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Before we begin, a note
I will be appearing at the Dublin, Ohio Irish
Fest on August 1 to 3, and will be at two tents
there this year. First, at the genealogy tent
all weekend. Second at the ceili tent on Fri.
and Sat. evenings, with the Irish Roots Cafe
house band for traditional and old style song.

First of it’s Kind
We have six podcast series on record here,
and hundreds of episodes, at the Irish Roots Cafe.
One series I designed particularly for Kansas City
Irish history,through interviews with experts and
normal folks of Irish descent.

Hundreds of Thousands
The number of hits that we have had
on the web for these shows has run into
the hundreds of thousands. If you have an
interest in the history of the Irish in KC,
it will be worth your time to check these out.

Breakdown: Season 1 and 2
The first 23 broadcasts are interviews with
dancers, shopkeepers, historians, band members,
authors, and various local personalities.
(I also include 3 shows on the Irish in Georgia,
or ‘lost tribes of the Irish in the South).

Browne’s Irish Street Faire, Season 3
Browne’s Irish Marketplace is the oldest Irish family
run business in North America, and it is located in
Kansas City, Missouri.
I have recorded regularly at Browne’s Irish Street
Street Faire, interviewing the man on the street,
so to speak. From the parish priest, to old time
patrons, and interesting folks that I found there.
I have 11 interviews posted online, though I made
many more interviews over 4 years or so.

To Link to these free podcasts, (click below)

Many thanks to our listeners. We appreciate
your support over the last 36 years or so.
-Mike O’Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School

p.s. Here are some of the show titles you will find.

Season Three episodes
1. Brownes Fest Interview, Dana Regan

2. Duke and Kane interview at Brownes

3. Brownes Irish Street Faire Interview 3

4. Regan, O Flaherty Interviews at Brownes

5. Interviews at the Street Faire

6. Brownes Irish Fest Interview Six

7. Brownes Irish Street Faire, Coppin

8. Brownes Irish Street Fair interview Quin 1

9. Brownes Irish Street Faire Interviews

10. Interviews at Brownes Irish Street Faire

11. Gaelic Brass plays Danny Boy

Season One and Two episodes

1. Kansas City Irish History and Legend

2. Donnelly, Pendergast, Founding Fathers Kansas City

3. Burke Canada 1868 Town of Kansas Missouri

4. Kansas City Oldest Irish Name in N. America

5. Kansas City Irish Jazz Lexington

6. Traditional Irish Music Scartaglen Kansas City

7. Irish Walsh Rellihan Picnics Northeast Listowel Chicago

8. O Malley Nelly Don Pendergas Mafia in Kansas City

9. Pope Kansas City Irish Groups 1980s

10. Liverpool KC Irish St. Patricks Missouri

11. Adams Irish Patch Kansas AOH B and B’s

12. Kellys Parade Jim Pendergast KC Irish Fest

13. Maher Kilkenny Ireland Irish groups newspapers

14. The Lone Piper Jody Watson Canada Congress

15. Irish Dancers Piper Scots Irish Lessons

16. Irish Wakes Germans no Famine Fitzgerald

17. Irish Dancer Mahony Genealogy Center YouTube

18. Jordon OMalley

19. Missouri Irish Museum OCahan Kane

20. Back to Old Erin, Savannah Irish, Year End

21. Irish Wilderness, Ma O Mine, Kansas City

22. St. Louis Irish History Genealogy website author

23. Pendergast Murphy Stack Ballots Irish Mafia

Lost Irish Tribes in the South

24. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia

25. Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia (2)

26. St. Pats Parade, Hibernians, Rangers

About this blog
Since 1978 The Irish Roots Cafe has produced books,
blogs, broadcasts, CDs, DVDs, videos, and of late
streaming videosfor those interested in the Irish
heritage. You can see most of our projects at

About Mike

Mike is the worlds most published author in his field, with over 40 books, 700 articles, two newsletters, a blog, 200 podcasts and 170 videos. He also publishes rare books like "The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters" and Keatings "History of Ireland". Mike also sings in the Irish (Gaeilge) Language, with 3 albums to his credit. Mike descends from the O’Loughlins of Kilfenora, County Clare, and the O’Donahues of Glenflesk, County Kerry and also bears Sullivan, Buckley, Kilmartin, Llewellyn and Kelliher roots. He has led tours to Ireland and maintains a 3,000 volume Irish library.
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