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December Update with Mike OLaughlin

Our Video Programs
We have tallied over 500,000 video
listens on YouTube and Fandalism with
our expanded Irish video production.
Click here to Go to FREE videos now: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mickthebridge/playlists?flow=list&view=1

YouTube contains 25 Irish subject
categories including:

Mikes songs in Irish (Gaeilge), 23
Irish Songs in English, 27 videos
Irish Chat & Sing, 14 videos
Before Irish Class, 13 videos
Irish Family History show, 49 videos
Kansas City Irish History, 26 videos
Irish Genealogy presentations, 12 ..
Brownes Irish Street Faire, 14 videos
The Vikings in Ireland, 3 videos
Brian Boru life and times, 2 videos
Fall of Irish Chiefs and clans, 6
Missouri Irish audio book, 8
KU special Irish collections, 4
Irish DNA and Genealogy, 2
Macaronic Songs in two languages, 6
Irish Chat and Sing with Peter, 14
The History of Ireland, Peter and Mike, 14
First Genealogy sessions (1984), 6
Irish Travel Notes, Peter and Mike 5
Irish Genealogy Books, 6
St. Louis Irish History, 3
Rare Irish History Books, 2
Irish in Savannah Georgia, 3
My YouTube user name is Mickthebridge

Irish Songs also on Fandalism
I also have some Irish songs on Fandalism.
The favorite there is the Irish National
Anthem with over 150,000 plays in both
Irish (Gaeilge) and English. Fandalism is
at http://fandalism.com/seannos

More to come
The first half of 2017 should see
100 new video selections with more
traditional songs in Irish and Gaeilge.
We will also include new genealogy
interviews and updates in video format.
My videos are also on CDBaby, Vimeo,
iTunes, and Tradconnect….

Sold Out
Milesian Families of Ireland has
just sold out. Have not decided
if I will reprint it or not, as
I am moving into retirement..

Irish Library Sale
I’ll be selling or donating most of
the Irish library, including original
Annals of Ireland etc… Let me know
if you are interested in that. We will
start with 1,000 more volumes up for
grabs in January of 2017.

More to come…

Mike OLaughlin is the most published
author in his field with over 60 books,
300 podcasts, 200 videos and hundreds
of articles and newsletters. He has regularly
appeared at Irish fests for 20 years
including at San Antonio, TX; Dublin Ohio;
and Louisville, Kentucky Irish fests.

About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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