
including the following examples :

1) Birth Index of Ireland
2) The Families of County Kerry, Ireland
3) Irish Genealogies, vol. 3 of Keatings History, published separately.
4)  The Families of County Galway, Ireland (O’Finnegan)
5)  General Finnegan, Hero. in J3
6)  O’Finnegan History in The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters.
7)  L. Finnegan in Irish Families on the California Trail

Websites of the Week:

This online resource contains new indexes and introductions to three Irish
genealogy databases published on CD:
A) Brian J. Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead
B) Memorials of the Dead, Counties Galway & Mayo (Western Seabord)
C)1798 Rebellion, Claimants and Surrenders

Video of the week The Dunne Family
A Travelling Family in Ireland.
History of an Irish Musical Family.Mickey Dunne and his pipes are a
unique and well-known phenomenon in the world of traditional Irish
music. Mickey’s style of piping embodies the free-flowing traveller
piping style associated with the legendary Johnny Doran, Finbar Furey,
and Paddy Keenan, all of whom have provided Mickey with inspiration.
Mickey now provides the next generation of pipers with inspiration by
his playing and his generosity with his other musical skills. He is a sought
after and a welcome presence at tionols (A gathering of Uilleann pipers)
around the globe.
Mickey is featured talking and playing the Irish pipes.

Curious News and Notes
1)    Villagers in Durrow, Co Laois enjoyed an unusual sport. 2,000 turned
out for a parade followed by the highlight of the event -pig racing.
“We had 42 floats taking part in the end. It went down very well. We
had over 2,000 people,” she added.
The event was themed “Hump the Recession” and the parade included
Barack Obama and Brian Cowen puppets.

2) A DUBLIN pizzeria has the award for best international pizza
at a prestigious competition in Las Vegas.
Bistro Bianconi in Ranelagh beat all comers in Las Vegas
to win the title ‘open region champion for best non-traditional pizza’.
The pizzas topping of classic Irish ingredients
Jameson Whiskey and Clonakilty black pudding took the prize and
mouths were watering at the World Pizza Championships last week.

3) THE WAITERS carried trays of green champagne at the White House
on St. Pats evening, and ran a crowded obstacle course while
dodging pipers, drummers and hundreds of guests crammed into the
East Room and the State Room. It was different from the reserved
morning receptions favoured by theformer president George
Bush, even if it didn’t quite match the raucous sprawl of the parties of
the Clinton years.

4) Guinness voted top Irish brand
In a recent survey, Guinness has been voted the UK’s favourite Irish
Brand for the second year running. Baileys was a strong second while
Magners Cider and Jameson tied for third

5) Grandson of migrant appointed new ambassador
Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers Daniel Rooney, whose grandfather
left Newry in the 1880s has been appointed as the United States of
America’s ambassador to the Republic of Ireland.

6) Hundreds of thousands throng Dublin for parade
As many as 675,000 people people from all over the world thronged
the streets of Dublin for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade which
is the highlight of the capital’s six-day St Patrick’s festival.

7) Meanwhile in Belfast
Hundreds lined the route from the City Hall to Custom House
Square where teenage singing sensation Eoghan Quigg delighted
the crowds.
Exploring the theme of ‘Legends, Myths and Stories’, and featuring
hundreds of participants from all corners of Belfast, it left the City
Hall at 12 noon.

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