From the Irish Roots Cafe Broadcast Network
News Release

New Irish Video Broadcast Series
We have started a new weekly video broadcast.
It should show up on iTunes this month,
and will be available at in a
week or so.

The worlds first weekly video podcast series of it’s kind

Our first shows were filmed at the Irish Roots Cafe
annual festival.  This series covers History, Heraldry,
Genealogy, Song, and Family Research.

These Irish Roots Cafe videos compliment all four of
our established broadcasts to date, which are:

1) Irish Families, genealogy and history podcast (audio broadcast )
2) Irish Families (photo enhanced podcast)
3) The Irish in America (audio broadcast)
4) The Irish Song and Recitation Festival (audio broadcast)
5) Irish Roots Cafe Videos  (video podcast )

See this blog for written shownotes on each episode.
Hosted by Mike O’Laughlin, founder of the Irish Roots Cafe.

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