Madden, Plantation of Ulster, O’bama song

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Genealogy and History. week 100. Advance Shownotes.
Among Todays Topics:

1)  Madden is the Irish Family Name of the Week
2)  Plantation of Ulster is the Book/ Video of the Week
3)  Dame Alice Kyteler convicted of…….
4)  Six inches of snow falls in what part of Ireland ?
5)  Corrigans O’bama is the song of the week
6)  Londonderry is the county of the month
7)  One million Northern Irish records online.

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics: 1:10
Notes from Mike:     2:41
Book of the Month:  4:37
Plantation of Ulster  4:37
County of the Month: 17:45
The Magnificent Seven: 19:17
Irish Name of the Day:  21:45
Websites of the Week:     26:31
Curious News and Notes: 28:35

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Notes This Week
1)  I see on the PRONI web page that they are putting over one
million catalogue entries online from its archives. The catalogue
entries describe the records held in PRONI. If you want to see the
records they relate to firsthand, you will have to visit PRONI.

2) This is our 100th broadcast of this show.  Glad you could make it,
and thanks for listening to us in 2006; 2007; 2008; and now in 2009 !
Keep those emails coming, let us know how we’re doing.
Looking at all of our shows, I see we have done over 150 in total, but
this is the oldest of them all, and its always fun, because….
Everyday is a Holiday, at the Irish Roots Cafe.

Book of the Month

The Conquest of Ireland,
A Genealogical and Historical account of the Plantation of Ulster
The Four Book Set:
Video:  see entry in web page section below.

Here is a sample extract from this book:
The Conquest of Ireland
‘An Historical and Genealogical Account of The Plantation
in Ulster’ with names of Catholics and Protestants Affected.
by the Rev. George Hill
* Irish , Scots Irish, & English settlers from 1609 +.
“With only two, or perhaps three exceptions, every native landlord,
and every native tenant within the bounds of the six counties was
dispossessed and displaced; and although a few of both classes were
afterwards permitted to share slightly in the great land-spoil, it was
only in some other and less attractive localities than their own”.
Indeed many would eventually come to the shores of North America
and other foreign lands as a result of this loss.

Irish Families lose lands
Of the main families the records show that the Maguires (or McGuires)
who occupied Fermanagh; The O’Hanlons who occupied ONealan and
Orior; The Macanas or the McCanns of Clann Breasail (Clanbrazill);
and the MacMahons of Monaghan; the ORiellys, the O’Cahans and
others, had a long and distinguished history. How had several families
in the area ‘disappeared’ by the 19th century ? ”

Coming Up:
Which county got 6 inches of snow, the highest in decades ?

County of the Month: Londonderry or Derry
1) County Derry (Londonderry) genealogy and family history notes

2)  Londonderry Lands and Families
Some historical notes from this book:

Fall of Local Chieftains
The chief early Irish septs of this area were the OCahanes (Cahan or
Kane), the OMullanes (Mullens or Mullins), the Magilliganes (Gilligan),
and the McCloskies (McClusky).(See book index for full listings).
The background of the various Irish septs are given with notes on their
status at that time. Important notes on persons and names are also
given. For example, O’Cahan is found ridiculously translated as ‘Quyvally’;
the story of how John O’Reilly became the ‘Queens’ O’Reilly; Mr. Canning
we are told, had a wife named Anne who was the daughter of Gilbert
Walker, of Walford, in Worcester, and they had three sons, and so on…
Here we also find footnotes to the text, telling us that Tristam Beresford
was one of seven sons of Michael Beresford and Rose Knevitt, from the
parish of Westram in the County of Kent. The footnotes go beyond these
kinds of notes, into everyday life and customs of the day.

-end of Irish Family History extract-_________________________________________________________
Coming Up Later in this episode:
The Corrigan Brothers Song on Video link.

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) New Member Shirley A. Baker of Cocoa, FL
searching for: Madden, McDonough,  Gallagher, Kehoe, Bowes

2) New Member Michael Pattwell of Co. Cork, Ireland
Pattwell sometimes spelled Patwell, from North Kerry.
( I see Pattwell or Patwell in our Co. Kerry Families Book to confirm that !)

3) New Member Mary Anastasi of Lenox, MA
Researching both Kelly & McCormick.  Traced McCormick to Gort.  Kelly
supposedly comes from somewhere near Gort.  How do I get a street map
of Gort for the year 1880?

4) New Member Mary McIntyre of Point Lookout, NY
Michael Larkin     Manchester Martyrs

5)  Frank Yaccino of Key West, FL. your Families of Donegal shipped.

6)  Gerald English of Naples Florida, your Co. Mayo Genealogy shipped.

7) Jerry Klaus of Chesapeake, VA. your Co. Donegal Genealogy shipped.

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Shirley Baker

Searching for info on:  (see Magnificent 7 above)

Related Spellings of the Name
O’Madden, Madigan, MacAvaddy, Madagane, Maddin, Madin,

Varient Spelling Groups: #1154, 1224, 2489
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
The family of O’Madden, of Ui Maine, can be found on the banks
of the Shannon River.  Their territory included parts of the barony
of Longford in Co. Galway, and the barony of Garrycastle in Kings
Co. (Co. Offaly)….
In Keatings History “O’Madagain or O’Madadhain Anglicized O’Madden”
was given in Longford barony and on the other side of the Shannon in
the parish of Lusmagh in Kings Co..  They are given as a branch of the
Clan Colla, of the same descent as the O’Kellys, princes of the Ui Maine.
It should be noted that there are English families of the name, and
Maddentown in Co. Kildare is named for the same.
See link to Madden Castles and Castles of Galway below on web pages.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) The illustrated arms for Madden of Hilton Park are given
in the Irish Book of arms, along with the illustrated family motto !
Looks like a bird or an eagle on both the crest and shield along
with a cross.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family 97  times
including the following examples :

1)   O’Madden in the History of the Milesian Families of Ireland.
2)   O’Madden in Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many (arms, chief)
Madden of Baggotsrath, Madden of Fermanagh, Madden of Kildare,
Madden of Monaghan pedigree….
3)  Anthony Madden, J26.
4)   Madden householders in Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland
5)  O’Maddens in Surnames of Ireland with 200 family maps.
6)  O’Madden History and chief: in Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters.
7)  J. Madden, O’Maddens:  in Irish Families on the California Trail.

Websites and Videos of the Week:

1)  There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’bama song.

2)  What I love about My Place in Ireland by teenager Paul Leonard of
Grange, County Sligo.

3)  Cliffs of Moher, New County Clare Festival

4) The Conquest of Ireland, Plantation of Ulster video short.

5) Madden Castles in Ireland – over 10 illustrations with commentary.
Including: Ballymore Castle, Brackloon Castle, Cloghan Castle, Derryhivenny
Castle, Eyrecourt Castle, Lismore Castle, Longford Castle and more….

Curious News and Notes
1)   The Corrigan Brothers, who song was quite popular of late
“There no-one as Irish as Barack O’bama” were scheduled to
perform at the inauguration.  It is a catchy little tune. see above.

2)  Up to 6 inches of snow fell in county Donegal of late and
hundreds had to abandon their cars.  It was the worst in
decades for some areas.  Some snow plows sent for rescue
were stuck as well…

3)  Sligo Teenager and now filmmaker Paul Leonard, only 14 years
of age, won 4,000 euros for his 60 second film clip on Sligo with
areas like Bulben included, as well as his punk rock band Bulben.
see link to this clip above.

4) Clare at the Cliffs Festival.  February 1st marks the start of a brand
new festival in Clare, at the Cliffs of Moher.  It lasts for two weeks and
starts fittingly on St. Brigid’s Day.  Musicians, Dancers, Food and Crafts,
and storytellers will be there for starters…. see video link above

5) Dame Alice Kyteler, was Irelands only convicted witch in the middle ages.
Kilkenny native Clare Nolan wrote the book, the only Kilkenny native to
ever do so.  The book should be available on the internet. The name of
the book is “The Stone”.  Kyteler’s Inn on St Kieran’s Street in Kilkenny was
home to Kyteler, and the book is also on sale there.

6) Think about all those gifts you’re giving out….. some 20 vanloads of
unwanted gifts were donated to Father Pat O’Donoghue, up by 2 vanloads
when compared to last year. The goods will go to charity through St. Marys

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