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Todays Show:
Interview with Patricia Harty.
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Todays Interview:
Patricia Harty, co-founder of Irish America Magazine
( 1st of 2 interview sessions with Patricia )

Notes from both interviews, this week and next:

Harty Genealogy Search – in Reverse
One of Patricias ancestors immigrated to the
south and she is claiming relationship to
Flannery O’Connor, the great American writer
whose grandfather was Patrick Harty from Co.
Tipperary. She is tracing the family here in
Tipperary Roots
Her favorite places are the old homestead in
Tipperary, and the Burren, Clew Bay, Croagh Patrick,
the famine walk…….In America she loves New
Mexico and she gets the feeling of Ireland there,
and she draws a similarity between Indian and
Irish feeling of spirituality.

She notes the statue of Robert Emmett, and New
Orleans where some cheaper passages were obtained
by Irish immigrants.
The Irish of the Century is a book she edited and
one of her favorites was Georgia O’Keeffe along
with Eugene O’Neill whose work was so Irish, even
though he never came to Ireland, and Steinbeck.

She also mentions Gregory Peck and his Irish
Grandmother. His daughter went back recently
to Ireland. He was related to Thomas Ash, the
hunger striker and mayor of Cork.

She also recalls the days of mandatory head scarves
in church in Ireland and the head scarf controversy
today with the Muslim influence.

Somehow the Irish seem to absorb all those who
come to settle there as she sees it. She also notes
Concern Worldwide, an Irish relief organization,
and conflict resolution. The peace process as it was
brought about in Ireland and how it might work
elsewhere, and how all sides sometimes just need
to talk.

We also talk a bit about how and when our web page
was started up, and the rare Irish books we have
published, as Patricia skillfully interviews me a bit !
My first trip back was in 1978, and since then I have
taken tour groups over and my own family over.
Great changes have taken place in the last 20 years in
Ireland, including a traffic jam in Limerick and the
parking lot built at the Cliffs of Moher, and the new
roads which cut travel time in half, but which are
not as much fun as the old wandering roads.
And I do believe she switched some of those road
signs around as a youth, having idle time on her hands
along with friends.
Irish Business
Patricia also talks about the business 100 and the Wall
Street 50, and the young Irish who are on the way up
to the top of business world.

Ashley Davis from Kansas is in an upcoming
issue of Irish America Magazine.

Our thanks to Patricia for chatting with us…..

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