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Among Todays Topics:

1) Irish DNA
2) What does “R1b” mean in Irish DNA
3) Viking DNA in Ireland
4) Red Hair and Blue Eyes
5) New Y DNA Tree of Mankind
6) Glennon Family Branches
7) YDNA only !
8) Searching for Crosson, Fox, Hanlon, Tyrrell and Hart

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Notes This Week
Our special guest this week is Bennett Greenspan of (listen to it on our podcast).
Bennett is a return guest and has prepared special
information for Irish family researchers. When I gave
a talk down in Savannah, Georgia a few weeks back
Bennett was noted as a speaker who was coming to
the region and talking to genealogists.

YDNA Tree of Mankind
The anthropologists have doubled the size of the tree
of mankind recently. We are approaching critical mass
in determining more exactly where the Irish came from
before arriving in Ireland. In just a few more years
we should be more certain.
Today we think it was northern France or Southern Spain
before arriving in Ireland……

Of the 20 branches of the tree of mankind, R1b represents
the majority of families in Ireland, and Ireland has the
highest percentage of R1b in all of western Europe.

DNA seems to be telling us that the seaborn invaders do not
compose a large segment of the Irish population. The
Vikings did not have R1B DNA. Note that the Vikings are very sparse in the north and northwest of Ireland.

Ranking of numbers of people tested at FamilyTreedna:
1) English
2) Irish
3) Scottish

On a percentage basis of population, the Irish are #1 in
number of people tested….

Customized Results
Everyone has DNA that is different from yours, and some
people need a little help getting the science explained, so
they have 6 people answering email questions all day long.
That sounds pretty good.
Of course you may be in the 10% that does not have RIB
in Ireland, they will be happy to explain it to you if that
turns out to be the case.

Bennett also noted that DNA traces your family back farther
than memories and written records can. DNA does not
lie. If you came to Ireland in a boat with the Vikings, the
DNA can tell you….

Blue Eyes, Red Hair
We also talk about blue eyes and how they may have
come about, we say about 12,000 years ago one person
had blue eyes, and all blue eyed people are related,
just like all red haired people might be related to each
other, going way back on the family tree….

Since Ireland has been protected from invaders, with the
sea acting as a barrier, the gene pool is smaller. We also
note that if you are a Donovan, you will be able to find
out what county ‘your’ Donovan family came from, as well
as finding out what Donovans you are related at home.

Glennon Family Branches
Glennon is given as an example. One fellow found
he was related to one set of Glennons in Ireland, but just
50 miles away, other Glennons were not related to him.

The Irish in Ireland
Approximately 90% of the people from Ireland who
have been tested are in America, Canada and Australia…
Only about 10% actually live in Ireland today, but family
researchers are increasing that number, by having
potential cousins tested in Ireland…..

We think we have nearly every possible DNA from Ireland
today. It would be a rare exception to have a new
DNA appear. This means you are likely to have matches
right off the bat.

Y Chromosome
The men in the family are the ones who have to be tested.
Female DNA does not prove too helpful in the short run.
So ladies, get your fathers and brothers and uncles tested !

I met briefly with Leah of FamilyTreeDna at the NGS
conference a short time ago. They had a booth there, and
were always busy explaining the ins and outs of family
history and DNA. It takes a month or so to get test results

How to Sign Up
We thank Bennett for his return appearance and will
definitely keep in touch as things develop.
You can join our DNA research group at familytreedna
by clicking on the DNA link in the left hand column
of our web page at

Time to raise our eyes skywards, give thanks, and ask for help !
Here is todays Member Search List:

1) New member Kevin Bonas of Calgary, Canada
I am looking for William Crosson (could have been McCrosson) Born 1857 Derry Ireland. Left at age 24 to go to Durham England

2) New member Maurice O’Connor of Newton, MA
Fox family of Kilasser- Meridyth Fox & Bridget Durcan Fox, married about 1857; also Conlon of Kilasser & Swinford

3) New member Janice M. Easton of Newcastle, Australia. (IF)
Researching Francis Hanlon born c1825 Newry, Armagh. Convict to Australia in 1840. Father Peter a bootmaker,mother Bridget Kelcher. Also wife Ellen Vaughan,County Clare,Irish Famine Girl on Thomas Arbuthnott 1850.Seeking Irish roots.

4) New member Eileen M. Flynn of Arlington, VA
Currently I am looking for two branches. Tyrrell family who I believe are from Dublin and Cassidy family from Charlestown, Co. Mayo. Both from Ireland around 1850’s or 60’s and moved to Batley, England

5) New member Alta Hart of Fair Oaks, California.
I’m researching these families who were from County Armagh and Co. Down: Hart Loughran Murphy Mc Creesh Macken

Thanks to all of our members – without you these
podcasts would not be possible – !

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….and away…… !

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