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The Irish Families DNA project
with Mike O’Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Call for DNA Testing OLaughlin OLoughlin Laughlin Loughlin
My DNA project is open to all Irish Families
and we have over 730 tested to date.
(familytreedna is the testing company)

This is a special call out to all O’Loughlin families,
no matter how you spell the name, (with or without
the ‘O’ before the name.).

As an O’Laughlin and O’Loughlin descendent, my
test results will be coming back shortly, and it is
the perfect time to compare notes with other family
members. We should be able to sort things out…

In the video below I swab my cheek to show how it’s done

Here is my DNA web page, to learn more about the project

Here is the ‘Irish Families’ project page at Familytreedna to order a test kit

Thank You to all my cousins,
Mike O’Laughlin
Descendant of the O’Laughlins and OLoughlins
of County Clare, Ireland, Iowa and Missouri in the U.S.

P.S. Be sure to join the ‘Irish Families’ project
at Familytreedna when you order your test kit.
‘Y DNA’ test with 36 markers recommended.

(one branch of my O’Laughlins hailed from Kilfenora, Co. Clare.
In the U.S. we have branches of two OL families, one in Henry and
one Des Moines Counties, Iowa. My branch moved on to Cameron,
Missouri and K.C., MO. with branches settled in California, Wyoming, etc.)

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Curious news and notes with Mike O’Laughlin
at The Irish Roots Cafe

Have we got a deal for you
Yes, our house band sings in Irish and English,
and gives a bit of history along with our songs.
We like to chat with the audience, and now we can
chat and sing with you directly online and live.

From my living room to yours
You can hire us to do a show for you from anywhere
in the world. We gather in my living room, and then
sing, chat and play for you live, over the internet.
All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with
a camera. (If your friends can’t be with you to watch
the show, you can give them the link to the show and
they can join the event too.)

Leave your comments
You can type in comments and requests on the screen
as we play and sing. Of course, you may want
to let us know ahead of time what you prefer…
Would you prefer most songs in Irish or in English,
or do you have a question for us….
Would you like to hear that ‘special’ song…
You’ll be able to let us know by email ahead of time.
Reserve your show time now…….

How you can use this show
How might you use this opportunity…….
A Gift to a friend.
As a highlight for a special event.
As a special ‘night out’.
For an Irish party or birthday
For Irish song night
For a tribute to an Irish singer
A way to learn about old style ‘Sean Nos’ song

The Details
The details are flexible, and you can have us
do a show for you, live and online from $150.
(time and number of musicians may vary).
The technology is new, so it helps to have a
fairly modern computer. See me for details.
The Irish Roots Cafe house band members include
Mike O’Laughlin (myself), Stevie Wilson Davis,
Megan Illidge, and Rob Koke, depending on the
date of the event.

for info or to reserve a date for an informal show,
email me at

About the author of this blog
Vocalist with the Irish Roots Cafe house band,
Mike O’Laughlin performed in the first all Irish
language stage show of its kind in the mid-west,
and was ranked as the number one Celtic artist in the U.S.
in 2012 on Reverbnation (9 months consecutively).

Mike is also the most published author in his field.
Since 1978 he has authored 60 Irish genealogy and history
books, 40 CD’s-Videos, 300 podcasts, and 1,000 articles.
Having written books on every county in Ireland, he also
publishes rare works in both Irish and English, including
‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’.
His works can be found at

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