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February 19th, 2007.
Irish Roots Cafe Podcast Notes and additions. Your host is Mike OLaughlin for Week #18 at the cafe.

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What We’ve Learned
Let’s take a quick look at our last three interviews: Emily Heinlien / Megan Smolenyak / and Bob Quinn.

1) Emily Heinlien : People quit if it’s too easy. Press a button and info comes back right away. No effort, no travel, no appreciation. There’s no doubt some people give up easily, others won’t give up no matter what ! I’ve had people over the years write one letter to a heritage center in Ireland and then give up because they
did not get their personalized familly history back ! Wake up people. Writing one letter does not mean anything, it’s just one letter to one source. Thousands of people traced families back before heritage centres were invented here lateley.
PERSERVERENCE – the ability to keep on searching no matter what is the Key to Success. There are many sources out there and more becoming accessible every day. Do not give up the Ship !

2) Megan Smolenyak: DNA research is up and coming. As more people are tested, the more the picture becomes clear. Just swab a Q-tip on your cheek and send it to the DNA company – ( our members have an Irish Family Project at Family Tree DNA ). Gosh, I wonder if this becomes to easy, just qtip your cheek and you find your family – then who knows if anyone will go back to Ireland anymore !!! Tip: NEW AVENUES OF RESEARCH!!!

Annie Moore; EVERYBODY GOT IT WRONG. The wrong Annie Moore was honored. Take nothing for granted, just because somebody says it – or writes it down, does not make it true. I had an email last week about a family I had put an entry for in Irish Families book. The surname was MacInerney. At least 10 reference books say the family was centered in Ballycally, but Patrick Woulfe said Ballsally…….which placename was HE referring to…..maybee all the other books have it all, for there is no documentation presented to date.
LOOK FOR TRUTH – FOLLOW PROVEN FACTS NO MATTER WHAT ! ( just like CSI on television – follow the evidence ).

3) Bob Quinn. QUESTION YOUR OLDEST ASSUMPTION …. what if this guy wasn’t your grandfather. BOB STATED: We call ourselves Celtic, but what about the Vikings, and the migration from North Africa. How do we know we are so Celtic ? Take a new look, a fresh look at things – you may break out of that brick wall you are facing trying to find your gr gr gr grandpa.
Update: The Other Clare: Patrick Sarsfield Donahue (sp.) held old manuscript now at Clare County Library, pointing towards North
African or Phoenician origins of some Irish. Some of his evidence and sources may be of interest to researchers.

4) Dublin, Ireland radio interviews…..tell us that we should be polite and not assume. I’ve had several friends say that their Irish friends have said the same thing.. be polite, curteous when researching…

5) Put Your Search on our Free Irish Family Message board! Some folks are signing in but forgetting to leave a family search !

Member Notes
Member Searching For
Lawrence Shroeder of TX Caughey/Elrath/ Larkin

William A. O’Hara of NY O’Hara, O’Hare Doran Hickey Quinn
Tierney Noonan M cManus O+Brien
Ryan Stewart

Charmion Dinsmore of NY Boyle, McGinley of Donegal

Name of the Week
Spellings: MacEneiry, McInernhy,McA…., MacNerney, Connerney; Anern; Kiniry; Mack
History Notes:
Several different families of the name in Ireland, with well known branches in Clare/Limerick and Roscommon. In Roscommon the were erenaghs of St. Patricks Church in Elphin. Woulfe gives the family with lands in Ballysally (also Ballysalleigh) in Clare until the Cromwellian confiscations. Most others give the
Ballycally – which may be in error. In any event the McInerney name was a principal one of the barony of Bunratty in Clare in the census of 1659. The Irish Book of Arms gives 3 LIONS on the shield of the name.
Keatings History (v3). gives the family chief in the barony of Upper Connello, in County Limerick, described as A noble Fenian, who doth flourish, as doth fair bloom on apple tree.
Annals of 4 Masters, IGF edition tr. by Connellan: MacEneiry descends from Mahon, brother of Brian Boru. Their chief residence was at Castletown McEneiry where there are ruins of a large castle and monastery. Accounts of the MacEneirys can be found in the third volume of O?Hallorans Ireland pp. 390, 398.

Sources containing the name
Irish Roots Cafe Publications:
Book of Irish Families, great & small.
Guide to Spelling of Irish Names, var. sp. groups 1148, 1388, 2721.
Irish Genealogies (from Keatings History)
Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Families of Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Families of Co. Clare, Ireland.
Co. Roscommon, genealogy & family history notes.
The Irish Book of Arms. O?Laughlin
Birth Index of Ireland as McInerny
Irish Names and Surnames by Patrick Woulfe.
1659 Census of Ireland.
T. McInerney is found in Irish Families on the California Trail.

News and Notes
One million names have been downloaded in about a year using Member Ancestral Charts. Check it out at their website:

One Million newspaper pages are also now online, These are from small town america, dating back as far as the mid 1800’s. Might help you find a death notice or the like… Find them at:

Hooligan, Hoodlum, Larrikin and Mullarky. Origins of Mullarkey

Harp Festival
The Granard Harp Festival is this April. Come for the workshops or the competition. Includes story telling, music, fiddles, tin whistles and song !

Old Parochial Records:
Images of these important Scottish records are now online, in addition to the searchable database. These records go back to the 1600’s for some.. check it out at:

Flight of the Earls: The Government plans to announce an official commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the Flight of the Earls in 1607. If you happen to have a set of the The Conquest of Ireland, plantation of Ulster– that is the time frame covered by these books. As the last of the Irish ‘nobility’ fled Ireland – it was dubbed the Flight of the Irish Earls….
The BBC is airing a three-part documentary film Flight of the Earls – which began the last week of January on BBC1.

Ireland will be competing for the first time for the Women’s World Cup Golf championship that started January 19 in South Africa.

The Cliffs of Moher visitor center project was officially opened up this month… there will be a visitor centre, and improvements and it will provide over 100 jobs….

About 20 Salmon rivers in County Kerry and several in Cork have been closed off this year as part of a conservation project.

Mary Brady of Longford, has lived to be 100 years old as a result of eating porridge and potatoes, and not smoking or drinking ! Would you make the trade off huh

Guinness is going up about 5 cents a pint in Ireland !

Belleek is celebrating its 150th anniversary by reissuing 15 items from its past selections.

Irish Day at the Races in Florence KY. : Turfway Park.

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