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Irish Families Worldwide History and Genealogy. week 90
Among Todays Topics:

1)  Connolly is the Irish Family Name of the day
2)  County Antrim Ireland is the County of the week
3)  Searching for Harkness and Abraham in Tipperary
4)  Barack promises Mannion a pint in Ireland
5)  Margaret Mary Ward has record number of grandchildren
6)  Holocaust group protests Mormon baptisms
7)  Coatbridge Irish Genealogy Project web page of the week.
8)  Strokestown Famine Archive discovery.

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Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:

This Weeks Topics:    1:22
Notes from Mike:       3:00
Book of the Month:    5:34
The Magnificent Seven:     8:04
Irish Name of the Day:    10:00
Website of the Week:       15:36
Curious News and Notes: 17:24
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Notes This Week
1)  Barack Obama promised 20 year old Peter Mannion,
from Tuam, Co. Galway that he would visit Ireland and
buy him a pint. This was done when Mannion was working
on the presidential campaign.  I think all of Ireland will
take note if that promise is fulfilled !  The Irish Government
has already asked him back to see his family roots in
Moneygall, Co. Offaly.

2)  Well, even though Christmas spending will be down
everywhere this year – Ireland is still predicted to be the
biggest spender in Europe, followed by England, and then
by Spain.  The biggest cuts in gifts : co-workers may not
be getting anything this year…..

3) It seems that Holocaust survivors are saying that a 13 year agreement
has been repeatedly broken by the Mormon church. It seems that Jewish
holocaust victims are still being baptized by the LDS.  ‘We ask you to respect
us and our Judaism, just as we respect your religion” said the chairman of the
American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors.
This follows similar sentiments from the Catholic Church earlier this year,
closing church records to the LDS, who wish to baptize everyone into their
church it seems – with or without permission? !
Book of the Month
‘County Antrim, Ireland, genealogy and family history notes’.

Here is a sample extract from this book:
The 19th century birth index of Ireland finds the following
families most numerous in County   (Possible variant
spellings after each name have been added) :

-end of Irish Family History extract-

County Antrim Families on the 4 Masters Map
What families were in the county in earlier days ? This
might provide a clue to the locations of your family today.
Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History
of Ireland by the 4 Masters: (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.)
E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain, P = Prince.:

de    Burgo, E.
de    Courcy, E.
de    Lacy, E.
Mac    Alister
Mac    Clean
Mac    Dougall
Mac    Donnell, E.
Mac    Nally
Mac    Quillan, L.
O’    Donnelan, L.
O’    Eirc
O’    Flynn, L.
O’    Furry
O’    Hamill
O’    Hara
O’    Kane, L.
O’    Keevan
O’    Mulholland
O’    Niell, L.
O’    Shiel

-end of extract from The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters-
Coming Up Later in this episode

Strokestown famine archives find

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and  ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) New member Bonnie Connelly of Oceanside, California.
searching for: John Connolly b. 1744, believed to be in Armagh,
Ireland. Last known in Wilkes Co., North Carolina.

2) New member Irene Wilkinson of Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
searching for: Harkness and Abraham families, mainly in Tipperary.

3) Ian Hurley of Jacksonville, Florida
Your ‘Genealogy and Family History notes for Co. Limerick’ has shipped.

4) Sandra Hewlett of Oaks, PA.
Your ‘County Armagh Genealogy and Family History Notes’ has shipped.

5) Martin J. Rogers of Taupo, New Zealand
Your ‘County Cavan Genealogy and Family History Notes’ has shipped.

6) Michael I. Tormey of St. Petersburg, FL
Your ‘Families of County Galway, Ireland’ has shipped.

7) Marion Johnson of Holstein, Ontario Canada
Your ‘County Down Genealogy and Family History Notes’ has shipped.

Check out our online search list at:

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Day:

Todays family history in honor of member: Bonnie Connelly

Searching for info on: John Connolly, see new member above.

Related Spellings of the Name
Conneely, Connolly, Conoly, Connoly, Conolly, Connally, Conolay
O’Conghaile, O’Congheallaigh
Found in variant spelling groups: #314, #316, #317, #319, #2157.
(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names http://www.irishroots.com/id4918.htm

History of the Name Connelly
The O’Connolly name is one of the top 30 names in all of Ireland.
Several unrelated families are on record here.  This family name is
also often confused and interchanged with similar sounding names
such as Coneely and Conly.
The most famous family of the name was that of O’Conghaile of Co.
Monaghan in Ulster.  They were of the southern Ui Neill, one of the
Four Tribes of Tara and Princes of Bregia in more ancient times.

The O’Connollys of western Co. Cork in the province of Munster are
more anciently of note in the old territory of O’Donovan there.
The O’Connollys of Ui Maine, in the province of Connaught, are
associated with county Galway today where the preferred spelling is

In the 17th century ‘O’Connoly’ was a principal name of Monaghan;
Connoly a principal name of Louth; and Connolay a principal name
of Waterford.
The arms of Conolly of Castletown, Co. Kildare are given in the Irish
Book of Arms. They descend from the same line as William Conolly, 18th
century speaker of the House of Commons in Ireland.
J. G. Connolly was a Lt. in the 2nd Regt. of Corcorans Irish Legion of
Civil War fame in America.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) Yes, including Conolly of Castletown, County Kildare, with
illustrated old black and white arms….. and O’Connolly is also

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at Irishroots.com finds the family numerous times
including the following examples :

1)  Families of County Clare, Kerry, Dublin, Cork, Donegal….
2)   Mr. Connolly in Pynnars Survey of Ireland.
3)   Connolly History several times in Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters
4)   M. Connolly and P. Connolly in Irish Families on the California Trail.
5)   O’Connolly in ‘The History of the Clanna Rory’ families in Ireland.
6)   Over 10 listings in the Periodical Index, including James C.; John; Michael…..
7)   Birth Index of Ireland

Website of the Week:
Coatbridge Irish Genealogy Project  (in the U.K.)
email: CoatbridgeIrish@tiscali.co.uk

The above is a site for :
“This site is currently being updated with new family information. There are now approximately 260 entries obtained from Coatbridge Irish families in the  ” Family Details ” section. The  ” History ” section has also been updated.
Please make use of the Message board if you are looking for information on your Coatbridge Irish relatives.”
Since the 14th March 2005 until now(28th Feb 06), a sample of 200 people from Coatbridge with Irish ancestry, have completed a template requesting details of family name, county of origin, town/village of origin, year family arrived in Scotland, where settled in Scotland before arriving in Coatbridge, number of family branches in Coatbridge, stories/comments and if they still have family in Ireland.
Top Counties represented in Coatbridge were:
Donegal    19    %
Down    9    %
Tyrone    9    %
Antrim    8.5    %
Armagh    8    %

Irish Roots Cafe
Video of the Week:
Annals of Ireland the Four Masters

In this video I talk briefly about the Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters.

Curious News and Notes
1)  The Strokestown Estate Famine archives are being restored and
they contain information of interest to Irish Families. One document
was uncovered showing that Mary Lenahan, of Elphin Street, Strokestown,
County Roscommon received a meal on June 23, 1846.  Mary Lenihan was
the ancestor of the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese !  There are some
200 boxes being restored, hopefully to become available next year.
For more information see the article in the Independent.ie, below:

2)  Margaret Mary Ward, was born in Co. Galway and came to
Salford in the UK in 1963.  She had 15 children and 172 grandchildren.
Laid to rest just recently, the hearse was covered by the Tri-color, and
pulled by two grey horses. Her clan was said to be among the largest
living in Britain, according to a story in the Irishtimes.com

3) If you are thinking of retiring in Ireland you might consider, Greystones
in County Wicklow, which was given as one of the most livable communities
in the world by the LivCom Awards. They won the gold medal for towns with
a population of under 20,000, and mayor Sean Quirke was on hand for that.
You might also take note of Clonakilty in  County Cork which won a silver
medal in 2006.

4) Lt. Commander Roberta O’Brien, of the Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary,
just became the first commander of an Irish ship, the LE Aisling.

5)  Dublin turned on its Christmas light 3 weeks early this year, on Nov. 9,
hoping to bring out the shopping spirit, and Belfast turns on its lights on
November 18. It all seems a bit early for me, and a bit commercial.  I’ll be
celebrating Christmas at Christmas time.

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