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Irish Families Worldwide Shownotes. week 82

Among Todays Topics:
1)  Johnson is the name of the week
2)  Queens County Ireland: Book of the month
3)  Johnson & Queens Co. Ireland websites of the day
4)  Family research info on Irish TV
5)  Top Genealogy Blog list
6)  10,000 year old woman found near Dolmen.
7)  The cleanest town in Ireland is…….
Timeline for this weeks audio broadcast:
Todays Topics/ notes: 1:25
Book of the Month:  10:07
Member Search:  7:35
Irish Family Name of the Week: 13:00
Website of the Day:  17:40
Curious New & Notes: 18:48
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Notes This Week
1) We have an audio note this week, let’s listen in to Jonathan and
some notes on the Byrnes family and others :  (audio only)

2) Hi Mike,
We just posted an article, “100 Awesome Blogs for History Junkies” ). I thought I’d bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting.
I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this
list. Feel free to bookmark it on Delicious, if you like the article.
Either way, thanks for your time!
Kelly Sonora
– Our thanks to Kelly for including us in this list – we were in the top 10
for genealogy !

3) County Meath records online
Birth, marriage and death records from the Meath Heritage Centre,  have
come online, and that leaves about 13.5 million of this type online to date.
These records were posted at and they
are soon to be available at:

4) Three new television series announced by RTE :

In ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Ardal O’Hanlon, Charlie Bird,
Joe Duffy, Dana Rosemary Scallon and Pamela Flood trace their family trees.

‘Blood of the Irish’ traces the origins of Irish people from ancient
days through Europe and more.

‘Death or Canada’ explores the lives of the Irish who escaped the
Famine to settle in Toronto.

More info on the new tv season in Ireland can be found at:
Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and
ask for help !
Here are todays “Magnificent Seven” :

1) New Member Sandra Evans of Atwater, Minnesota
Searching for: Gilday Reynolds McLaughlin Roche Roach

2) New Member Maureen Harmon of Albany, NY
Two of my ancestors came from Roscommon, Mary Farrell b 1813 and
Patrick Kinney b 1815.  I believe they married in Roscommon before
coming to New York City, eventually settling in Plains, PA by 1850.
Both were Roman Catholic, I plan to go to PA to find more information
about their lives.

3) New member  Seamus Hojnowski of Philadelphia, PA, searching for:
Alexander Long born killybegs {upper?] 1784 married Catherine
Kilpatrick 1809 mountcharles they had James or John in 1815
who married Isabella and had GGgrandpop George in 1849

4) John J. Horgan, your Cork Books and Donegal Books have
shipped !

5)  Giles Flanagan of Brentwood, TN. your ‘Surnames of Ireland” has shipped.

6)  Christine Gray of Beaverton, OR, your ‘Waterford” Genealogy book shipped.

7)  Gary Kennelly of Rock Island, IL., your Co, Kerry Genealogy book shipped.

Book of the Month

Kings County and Queens County Genealogy & family history

Here is a sample extract from this book:
The 19th century birth index of Ireland finds the following
families most numerous in Queens County   (Possible variant
spellings after each name have been added) :


-end of Irish Family History extract-

Queens County Families on the 4 Masters Map
What families were in the county in earlier days ? This
might provide a clue to the locations of your family today.
Here are some of the families given on the Map in the History
of Ireland by the 4 Masters
: (Connellan translation. 2003, I.G.F.)
E. = Earl, L.=Lord, C. = chieftain:

In Queens County or Leix:
Butler; Fitzgerald, E.; Fitzpatrick or MacGilpatrick, P.; Grace ;
Mac Cashin; Mac Cogan; Mac Coghlan, L.; Mac Colreavy; Mac Evoy, C.;
Mac Donnell, C;. Mac Gilpatrick or Fitzpatrick, P.; Mortimer, L. ;
O’ Brogan; O’ Dempsey, L.; O’ Dowling, C.; O’ Duff, C.; O’ Dunn, L. ;
O’ Harty; O’ Kelly, C.; O’ Lawlor, C.; O’ Mooney, C.; O’ Moore, P.;
O’ Regan, C.; and de Vesey, L…

-end of extract from The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters-
Coming Up Later in this episode
Who won Ireland Tidy Town contest.
Where a 10,000 year old woman was found ?
Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible –  !

Irish Family Name of the Week:

Todays family history in honor of member:
Pamela Mijal of Brooklyn NY
Searching for info on Robert Johnson, b. March 8, 1896 in
Port Arlington, Queens County, Looking for birth or baptism.
and for
John T. Kelly of Rockford, MN, searching for:
George born Newmarket, and Margaret (nee Hogan)b. Knocktopher.

Related Spellings of the Name:
Cheyne; MacEoin; Johnston; Jonson; M’Shane; Magone; Owen

(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings
of Irish Family Names, showing 32 spellings)
Variant Spelling Groups: 965, 1404

History of the Name Johnson

Most of the name of Johnson in Ireland are of English or Scottish
extraction.  The name is common in both of those countries, and
several unrelated families of the name have arrived in Ireland over
time from those sources.  Perhaps more of the name are of English
extraction, for Johnson is one of the top 10 most numerous names
in that country.
The name of Johnston, a separate Scottish name, is often
interchanged and confused with Johnson.
Of some of the possible Irish of the name, “MacShane” which can
be translated as McJohn or son of John, doubtlessly accounts for
some of the name of Johnson in Ireland.
The Johnson family of Rockenham, Co. Cork, is given to descend
from William Johnston or Johnson, at native of Scotland who settled
in Ireland around 1670.  This family  is given in the Irish Book of Arms.
The birth index of 1890 finds the family centered in Cork, Dublin
and Antrim.

copyright 2007, IGF, based in whole or part upon
The Book of Irish Families, great and small

Irish Family Coats of Arms
Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms
connected to this family name:

1) Johnson of Rockenham, County Cork is illustrated.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names
at finds the family 103 times
including the following examples :

1)  The Families of County Kerry, Limerick, Cork…. Ireland.
2)  Keatings History of Ireland
3)  The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters
4)  J.W. Johnson in ‘Irish Families on the California Trail’
5)  Sir William Johnson, J4, periodical index, JAIHS,
an Irishman of Johnson Hall.
6)  Patrick Tracy Johnson, J10, JAIHS
7)  Pynnars Survey of Ireland, A. Johnson; W. Johnson;

Websites of the Week:

1) Laois Genealogy

The above is a site for :
‘This site will contain the information for County Laois or Queen’s
Co. currently held on the Laois or Queen’s Co. section of my “From
Ireland” web site, plus a lot more…’ – Dr. Jane Lyons.

2) Johnson Family Genealogy Forum
This site includes thousands of messages on Johnson families,
including those coming from Ireland.

Curious News and Notes

1) Cleaning O’Briens Tower. If you have been to the Cliffs of
Moher, then you will remember O’Briens Tower, the highest
point there. Erected in 1835 by Cornelius O’Brien, several
hundred thousand dollars are in the process of being spent.
The tower is expected to re-open in 2009, and will enhance
the view from the famous Cliffs in County Clare.

2) John Dolan and a group of Galway men have bought the
Island of “England”, which is an island in Dubai, having
outbid those from the other island of the name.

3) Judge Mary Fahy decided to pardon nine restaurants
that served wine and beer with meals on Good Friday.
She said the convictions were ‘ridiculous’ and ‘ludicrous’.

4) A 10,000 year old body found at Caherconnell Stone Fort
in County Clare, just a few meters from the Poll na mBron dolmen,
has been nicknamed ‘Pauleen’.  Her remains have been sent
away for radiocarbon dating.  One scientist says 4,000 years old,
and another says they could be 10,000 years old.  Place your bet.

5) Over 700 towns competed in this years 50th contest to be
named ‘Tidy Town’.  The winner is:  Westport, County Mayo,
the cleanest town in Ireland.

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