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We were pleasantly surprised to find our ‘Irish Hedgerow
” podcast listed on the top 10 list this morning:

Irish Hedgerow History Lessons: One of several podcasts from
the Irish Roots Café, this one carries on the tradition of
oral history. Other Irish Roots Café podcasts cover geneaology
and Irish-American history. (Host Mike O’Laughlin and Peter
Adams for this Irish History Show). The link directly to the
show online is:

Two Thousand Years of Irish History

St. Patrick; Brian Boru; Vikings

Normans; Wild Geese; Famine…

Peter Adams and I go from the time of the ancient Celts,
to the famine era in Ireland. The massive exodus to N.
America, Australia, Scotland, England and S. Africa…
is covered too. Having published the Histories of Ireland
by Keating, and by the Four Masters, plus the Conquest of Ireland,
my resource shelf was ready for this one!

‘They were rough unpolished men, teaching by the side of the road,
in small rooms, whenever and wherever possible’.

You are invited into my hedge school today.

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Here is our current list of history shows online:

1. 001. Announcing Our Newest Broadcast

2. 002. Introducing Your Hosts

3. 003. Hedge Schools in Ireland, History and legend

4. 004. Hedge Schools and Teachers Part II

5. 005. The Great Irish Famine of 1845 – 1852

6. 006. End of The Great Irish Famine

7. 007 The Story of Edward Devalera

8. 008 Immigration and Destinations Worldwide

9. 009 The Vikings Attack Irish, Raids, Tactics

10. 010 Vikings Settle Ireland, Before Brian Boru

11. 011 Brian Boru rise to High King, Dalcassions

12. 012 The Battle of Clontarf and its aftermath

13. 013 Bardic Schools and Bards in Ireland

14. 014 Monastic Schools


15. 015 Flight of the Earls, Battle of Kinsale

16. 016 Confederacy; Civil War; Part 1

17. 017 Ireland in the 17th century

18. 018 Williamite Wars, King James II, Battle of Boyne

19. 019 Wild Geese, Limerick treaty 17th c. ends

20. 020 Irish History from the Hedgerow – 1700’s

21. 021 Hedge Wolfetones Rising 1798

The direct link to our podcast series is:

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Podcast 213 – From the Irish Roots Cafe
Irish in America, part 5, audio edition.
Audio Run Time: 1:09 from

Todays Blog contains a few notes from my free audio book
podcast which will soon be posted at:

The hardcopy edition of this book is at Amazon and:

Audio Edition of the First Book on the Missouri Irish.
The Original History, with genealogical notes,
by Michael C. O’Laughlin, as read by Molly Nickle:

More Famine Irish; The Murphy Wagon,
Fr. Donnelly; Kansas City Irish settlements

I opened this section of the book,
“Joseph Murphy left town and climbed the fabled Indian Mound,
pondering his dilemma. He had arrived in St. Louis, parentless
at the age of 13, and built up a small wagon trade..”

Joseph Murphy
Todays excerpt covers the arrival of Joseph Murphy
as a young boy from County Louth. He became an
amazing success, his company building thousands
of wagons for the westward movement in America.

He was supposed to be greeted by family members
but they had left for parts unknown. So, he was
on his own when he arrived. I remember researching
the records looking for names of the Irish workers
on his wagons, but it seems there were more Germans
than Irish. The Irish worked well when they came
to work, but may have been a bit independent, so
the work force was primarily German according to
my sources.

We also find 30 illustrations or more, from my
collection on the Irish in Missouri, including
the famous and infamous, maps and extracts.
I think Molly reads the list of illustrations on
the audio, but of course, we could not show them.

Irish in Kansas City
I then moved on to the Irish in Kansas City, virgin
territory when I started to research this book.
The early settlers are included, and of course, the
Fr. Donnelly saga, along with the story of the
first parades in the 1800’s and who was in them!
The Shamrock Society and the Hibernians were
the first organizations of record in the 1800’s.

First K.C. newspaper
St. Louis had its first two newspapers published
by Irishmen, and now we find the first was
printed by Kennedy in Kansas City. The name
of the paper was The Kansas Public Ledger
in 1851 when it first came out, and it was
published near the River in what is Kansas
City Missouri today. I think it was on Water
Street, which no longer exists.

Irish politics are always present, and there
were plenty in Kansas City. People complained
of the Irish controlling the city back in the
1870’s, and I included some quotes from the
papers of the day on that…work crews also
held many Irish names as listed in the paper.

The above are just a few tidbits from the book,
and you can listen to it on my podcast or hear
all 7 hours of ‘Missouri Irish’ on our CD.

Next is part 6, which covers the St. Patricks
Day Parades.
Then it is part 7, for the Irish Wilderness
settlement and Father Hogan.
Finishing with part 8commentary:
‘My Irish American Heritage’
Sullivan, Donahue, Buckley, Kelliher Cork, Kerry,
Civil War, Iowa, Missouri… Special guest reading
by Patricia Donahue (O’Laughlin)

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