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St. Louis County Library (Missouri)
Now holds all of our Irish books currently in print,
that includes genealogy books on every Irish county,
and our reprints of the Annals of Ireland, etc…
A great resource for all as noted in our earlier blog.

Worlds Largest 3 Day Irish Fest, Dublin, Ohio
We’ve been exhibiting and consulting at this fest
for 15 years. I will be there this year at the
genealogy tent, with our books and display. We will
also be performing old style Irish song, as the
Irish Roots Cafe house band on Fri. and Sat. at 10.30,
in Irish (as gaeilge) and English. August 1 to 3.
Both of our locations are next to City Hall, the band
is in the ceili tent, right next to the genealogy tent.
Do stop by, find your ancestors and sing along with us.
The Dublin Irish Festival page

The Irish Roots Cafe house band on Facebook

Louisville Irish Fest Sept. 27, 28
We expect to be returning to the Louisville Irish
Fest this year, at Bellarmine University, to expanded
headquarters. Good to hear things are growing and
we look forward to setting up and consulting with all
the folks there on family history. Louisville has been
very hospitable to us, and they treat visitors very well
in that town, based on our experience.

My Live online streaming video this Friday
You can Chat and Sing with me from my living room at the
Irish Roots Cafe Friday at 3 oclock Central time, 4 oclock EDT.
That would be 9 pm if you are in Ireland, I think.
All you need is the standard computer with a camera,
they will easily show you what button to push, and
you can pay what you want. You can even press the ‘tip’
button if you want, but that is totally optional.

I will share a few old style songs, in Irish
and English, and will start off with a couple from
County Kerry, Ireland. You can remain quiet in
the background, or type in a message as we go along.
All very informal and friendly. check it out here

Facebook Event Page

That is it for now. Will update you on the
Kansas City area sean nós events we held in
April and June as soon as I get the chance…

Mike OLaughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe
The Irish Roots Cafe house band
The Irish Genealogical Foundation

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Dublin Ohio Irish Fest Aug. 1, 2, 3, 2014

Double Duty in 2014
Great news this year, we have been invited
back to the Dublin Irish Festival on two accounts.

Genealogy and Family History
Our Irish Genealogical display, with my books for
every county in Ireland, and more, will be on
hand with us for the 15th consecutive year.
For more on the Dublin Irish Fest, click below. 

The Irish Roots Cafe House Band to appear

I am also in the band named above.  We sing in
Irish and English. Old Style, both solo
as a group, with fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, guitar,
and at times the accordion.  The band also plays
smokin hot tunes, in addition to the old style
sean nos and traditional songs.  Come see us
at the fest for a different mix of Irish and Scots music.

To give you an idea of who we are as a band, here are
notations on what we have done the last two
years (I’ll be singing and playing the bodhran)

1.) Performed the first ever all Irish language song show on stage
in the midwest, in 2012, at the Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS.
2) Sponsored the first free, 4 day sean nos public gathering of
‘old style’ song and dance in Kansas City, this April in 5 locations.
3) A recent Irish Roots Cafe album was named a Top 10 Traditional Irish song album of 2013,
( via Tradconnect out of Dublin, Ireland, the largest online trad musicians organization)
“Irish Song, Traditional and Sean Nos” by Mike O’Laughlin, feat. Stevie Wilson Davis.
Band members Megan Illidge and Rob Koke will be on the next album as well.  Be sure
and see accordionist Roger Fox at the fest with us this year too….
 We will have a few of our T shirts, CDs and DVDs at the stage side table, when we play
in Dublin, both Friday and Saturday, on the ceili stage near city hall.
(on the festival grounds, right next to our genealogy tent, which we will man all weekend )
 For more info and links, and updates as we near the date, check in here: 

I’ll be back quickly with more blogs on our genealogy and song, its a busy year .
Mike OLaughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School
Kansas City, Missouri

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