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(Kansas City, Louisville, Raymore, ConcertWindow online)
with Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Current Events
Having the Dublin, Ohio Irish fest and the
Harvest Fest in Kirksville behind us, here
is our schedule for the rest of September.
(Kansas City, Louisville, Raymore, ConcertWindow)

My next chat and sing show, live online,
with Irish traditional and sean nós songs.
September 18, 9.00 EDT, 8.00 Central.
This will be my 4th session – online from my
living room to yours. You can type in from
your computer and we’ll read it live.
Come see how easy it is, they will send you a
reminder before the show too….The details..

Louisville Irish Festival
A note from the Louisville Irish Fest at
Bellarmine University, come visit me here:

Mike OLaughlin
Saturday, Sept. 27 at 1.30 p.m.
Sunday, Sept. 28 at 1.30 p.m.
“Joining us in the all new Cultural area,
located in Frazier Hall will be renowned
Genealogist, author of 60 books and host
of the Irish Roots Café Mike OLaughlin.
He will share his knowledge of the ins and
outs of Irish Genealogy and help get you
started on your search for your Irish ancestors.
Be sure to bring your questions to start your
journey” A return engagement for us…
Festival details including bands and vendors here.

Raymore, MO. Farmers market
The Irish Roots Cafe house band plays.
Sept. 30th. from 5 pm to 6.30.
We sing old style Irish (as gaeilge) and in
English, and that’s just for starters.
Contact me if you are looking for an Irish band.

Thank You
Thanks for stopping by the Irish Roots Cafe,
and taking a look at our genealogy and history
books, plus our CD’s, and song shows at my link below.

Mike OLaughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe and house band
My Facebook page,
My Sean Nós old style song page,

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Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Date of event, Friday, July 11
time: 4 oclock Eastern time, 3 oclock Central.

Very Simple To Do
Yes, all you need is your laptop or desktop
computer. Click the link below and you are there.
If you click on the reminder button, they will
send you a reminder e-mail before the show, which
is helpful.

How it Works
It is simple. You will see me on the screen,
I will chat a bit and sing for this event on Friday
at 4 oclock Eastern time. (9 oclock in Ireland I think).
Just follow the simple instruction they have on the screen.

You can, if you want, type on your keyboard and I
will see what you type as you type it. I will respond
on the screen best as I can. That’s the deal.

Where am I..
This day I am at the Irish Roots Cafe in the back room, chatting
with you as we go along. For some shows, members of the
Irish Roots Cafe house band may come along. (We are
preparing for the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival for the
next two weeks.) That can add a fiddle or mandolin and
more to the show.) I also do these streaming video shows
at other spots in the community, like pubs and house parties.

Todays Plan
I will try three traditional Irish songs concerning
County Kerry, and chat a bit as we go along.
The three songs, in three different styles are,

1. The Accursed Kerryman (in Irish)

2. The Rambling Kerryman (in English)

3. Days of the Kerry Dancing.

There you have it. If you like what you see
or hear you can even leave a small tip, but
that is totally optional.

I may try some genealogy related broadcasts too,
depending on your requests, so feel free to pass
on any ideas. There is no limit to what this
streaming video can do.

Mike O’Laughlin

P.S. here is our event page on Facebook too:

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