Carr, Cork, Arms, Killarney Rats, Belfast Emigrants

From the Irish Roots Cafe: Advance Shownotes.
Irish Families Worldwide History and Genealogy. week 96

Among Todays Topics:

1) The original Santa Claus buried in Ireland.
2) Carr is the name of the Day
3) Colorful Rats in Killarney
4) The Irish Book of Arms is the book of the week
5)  Cork is the County of the month
6) The Barack Obama Hotel planned
7)  Belfast, Northern Ireland web pages of the week.

Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics: 1:05
Notes from Mike:     2:04
Book of the Month:  4:42
County of the Month; 6:14
The Magnificent Seven: 9:57
Irish Name of the Day: 12:56
Website of the Week:     17:54
Curious News and Notes:  19:08
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Notes This Week
1)  Christmas greetings to all.  I hope you are having some peace
and tranquility along with the sometimes over-festive atmosphere
of the season.

2)  I am getting ready to launch the second season of the Irish Song
and Recitation Festival podcast  Should start up in late January.

3)  Our video shorts podcast is up and running.  Last week we covered
the History of the Irish in America podcast, this week we cover the
Irish Song and Recitation festival podcast.  These first videos cover
a lot of what we do here at the Irish Roots Cafe, as well as books and
coats of arms, and the Irish Tartan fraud.

4)  Sad news today, our friend at the Dublin Irish Festial,
Bob Kirby has passed away. You will be missed Bob. All our best
to Billie and the family.  I had a nice talk with Bob at the last
Irish festival, you just never know which conversation will be
your last. Make each one count.

Book of the Month:
The Irish Book of Arms, Genealogy and Heraldry.

Here is a sample extract from this book:
“Anglesea, 1768 AD, with illustrated arms, partially shown.
(see works on English peerage, under the title of Earl of
“ Richard Bulkley, Visc. Bulkley of Cashel, County Tipperary,
so created in 1637.  The family was long seated in the Isle of
Anglesea, of which was William Bulkley, Esq., who then lived
at Beaumorris in the reign of Henry the Sixth.
Chief seat: Barrow-Hill, Isle of Anglesea, 1 mile from Beaumorris.”
Coming Up:
Where is St. Nicholas buried in Ireland ?

County of the Month: Cork, Ireland.
County Cork, Ireland, Genealogy and family history notes.

The Families of County Cork, Ireland.

The 19th century birth index from the first book finds the following
families most numerous in the County (Possible variant
spellings after each name have been added) :
Callaghan (Callahan) ;
Daly (Daily) ;
Kelleher (Kelliher) ;
O’Connor (O’Conner);
Regan (Reagan);
O’Neill (O’Neale), etc..

-end of Irish Family History extract-

County Cork  Families on the 4 Masters Map
What families were in the county in earlier days ? This
might provide a clue to the locations of your family today.
Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History
of Ireland by the 4 Masters: (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.)
E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, P. = prince:
Barrett, Lord
Barry, Baron
Barry, Earl
Barry, Lord
Barry, Oge
de    Capel
de    Carew
de    Cogan
de    Cogan, L.
Condon, B.
de    Courcy, E.
Fitzgerald, E.
Fitzgerald, L.
Fitzgerald(Fitzgibbon) the White Knight
Fitzgibbon(Fitzgerald)  the White Knight
Mac    Auliffe, Chief
Mac    Carthy, King
Mac    Carthy, P.
Mac    Carthy Reagh, P.
Mac    Clancy, C.
Mac    Donough, L.
O    Ahern (Ahearn)
O’    Bradley
O’    Brien, C.
O’    Brigan
O’    Callaghan, L.
O’    Callanan
O’    Casey
O’    Claisin
O’    Coleman
Mac    Sheehy, C.
Mac    Sherry
Mac    Sweeney, C.
O’    Cowley, C.
O’    Creagh
O’    Crowley, C.
O’    Crowly
O’    Cullen
O’    Cullenan, C.
O’    Curry
O’    Daly
O’    Danaher
O’    Dea, C.
O’    Deasy
O’    Dennery
O’    Dinane
O’    Dineen
O’    Donovan, L.
O’    Donovan
O’    Driscoll, L.
O’    Dugan, C.
O’    Falvey
O’    Fihelly
O’    Flynn, C.
O’    Flynn
O’    Griffin
O’    Halahan
O’    Hartigan
O’    Hea, C.
O’    Healy
O’    Hennigan
O’    Herlihy
O’    Heyne
O’    Hoollaghan
O’    Horgan
O’    Hurley
O’    Kearny
O’    Keefe, L.
O’    Kelleher
O’    Leary, L.
O’    Lehan (Lyons) L.
O’    Lomasey
O’    Looney
O’    Lynch
O’    Mahony, L.
O’    Morony
O’    Murphy
O’    Noonan, C.
O’    Regan
O’    Riordan, C.
O’    Ronayne
O’    Scannell
O’    Shea
O’    Sullivan Beare, P.
O’    Sullivan, P.
O’    Tuohy
O’    Tuomey
Roche, V.

-end of extract from The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters-
Coming Up Later in this episode:
Just where might they build the Barack Obama Hotel ?

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) New Member Joan Denise Harrington of Wynnum, Australia.
Searching for: Family of Mary Annie Anglesey or any Angleseys.
( Don’t forget Anglesea ! -Mike)

2) New Member Warren T. Cement of Spring Hill, FL.
Looking for my grandfather from Co. Cork, born 1857

3) New Member Ann Payie of Surrey, Canada.
Looking for family in Belfast as little is known.

4) New Member Cathy A. VanEck of Alto, MI – Carr, Kearney, McGuinness….
ggrandfather John Mike Carr b. Apr. 1866 in South Ireland, to
Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania about 1884. m. Mary Ogle of PA./
gggrandfather Peter Kearney b. abt 1837 in Ireland. m. 1860 to
(Margaret?) Ellen (Sweeney) b 1839 Ireland. Shortly after both fled
Johnny Bulls to Prussia and then to England a year later. Ellen and
children to Westmoreland Co. PA. 1884-1886.
Edward John (Bernard?) McGuinness b 1800 Portadown, Armagh, Ire.
m. Elizabeth Jane Osborne b. 1815 in Portadown. Son James b. May
1835 m. Ellen Murphy b. Oct. 1834 Ireland. both to Westmoreland
County, PA 1888. (Family Notes indicate Dublin).

5)  Paul Vogel of Mount Airy, MD.
Your Kerry, Mayo and Irish Families books have shipped !

6) Beverley Downing of Martinez, California.
Your Irish Famlies on the California Trail has shipped !

7)  Adelard Vaillancourt of Leominster, MA
Your passenger ship list, Irish to America has shipped.

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Cathy VanEck.

Searching for info on:  see magnificent 7 above.

Related Spellings of the Name
Car, Kerr, Karr, Carre, McElhar, McIlhair, Kerrane, Kirrane….

Varient Spelling Groups: #246, 1002,
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name
The origins of the Carr family in Ireland can be difficult to
trace.  First of all, it may be of English extraction when found
in Ireland.  Then, of course, it may be taken from the Scottish
name of Kerr.
In the census of 1659 Carr is found as a principal name of
county Down, and also in Meath.  The birth index shows the
name to be of Donegal, Galway and Dublin.
O’Carr is listed as a principal name of Armagh and Down in
the census of 1659 as well.  This would certainly seem to point
to an older Irish heritage, considering they used the ‘O’ prefix.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) None found as Carr in the Irish Book of Arms.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names

at finds the family 65  times
including the following examples :

1) Mary Carr in Irish Families on the California Trail
2) G. Carr in County Dublin Genealogy and Family History Notes.
3) Margaret Carr ( J24)
4) Patrick Carr victim of the Boston Massacre (J6)
5) First Ferry on the Merrimack. James and Michael Carr. (J7)
6) Names of Irish Passengers to America, 9 Carrs are listed.

Websites of the Week:

1)  A List of Emigrants from Belfast   (Ulster Ancestry)

2)  Belfast Ireland, Genealogy Forum

3)  Irish Roots Cafe Video shorts (our video podcasts)

4) Carr Family Genealogy Forum

Curious News and Notes

1)  Belfast has been named one of the top 12 world destinations
for 2009 by Frommers.  They also said it was moving back to its
19th century position as the ‘Paris of the North’ !  Also on the list
was Saqqara, Egypt; Walheke Island, New Zealand; and the civil
rights trail from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in the U.S..

2)  The Irish Times has reported that evidence shows that Jolly
old St. Nicholas of Myra (Santa Claus), was buried near Jerpoint
Abbey in County Kilkenny.  He died in AD 342, and the report says
that the Norman invaders in Ireland played the large part in bringing
him to Jerpoint.

3)  Meanwhile school children waited for the modern day Santa Claus
to arrive by helicopter in Killarney this year.  Something seems so wrong
about that, but then, maybe the real St. Nicholas would get a kick out
of the whole thing…. (after you explained what a helicopter was).

4)  A poor puppy, was stranded for 5 days inside a car in Dublin, as
his owner, from County Monaghan, could not remember where the
car was parked.  He was apparently not familiar with Dublin at all.
Daniel Duggan was the one who spotted the poor pup and that led to his
rescue. Although a little worse for wear, the pup survived by licking the
windows for moisture, according to reports:

5)  An underground street artist has been sneaking out in Killarney
painting small rats in poses, in over 20 places so far, including the
Bricin Restaurant on High Street.  (They uncovered an amazing letter
from an immigrant to the U.S. when they tore down the walls to
remodel, many years ago, I still have that letter.).  The pictures appear
on walls and doorways throughout town.

6)  It had to happen. A moneygall man is opening up the ‘Barack Obama’
Hotel.  Mr. Liam Carroll is making application for the building permits
as we speak.  It would be a 150 bedroom hotel, a pretty big event for this
small town that housed one of Obamas ancestors.

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