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Mike O’Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Link to the Annals of Ireland
Video, Comments, illustrations
Follow the link above to our page with
a video and commentary on the Annals of
Ireland by the Four Masters. We show you
three of the hardbound editions of the
Annals, and we also have the Annals
available for purchase if desired.

Unknown First Edition
Several years ago when I inquired in Ireland,
many book dealers did not know about the
rare first edition by O’Donovan which was
published in five volumes over several years.
Today, perhaps the best known reprint of O’Donovans
edition, now has 7 slimmer volumes. This
makes it easier to handle.

Rare Original O’Donovan tr. 1847…
We are indeed lucky to have an original
matched set, imprinted with the name of
the original subscriber, along with
instructions on how to make this 5 book
set a 7 book set (complete with original new
title pages to accommodate the change.)

Held in our Kansas City Irish archives
The rarest first edition in our collection,
these annals are going up for sale, as
soon as we complete our inventory.
Do let me know if you are interested.

Genealogical Notes
Being a rare surviving work on the history
of Ireland, these annals contain notes on
the families of Ireland, and locations. The
footnotes are of particular interest as well.

Read more..
You can find more information on the Annals, here
(We also publish the hardbound edition of the Annals
of Ireland by the Four Masters as translated by
Owen Connellan.)

– Mike O’Laughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe
The Irish Genealogical Foundation
Box 7575
Kansas City, Missouri 64116

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Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Irish YouTube Playlists
We are putting up new videos on YouTube
from several of our projects, including, song,
history, Irish America, and Travel notes. They
are grouped together in convenient playlists,
so no scrolling through the ones you are not
interested in.

For Your YouTube video
The list below gives a link to each playlist.
Our most recent contains songs in Irish and
English to use when creating your own videos
for use on YouTube, (for background, atmosphere,
etc..). More will be added regularly.

Irish Roots Cafe playlists on YouTube:
YOU TUBE – All Videos:

Songs for your YouTube video in Irish and English (17)

Songs in the Irish Language (Gaeilge) on YouTube: (17)

Traditional Irish songs in English on YouTube (22)

Genealogy; Surnames; Coats of arms; DNA Videos on YouTube (24)

Irish in America Videos on YouTube (10)

Irish in Savannah, Georgia Video (3)

Kansas City Irish (21)

Irish History from the Hedge School (5)

Genealogy Old Style; Our 1984 House session (6)

Curious Irish Travel Notes (5)

Hope this will be of help !

Mike O’Laughlin
Kansas City, Missouri
since 1978

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