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Finding Sean Nos Irish Song,Dance
Irish Roots Cafe 2017 Launch

Irish Old Style Song and Dance
We have begun 2017 with a new program
for our hedge school featuring Irish Song
and dance. The launch begins with a show
or session including the following:

Jim Windels – Flute and Sing
Kieran Markey – Dance and Sing
Mike O’Laughlin -English, Irish (Gaeilge) vocals

Beginners Introduction
This program centers on an introduction
to sean nós or ‘old style’ singing and
dancing. Few people are truly acquainted
with this art. Old style, as we use the
term is not modern western song – perfected
in the studio with many rules of production
or a cast of 100’s.

Old style is just that, the old way, acoustic.
Before electrified speakers, radio and hollywood.
In its pure form it is one of the few bits of
surviving Irish history through the centuries.
This is our interpretation of course, and
we think you will find it of merit. Both Irish
and English language songs are included, along
with bits of history that relate.

Dance Notes
We include the Irish broom dance and the
barrel dance as well as some steps that show
what is not sean nos, by way of contrast.

Learn a song chorus in Irish
Yes, even if you speak no Irish, you can learn
to sing a simple chorus in Irish, as an intro
to the Irish language experience. We show
you how to do that too.. Consider it a tribute
to your ancestors.

Examples in Irish
You can find several old style and sean nós
songs on my YouTube page click below.

Video Launch on YouTube
Below is our launch video introducing our traveling
show or session for your entertainment,
released 3 days ago. Take a listen in support
of ‘Irish Old Style’…

Consider adding this session or show
to your next event.

Mike OLaughlin
Irish Roots Cafe
Box 7575
Kansas City, MO 64116

P.S. The Irish Roots Cafe festival schedule
for this year includes Dublin, Ohio and Louisville, KY.
Stay tuned for details…

P.S.S. We may have our 2nd Irish Old Style gathering
this year near Kansas City. Let me know if you are interested in
helping out, participating, or attending…

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First Ever all Irish (Gaeilge) Song Stage Show in the midwest
Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

How it all began
“For 2,000 years a grandfather could speak to his grand-
son in his native language, and be understood. For the
first time, this was no longer true, this was my family
and I was the grandson…. I would learn it the ‘old way’
by ear, and not as an academic classroom exercise”

Irish Language Song for KC and the world
We have introduced hundreds of folks to Irish language
song over the last 6 years. A few have gone on to learn
to sing in Irish themselves. We (The Irish Roots Cafe)
performed the first all Irish language stage show in the
midwest, in 2013 (The Granada in Lawrence, Kansas) and
subsequently in (Kansas City, MO) and (Weston Missouri).
We also sang on stage at the Dublin, Ohio Irish festival,
individually and as a group. Lastly, our first album
is held in the ITMA in Ireland, under Commercial Sound
Recordings dated Sept. 2013.

See us in person at supporting venues
Our favorite venues today include The Celtic Ranch in Weston,
Brownes Irish Marketplace in Kansas City, The Scottish games
in K.C., and Louisburg in Kansas. These four locations have
been our best supporters over the years. Keep an eye out for
our next appearance and support these folks whenever possible.
The regular venues above also support our ‘Irish Gatherings’
of Irish Song and Dance instruction (particularly sean nos).

Seachtain na Gaeilge
‘Irish language week’ might be better known as Irish language
month today. It has been a project we support whole heartedly.
Headquartered in Ireland, they have supported us for several
years, and list our events on their international calendar.
They support and promote the Irish language in all ways
possible, and beginners are welcome, including singers…

Related Projects
Related Irish language endeavors include reprinting a music
book (Gaeilge) and sheet music selections in Irish. My
first album also ranked among the Top 10 Irish Song Albums
of 2013 (per Tradconnect in Dublin, Ireland).
Many of the selections on that album are in Irish.
All the songs below are found on our CDs, on iTunes, SoundCloud,
on Amazon, on CDBaby, on YouTube and on Spotify.
Please do support our old style Irish songs as possible.

Our Irish Language songs online today
Album 1, Irish Song Traditional and Sean Nos
My Irish Language Songs included are below.
Si do mhaimeo i (She’s your granny – Irish Wedding Song).
Oro Se do Bheatha ‘Bhaile.
Slan agus Beannacht (Goodbye and Farewell). macaronic.
Bean Phaidin, I wanna be Paddys girl.
Sadhbh ni Bhruinneallaigh.
An t-Ull (The Apple)
Roisin Dubh (My little Black Rose)

Album 2, Irish Old Style traditional and..
My Irish language songs included are below.
An Droimeann Donn Dilis (macaronic)
Sadhbh Ni Bhruineallaigh (mastered)
Caoineadh na Dtri Muire (Keening of the 3 Marys)
Cunla (Coonla)
An Raibh tu ar an gCarraig (Were you at the Rock)
Bean Phaidin (mastered)
Roisin Dubh (mastered)

Album 3, Ireland by Land and Sea
My Irish Language song included is noted below.
Amran na bhFiann, The Irish National Anthem (Irish/ English)

Album 4, Upcoming Album – fall 2016
Included as noted below to date.
Gaol ise Gaol i, She is my Love (Scots waulking song)

On the Horizon
We will be releasing our 4th album, in Irish and English,
this fall. A larger project is our ‘Oro se‘ stage show of
Irish song. Rehearsals will likely be held at the places
noted in the above blog. We will also be holding sessions
on Concertwindow online.
To be more involved in these projects, contact us at
(NOTE: the songs listed above do not include our traditional
English language songs.)

Mike OLaughlin
author and publisher
since 1978
The Irish Genealogical Foundation
The Irish Roots Cafe

p.s. The ‘fada’ is temporarily disabled due to computer difficulties.

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