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Genealogy Books in St. Louis
Over the last 30 years we have been able
to note libraries that take an extra ordinary
interest in Irish Genealogy. One tip off is
that they have our resource books on hand for
their patrons.

A Library with Irish Resources
Today a shout out goes to the St. Louis County
Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO. 63131
They will have most of our books on hand for you, and
that would be about 50 titles in all, with research books
on every county in Ireland for starters, and the classic
histories like the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters,
and Keatings History of Ireland, plus plenty more.

The Books
I expect they will all be on hand in June. You can always
call ahead to special collections, to see if they have arrived
and are on the shelves yet (wait till mid June). If you have
forgotten some of the Irish genealogy titles we publish, click
below for a link to most of my books

St. Louis Irish
The Irish played a major role in St. Louis History, from constables
and sheriffs, to traders, newspapermen, and wagon builders. I spent
a year or two putting it all together in my Missouri Irish book, and
I included names and origins in Ireland, whenever I found them. Yes,
my Missouri Irish book will be on hand at the St. Louis County Library
as well, (projected to be there in June of 2014.)

Beyond St. Louis
St. Louis was the major settlement in Missouri for the Irish early on,
but they are found in every county, and particularly in Kansas City,
St. Joseph and many more cities. Don’t forget the Irish Wilderness
that was settled in southeastern Missouri by Fr. Hogan. I’ve included
that in the book, and visited there too. St. Louis is a major repository
for records, so include it on your next research trip.

My Next Blogs will include:
Books on our list that will not be reprinted, so get it now.
Sean Nos song, dance and music gathering report, Sean Nos organization.
We’ll be bigger at the Dublin, Ohio Irish Fest this year. ( a special treat in store)
Live streaming video of genealogy notes from me, when and how…

Till next time,
Mike OLaughlin
author, publisher,
The Irish Genealogical Foundation
The Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School
The Irish Roots Cafe house band (as gaeilge and English)
since 1978

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with Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe

Kansas City and Weston MO.
The First free, open, sean nos gathering of dance,
song and music takes place on 4 days
in 5 locations near Kansas City.  From
April 23 to 26, 2014. Get those details here

Main Song Event Broadcast Live
Local singers of Song in Irish gaeilge, will gather
together on day three of the events, that day at Brownes
Irish Marketplace. Preceded there by Irish dance lessons
and sessions, followed by a tribute that evening
to Irish music revival of the 1980s in the area.

Song Segment
Some songs will be sean nos style, others will
be sean nos modernized, and others will
simply be songs in Irish, best we can.
The singers come from all walks of life, from
professional to folks who just wanted to sing
a song in Irish. It is time they were recognized
for supporting the Irish language and heritage.
There is an open call for singers in Irish.
The few, the proud, the brave, will be with us on
this 25th day of April.

Watch and listen on your computer
We will be broadcasting live from Brownes Irish Marketplace
that day, to people all over the world. All you need
is a computer to watch. It’s at 8 o’clock EDT, 7 oclock K.C. time.
We will be using a laptop to send it to you live.
There is no charge, and you can type in comments on
your computer that we can read while the show is going on.

How to watch and listen
To get a preview, register for the show, and have
them send you a reminder via email before it begins
go here

It’s going to be fun, homespun and real enough.
Come along and enjoy the old style and gaeilge
song, in person or via your computer by clicking
the link above for

Irish Roots Cafe and house band
This gathering is sponsored by the Irish Roots Cafe
and house band. I have written and published books
on Irish genealogy for every county in Ireland and
then some, under the name of the Irish Roots Cafe
and Irish Genealogical Foundation.
Please help support my efforts by visiting our
Irish genealogy and Books page below

Mike OLaughlin
P.S. we’ve also made up 50 commemorative T Shirts for this event,
which will not last long I’m thinking

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