The Irish Roots Cafe has just been awarded a position in the 100 celtic

blogs named today.  Be sure to check out the list if your looking for a blog

resource !  ( We are in celtic heritage and genealogy). From their web page:

100 Fascinating Celtic Culture, Language & Lit Blogs

By Jessica Merritt

“If you’re interested in the culture of Ireland and other Celtic lands, there’s much to be found online. Some of the best resources for learning about Celtic culture are blogs, and we’ve highlighted 100 of them here. Read on to find 100 of the best Celtic culture, language, and literature blogs available online.”

Genealogy & Heritage

Find out more about Celtic heritage and genealogy from these blogs.

  1. Irish Roots Cafe: Find Irish family history, genealogy, song, and world wide heritage on this blog.
  2. Anglo-Celtic Connections: On this blog, you’ll find a variety of genealogy news for Anglo-Celts.
  3. Small-leaved Shamrock: Learn about the history of families with strong Irish roots.
  4. Celtic Lady: This Celtic woman celebrates her Irish and Scottish heritage.

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