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The Irish Roots Cafe
Seachtain na Gaeilge Irish Language week(s)

Sharing the Irish Language
Adding to my published collection of Irish Genealogy
and History works, The Irish Roots Cafe house band
has participated in Irish Language Week for a few years now.
What better way to extend your family connections…
We perform in Irish (gaeilge) and teach the audience
to sing a chorus or two in the Irish language, that would
be the language of my Irish ancestors.

The Midwest Connection
These shows are currently in Kansas and Missouri, but available
elsewhere, just contact me at
We can perform in educational settings as well as at
house parties and pubs.

The Irish Gathering 2014
Note that we are sponsoring the Irish gathering of sean nos
and old style song and dance in April (see link below).
We will introduce you to the old style upon which
much of modern styles have been built. So, if you want to learn
or want to perform, this is the place for you.
Very informal and public events, like sessions and house
parties. (note that the Irish Roots Cafe and the IRC house
band are two separate working groups that I am in.)

Our Sean Nos, old style, gaeilge and English, Shows
March 8. Gladstone, St. Andrews Church, Irish Dinner 5:30

March 8. Brownes Irish Breakfast, K.C., MO. 10:00

March 15. Louisburg, KS, March 15, Irish Dinner 6:00

March 17. Conroy’s Public House 2:00 to 5:00

April 23. Irish gathering in Weston at the Celtic Ranch
April 24. Session to be announced
April 25. Irish gathering in KC at Brownes Irish Market
April 26. House party to be announced
April 27. (Possible closing event.)

June 14, 15. Scottish Highland Games, Riverside

Aug. 30. KIrksviille, MO, Harvest Festival Fundraiser

So, support the use of Irish language in the next
week or two, and we’ll help you do it if you’d like.
Join us for the Irish gathering in April, contact me
today with any questions… No need to limit things to
a few days in March anymore….

All the best,
Mike OLaughlin
the Irish Roots Cafe

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The Irish Roots Cafe
Top Traditional Irish Song Album for 2013

How I Made the Short List
Here is an update on our Irish Language Band and
my first album, given some notice on Tradconnect..

From Genealogist to Sean Nos Singer
It all started with genealogy; writing and publishing
books and CDs in the cause of connecting with my
family history, and helping others do so.

My Irish families fault
One day I realized that for some 2000 years my
family could communicate in Irish gaelic, and
now, here I am, not knowing how to speak to
my own gr grandfather in our native tongue.

Starting from scratch
I sat forth 5 years ago to learn the language
through song, for I had not enough years or
help to become a ‘native’ speaker, or even close.
So then, here is my first album, in Irish and
English, on the shortlist for Trad. Irish song
album of 2013.

The album
Number 7 on the list is Michael OLaughlin,
Irish Song, Traditional and Sean Nos
. You
can take a listen to all the entries, it is
interesting to see the styles, and the different
talents involved.

Here are the top contenders
The following is the shortlist for Irish Traditional Album of Song 2013.
11 sample songs from these 11 albums are shown on Tradconnect

Bernadette Morris, All The Ways You Wander
Cathy Maguire, Ireland in Song
Colleen Raney, Here This Is Home
Kevin O Donnell, Deep is The Well
Mary Dillon, North
Michael OLaughlin, Irish Song, Traditional and Sean Nos
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Ar Uair Bhig an Lae, The Small Hours
Niamh Dunne, Portraits
Paddy Homan, The Hard Way Home
Vincent Doherty, The High Walls of Derry

You can vote for your favorite from a link on the above page,
or by going here

Listen and even Vote on Tradconnect
“As shown above, Mikes first album (also featuring Stevies solo)
is on the top 10 list for the best ‘Irish Traditional Album of Song’
in 2013. Awarded by Tradconnect, out of Dublin, Ireland.”
Meanwhile,the band is working on its first album for 2014 and we
are playing for dinners and breakfasts and Irish language events.
(be sure to check us out if you need some Irish entertainment)

Our Thanks to Tradconnect for serving the community
of Traditional Irish musicians worldwide

Family Researchers beware
You never know where it will lead you.

All the best of family history and song to you.
Mike OLaughlin

P.S. All readers of my column are invited to our
Sean Nos old style traditional singer and dancer
gathering in Kansas City, focused around April 25, 2014.

P.S.S. If you like my album, you can buy a song or a whole album here, all support appreciated

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