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The Irish Roots Cafe
A gathering of Irish in KC this April

Sean Nos Gathering
Come April 25, this year, there will be a gathering of sean nos singers, dancers, musicians, listeners, enthusiasts and fans. It is a peoples movement, intended to introduce many folks to the old style. In fact, most people in the Heart of America do not know what sean nos is. We are going to change that, on a zero budget, with real life experience, with a pub session or two, and a Deli session, for starters.

Free and Fun
So mark your calendar, and plan to visit Kansas City, MO. Yes, good old KC in April. While you’re there, drop in and share what you know, or learn a bit. You could even volunteer to guide a pub session in dance or song or music, and feel free to promote yourself or your events. These will be public venues, not formal workshops, as it now stands. No big fee to attend, it’s sort of a do it yourself set up, with a few folks around to guide you on your way. We could use a sponsor for some nifty T shirts for the 2014 sean nos gathering, bound to be a coveted collectors item.

Local and Out of Town
Come on along, especially from out of town, let us know you’re coming, we can add local sessions. We’ve got a grand couple of sean nos dance instructors flying in already. I can help with sean nos song, and many more folks lining up right now…

Beginners and Curious are Welcome
Be it 100 or 1000 participants, it will be a mighty meeting in KC this April…. no charge for sessions.

Here is the event page on FB, your lifeline to the event.

Mike OLaughlin since 1978
Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School

p.s. Please do respond if this sounds like a fun, if unconventional event.

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Events for 2014 and the Sean Nos gathering The Irish Roots Cafe

Welcome 2014
It’s shaping up as a good year at the Irish Roots Cafe.
Remember you too can book a one of a kind session on Irish
Genealogy, traditional Irish song, or sean nós song in Irish.
Check out our house band booking page if you’d like to know more

Our schedule of Events for 2014 (so far)
Use the links below for the details.

Feb. 1, St. Brigids Day Irish Singers Session, The Celtic Ranch, Weston, MO.

March 1, Red Head Parade, Weston, MO, IRC band

March 8, Gladstone, MO, St. Andrews Church, Irish Night Dinner, IRC band

March 15, Louisburg, KS, March 15, Irish Dinner, Raffle, IRC band.

Aug. 30, Kirksviille, MO, D.E.L.T.A. Harvest Festival Fundraiser. IRC band

Sean Nos Gathering upcoming
2014 to come, Sean Nos gathering. Beginning Irish ‘old style’
singers,dancers. A chance for all to meet up, learn and
perform. Contact me if you have an interest, or would
like to volunteer, or sing, at a pub or house session.
Sponsors welcome too.

Out of town… come on in for this one.
We keep it simple. You’ll sing at a pub or house
session, and, or, listen in. We’ll also have a sean nos
session or two. Location: in and around Kansas City, MO


p.s. We still have my genealogy books on every Irish county,
in print and ready to ship.

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