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With Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

All Volumes Now Back in Print
Irish Genealogy set again complete, Family History of Ireland in 34 volumes
The Irish Families Project, which began in 1978, is now complete with the publication of a full set of 34 books. The collection focuses on Genealogy and Family History with over 100,000 surnames included in the master index to the series. Eight larger hardbound volumes focus on family histories in the most researched counties. Twenty six smaller works focus on research within the 32 counties. Counties Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, Dublin, Galway, and Donegal have two volumes each, due to the amount of information uncovered.

Thirty Six Years Waiting
“It’s taken 36 years to compile and update this project”, says Michael C. OLaughlin, editor and author of the series published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation. The most valuable book in the series is the master volume to the set, “The Book of Irish Families, great and small” ISBN 9780940134966. Now in its 4th edition (2014), it comes with a free DVD. That volume now contains the index to the entire 34 book set, as well as family history from all the counties of Ireland, with charts and maps. The rest of the series expands the coverage on a county by county basis.
“We have included family history and coats of arms for families of Ireland in the book”. The coats of arms are in black and white, many taken from ancient heraldic works exactly as found. (The most complete collection of Irish arms is in their “Irish Book of Arms”)

Available at Some Libraries
The complete set is available now from, and is officially launched in its 4th edition. The first complete collection of its kind, several libraries in the U.S. have already received the 34 volumes.
OLaughlin, and the Kansas City based IGF, also launched the first ever Irish family heritage podcast at “The Irish Roots Cafe” ( It is available individually or as a complete set, from the Irish Roots Cafe at Box 7575, Kansas City, MO. 64116 USA. Authors email is

About the Author
The worlds most published author in his field. Mike OLaughlin is a one of a kind resource. Since 1978, he has authored 12 hardbound books, 34 Irish genealogy county books, 40 CDs, videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series’, live streaming shows on the web, and 1,000 articles. OLaughlin also publishes rare works by 10 authors, including ‘The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters’ and ‘The Irish Book of Arms’ (60 works in all). His web pages have tallied over 100 million visitors. Mike maintains a private Irish library on location in Kansas City, containing several thousand volumes to assist in his research.

Note to my readers
This announcement is for the new 4th edition. The following radio and TV outlets
in Ireland contacted me immediately on its first edition release. As did several
libraries throughout the U.S..
Of curious note, I still have a hard time convincing the K.C. Public Library
that I am the author, and that I live in Kansas City. Go figure….

1. Newstalk 106 (Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff. Ireland.)
2. Spin 1038. (Grand Canal Quay, Dublin, Ireland).
3. RTE television interview requested.
4. Article appeared in the Metro News Dublin, Ireland. December 12.

Mike OLaughlin

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Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Date of event, Friday, July 11
time: 4 oclock Eastern time, 3 oclock Central.

Very Simple To Do
Yes, all you need is your laptop or desktop
computer. Click the link below and you are there.
If you click on the reminder button, they will
send you a reminder e-mail before the show, which
is helpful.

How it Works
It is simple. You will see me on the screen,
I will chat a bit and sing for this event on Friday
at 4 oclock Eastern time. (9 oclock in Ireland I think).
Just follow the simple instruction they have on the screen.

You can, if you want, type on your keyboard and I
will see what you type as you type it. I will respond
on the screen best as I can. That’s the deal.

Where am I..
This day I am at the Irish Roots Cafe in the back room, chatting
with you as we go along. For some shows, members of the
Irish Roots Cafe house band may come along. (We are
preparing for the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival for the
next two weeks.) That can add a fiddle or mandolin and
more to the show.) I also do these streaming video shows
at other spots in the community, like pubs and house parties.

Todays Plan
I will try three traditional Irish songs concerning
County Kerry, and chat a bit as we go along.
The three songs, in three different styles are,

1. The Accursed Kerryman (in Irish)

2. The Rambling Kerryman (in English)

3. Days of the Kerry Dancing.

There you have it. If you like what you see
or hear you can even leave a small tip, but
that is totally optional.

I may try some genealogy related broadcasts too,
depending on your requests, so feel free to pass
on any ideas. There is no limit to what this
streaming video can do.

Mike O’Laughlin

P.S. here is our event page on Facebook too:

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