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Song & Recitation Cúnnla lyrics & song

From the Irish Roots Cafe house band
in Kansas City, Missouri.

The song by the name of Cúnnla tells the
tale of Cúnnla, the man. The lady of his
affections would at times spurn him, tell
him to go away – but as he would glance
backwards, she was always a winkin’ at him.

Making His Move
Finally, he worked up the courage to pay
a visit to the unnamed ladys cottage,
approaching slowly in the evening, tripping
over the ditches en route sure enough.
Strangely enough, he would find a light
in the window, and the front door open – a good
omen to be sure.

The Lady
As we hear in the song, Cúnnlas lady of choice
could hear him approaching, and repeatedly
says No, No! come no further, but the door
remains open and the light in the window cleary
shone the way.

My interpretation
Well, that is the story that I interpret from
this old Sean Nós tune. It is also known as
a tickling song and as a lullaby. My first
practice singing of this song just went online

The missing lyrics
The lyrics follow, and I will be including
more in my final version. There are two ending
verses, which were locked up either in London
Tower or the National Library some 150 years
ago, we assume for good reason at the time.


‘Who’s down there a knocking the ditches down? (X3)
Nobody only Connla
English Chorus:
‘Connla, dear, don’t come any nearer me! (X3)
‘Maybe I shouldn’t,’ says Connla.
Irish Chorus:
‘A Chonnla, a chroí, ná tearaigh níos goire dhum!
‘Mise féin,’ a dúirt Connla.
‘Who’s that there a tapping the windowpane?’ (x3)
Nobody only Connla (its only me says cunnla)
Who’s that there raking the fire for me? (x3)
Nobody only Connla(its only me says cunnla)
‘Who’s that there that’s dragging the blankets off?’
Nobody only Connla(its only me says cunnla)
‘Who’s that there that’s tickling the toes of me?’ (x3)
Nobody only Connla(its only me says cunnla)

About the Author
A one of a kind resource, Mike has authored 12 hardbound books;
30 Irish County guides, 20 CD’s/videos, 300 podcasts,
7 broadcast series’, and hundreds of articles. Today, he hosts
the first weekly podcast on Irish Family History at
at the Irish Roots Cafe in Kansas City, Missouri.

His traditional Irish and Sean Nós album is available with free samples at:

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- Launch of this years big three -

Yes, we have three great Irish festivals that
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All are connected to our Irish Family History!

The Three Irish Festivals:
June 22 – Brownes Irish Street Faire, in K.C.
Aug. 2 – 4: Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival
Sept. 28 weekend: Louisville, KY Irish Fest
The Three new offerings:
1) The Book of Irish Families – new 4th edition
2) Top Genealogy tips CD from Mike O’Laughlin
3) Traditional & Sean Nós Song Album

The 3 Offerings at 3 Irish Festivals
√ The Book of Irish Families, great and small
will have an Irish Roots Disc included FREE
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index to all 34 books in the Irish Families Project,
2,000 family histories and 50,000 entries.
Detailed description:
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√ The top genealogy tips CD is from The Irish
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√ The songs your family sang long ago are
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This group performed the first ever Irish
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Free Sampling to hold you till the fests, online here:

How to Find The Irish Roots Cafe
Look for the Genealogy Tent, or lecture, or
Sean Nós song performance, we are bound to
appear at one or more of those locations this
year for the Kansas City Irish, Dublin Irish,
or Louisville Irish. (we do hope!)

About Mike
Mike O’Laughlin is the most published author in his field with 60 books; 300 Broadcasts; and 20 CD’s to his credit. He founded the first Irish Genealogy Podcast series in 2006, as well as The Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School..
Six Fields of Study include: Irish Genealogy; History; Irish-America; Language; as well as Sean Nós and traditional Song. 
O’Laughlins web page at is the online home for Irish Hedge School Books, CD’s and Broadcasts.

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