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Missouri Irish - Audio Version
Missouri Irish Audio Version
Kansas City, St. Louis & Trails West
Price: $14.95

The Original History.

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  • The Irish Wilderness
  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • The St. Pat's Parade
  • The Murphy Wagon
  • St. Joseph
Written by Mike O'Laughlin, narrated by Molly Nickle. Case history (8) narrated by Patricia Donahue O'Laughlin.

Complete in 8 parts below. When you have purchased, you will be given a site where you can download all the parts!


1) The Years 1770 -1804, the first Irish. (58:58)

2) 1804-1900. Before Statehood to 1900. (54:23)

3) Immigration & Distribution in Missouri (54:00)

4) St. Louis Irish from 1770. Famine Irish (60:01)

5) The Famine Irish, Murphy Wagon, (1:09:40)
Fr. Donnelly, Kansas City Irish settled.

6) The Saint Patricks Day Parades (59:30)

7) The Irish Wilderness, Hogan, captions (31:56)

8) My Irish American Heritage (38:14)
Sullivan, Donahue, Buckley, Kelliher
Cork, Kerry, Civil War, Iowa, Missouri...

The First Book Ever Written on the Irish in Missouri.

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