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Sean nos session and genealogy update

First Sean nos 2017 live session
Our first session of the year will be March 4 at

Place: the Celtic Ranch in Weston, Missouri.
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 or so

All are welcome. We share our knowledge of Irish
old style song and dance, with short performances.
Then you have the opportunity to join in or learn
a few dance steps (if desired); or try your hand
at a traditional Irish Song if you/ve a mind to.
Refreshments on hand. here is program promo:

Genealogy Books
The Milesian Families of Ireland is
being reprinted this week. Some of our
hardbound books will not be reprinted
so think about getting them now at or

Fifty New Irish Videos
I have added more videos on song and genealogy.
Song includes “Spailpin Fanaugh”; “Girl I Left
Behind Me”, “Bard of Armagh”, “Streets of
Laredo” “Silent Night in Irish” and How to sing
the National Anthem.
Many new genealogy videos too, like DNA
“Blood of the Irish”, and notes on families like
Kirby; Stratford; Morrow; Conley; Finneran;
Reed; and more on YouTube here:

Irish Library
I am supposed to be retired now, but it
is busier than ever. I will donate or
sell much of the Irish Library here to
make room for things like furniture..
If you are interested let me know at,
I will also post videos of our book
collections, etc..

Our Irish Festivals
We plan to display at the Dublin, Ohio fest,
and the Louisville, KY. fest again this
year. We’ll have something new for our
exhibits this year. See you there, and
fair warning, let me know if you are
interested in a certain book, so I can
bring it along.

Kansas City Irish research
We are also working on the history of the
Irish in early Kansas City. More on that
later, contact us if interested in the

-Mike OLaughlin
The Irish Roots Cafe

Mike OLaughlin is the most published
author in his field with over 60 books,
300 podcasts, 250 videos; 4 albums; and 100’s
of articles and newsletters. He has regularly
appeared at Irish fests for 20 years
including at San Antonio, TX; Dublin Ohio;
and Louisville, Kentucky.

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Irish Roots Cafe
Seachtain na Gaeilge events

New Kansas City info link
Grafton and Grand is a new web page
that will list your KC events and
respond to special article requests.
This issue has an interview with
yours truly (The Accidental Genealogist)
…and more, click below
Go to Grafton and Grand.
Free International Broadcast
I will be broadcasting and singing live from
my living room on Friday, March 4. Catch
our rehearsal of songs in Irish and English,
hopefully with some of the crew, on the web here:
Seachtain na Gaeilge
March is the month to promote Irish language.
We have promoted SNAG with live events in
the community for the last 6 years, based
on singing and teaching you to sing in Irish.
As the folks at SNAG put it, expert or beginner
it makes no difference. All efforts are
appreciated. Who would discourage beginners
from becoming acquainted with Irish (Gaeilge)…
Locally we held events at the Celtic Ranch
in Weston, and Brownes in Kansas City this year.
A 3rd location on March 12 see us in Louisburg,
Kansas at the St. Patricks night dinner.
Books in Gaeilge from Kansas City
More on this in next blog… who in Kansas City
publishes hard bound books and songs, in Irish (Gaeilge)..
stay tuned tomorrow…
Irish Roots Cafe on YouTube
We have published over 100 YouTube videos on Irish Song
in Irish and English, and on Irish Genealogy topics.
See them here

Mike OLaughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe
Since 1978
Original Genealogy, History, Books, CDs, Videos and more

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